Throughout Conduct of DJI Drones Repair

DJI drones are dominating the aerial videography/photography industry. With stunning features to capture the highs and lows through the top angle, drones have become a must-have in most production fields.

But just as flying a drone requires expertise, maintaining them is also a task. DJI drones repair can seem a tedious task if you are not aware that your files are getting corrupted. And what is the use of the hi-fi flying equipment if you cannot use the footage later? Confused? Don't worry, as we have got you a simple step-by-step guide on how to maintain and fix DJI drones repair, with regards to corrupted footage.

Part 1: Overview of DJI Drones?

Until a few years ago, the use of flying cameras may have been unthinkable. But with DJI drones it is no longer a distant possibility. With so many models within the Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) technology, each with its distinct features, drone photography and videography have become common.

Let us understand a few of DJI drones and features:

  • DJI AIR 2S: An all-in-one drone that has a 12km transmission range and intelligent shooting modes with MasterShots feature, four-directional obstacle sensing, and 5.4K video recording.

  • DJI FPV: Ready to capture all thrills and adventures, this is a drone with an emergency brake and hover feature. It has powerful propulsion and multiple flight modes.

  • DJI Mavic 2 Pro: This is one of the top models for aerial photography. It offers a 10-bit Dlog M color profile and adjustable aperture. It captures details and colors better.

  • DJI MINI 2: A mini-drone with a powerful camera with beginner-friendly features like Automatic takeoff, return to home, and QuickShots. One can take cinematic shots with just a few taps.

  • DJI Phantom 4 Pro: A complete aerial imaging device that can shoot 4K/60fps video and 20 MP photos. It has stable connectivity and five-direction obstacle sensing.

  • DJI Inspire 2: This is for professional filmmakers and cinematographers who need the best drone footage for industry inputs. It has dual operator controls and professional tracking modes.

All DJI drones have excellent photo and video resolutions. The maximum flight time and hovering accuracy may differ, but the job of aerial photography/videography is incomparable to no other hand-held devices.

Part 2: How to Repair Damaged Photos or Videos in Dji Drones Repair?

Drones are a beautiful device when it comes to capturing stunning aerial videos or photos. And anyone in the industry would agree to the performance of DJI drones. But flying a drone takes extreme precision and technique for best results. And with high-tech pieces, regular maintenance and repair is a must to maximize its service. If your drone has crashed or the pictures and videos on it have corrupted, there are three proven ways to fix them. Scroll on to find a detailed guide to DJI drones repair and corrupted videos.

repair dji files

As a result, let's dive deep into understanding various methods to repair damaged DJI files/videos and the easy tool to repair it.

Method 1: Repair by powerful software - Wondershare Repairit:
It can be extremely disappointing to know that all your captured photos and videos have turned into corrupted files. Especially drone content which may or may not exactly be replicated. It takes a fair amount of time to make those.

But there is a way to repair these photos and videos, with the help of amazing software - Wondershare Repairit. And guess what? It won't even affect the quality of your videos in repair. Follow the steps below to know how to perform DJI drones repair with the help of Wondershare Repairit.


  • Advanced Photo Repair: In the latest version (3.0), the software can fix critical issues like blurry images, grey areas, missing pieces, and more. You just need to upload a sample image for reference.

  • Easy Compatibility: It is very compatible when it comes to different image or video formats. So do not fret about whether it will repair your Raw files. Wondershare Repairit is compatible with the majority of formats.

  • Repair in Batches: Another advantage of this software is you do not have to fix your photos one by one, instead you can upload multiple images and it repairs them together.

  • Very Quick: Repairing damaged files sounds so tedious and time-consuming but not anymore. With this software, all it takes is three steps and your corrupted files are on their way to repair.

Step 1: Firstly, download and install the software on your Windows or Mac device. On opening the software, the window takes you to a "Add" tab.

Click on the button and add the files which are corrupted. There is no limitation on the size and duration of the video. You can even add multiple videos on the go.

add photo

Step 2: Once your files are added, you will see the Repair button. Simply click on it and wait.

repair photos

Step 3: After the software finishes its magic of repairing your corrupted files, it will show you a preview of them. You can check the preview and save them in your desired folder.

save photos

In case you are skeptical about using the software and want to find the corrupted files for DJI drones repair, the next step is to perform command prompt.

Method 2: Perform Command Prompt

command prompt on windows

One of the ways to make DJI drones repair is by using the Command Prompt on your PC. But you have to do this task with ease without any interruptions.

Step 1: Go to your Windows search bar and type cmd. Right click and select 'Run as administrator'.

Step 2: In the command prompt window, type dism.exe /online /cleanup-image /restorehealth and hit OK. This will find the corrupted video file.

Step 3: Now once the corrupted file is located, type sfc/scannow to repair the file and you will receive either of the messages below on your window.

code to repair
  • Windows Resource Protection did not find any integrity violations: This means that your Windows operating system did not detect any corrupt files on your drive..

  • Windows Resource Protection could not perform the requested operation: In this case, you have to perform the command prompt again but in safe mode.

  • Windows Resource Protection found corrupt files and successfully repaired them: If you receive this message, you can check your DJI drone video files are playing properly.

  • Windows Resource Protection found corrupt files but was unable to fix some of them: This means that the damage to the corrupt drone video file is severe and cannot be fixed in Windows.

If the command prompt also doesn't work, let's move on to the next step which is to scan your SD card and check for errors.

Method 3: Using Chkdsk

chkdsk repair

This option is used to check for corrupted files in the hard disk drive that's reflecting on your drone videos. It is also used to fix corrupted SD cards.

Step 1: Similar to Command Prompt, type 'cmd' in your Windows search bar and Run as administrator.

Step 2: In the command window type chkdsk followed by drive letter which represents your SD card, colon, and /f. (Refer to image, where 'h' represents the SD card)

Step 3: Press Enter, it will start checking your corrupted SD card and also fix any corrupted files in the process.

Step 4: It will flash a message to save the lost chains. Click on Yes and it will display the lost files that are now repaired.

Step 5: Once again click Start on your taskbar. And check the drive which represents your SD card. The repaired files should be reflected here.

Further, let us briefly take a look at some preventive measures for DJI drone files from getting corrupted.

Part 3: Reasons for Dji Drones' Photos and Videos get Corrupted?

Whenever we are looking at DJI drones repair and related issues, it is important to understand the reason behind the damage. It is easier to find a solution when you have the source of a problem. We have listed down a few reasons that can result in DJI drones photos and videos getting corrupted:

1. Malware issue: Abruptly removing the SD card and the SD card is not readable. This could be because of a virus or malware.

2. Low battery: Accidental power off while shooting on your device. Always check the battery status before you launch your drone to take off.

3. Interruptions: Sudden interruptions during file transfer can also result in loss of data or file corruption on DJI drones. It is possible that the other device has been infected with malware and that gets transferred into your drone data.

4. Extreme temperature: Exposure to extreme temperatures should be avoided. Extremely high temperatures can risk the content on your device getting damaged.

In the below section we will learn about how to repair damaged photos and videos using various methods.

Part 4: Ways to Prevent DJI Drones File from Getting Corrupt?

If you regularly use a drone, it is important to know what can likely cause corruption of your data and thus prevent it.

1. Check battery: Before using your device, check on the battery status so that your drone does not stop functioning mid-flight.

2. Virus scan: While transferring data from one device to another, perform a virus scan. Make this a habit because you never know from where you can get the malware onto your device. Try to restrict direct connection with a few known devices like your Hard drives.If your files infected by virus, we have already provide an article for you to check - Repair Virus Infected Video Files

3. Overheating: Do not fly your drone in extreme temperatures. Do not overwork your drone until the very last battery is remaining. If any part of it is overheating, it is a sign to check

4. Regular servicing: Keep servicing your device every few months and do the necessary checks from time to time, to avoid any further damage.

Time to Conclude

There are numerous reasons which can create a loss of your drone footage data. And while there are a few steps to repairing it, performing the system repair function can seem too technical. In that case, it is best to rely on software that wonderfully works to repair your data and get it back.

Wondershare Repairit is crafted as software to repair damaged files and can be extremely helpful to get your DJI drone videos repaired. With a smooth and easy-to-use interface, you can retain the quality of your precious footage in 3 simple steps. So take a trial of Wondershare Repairit and see for yourself how your corrupted files can be ready to use again.