Slide decks are often seen as an efficient way to communicate information with coworkers, students, or others. But they take a lot of work to construct and maintain, and it can take work to figure out where to begin when making a presentation. This is where generative AI, a fast-evolving technology, comes into play. So. If you are tired of investing too much time in creating presentations, then don't worry. Now, you can easily make compelling slides by using generative AI tools. This article will discuss the top 5 tools of generative AI for slides. Without further ado, let's start!

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Part 1: Generative AI: What is it?

Designing appealing and unique slides required manual effort and creativity. But this process can be automatic with the advent of generative AI. This helps in saving time and allows us to focus more on the content and message delivery.

So, what exactly generative AI is?

Generative AI is an exciting field that harnesses the power of AI algorithms. In generative AI, an algorithm is trained to create presentations based on patterns it discovers from datasets to which it has access.

Part 2: What Advantages Can Generative AI Provide You?

So, in what ways do generative AI tools help you? Let's see in this part!

  • Presenters may think outside the conventional constraints of slide design.
  • Presenters may ensure a consistent design theme, save time, and minimize the need for manual changes.
  • Generative AI tools come equipped with intelligent algorithms. This analyzes the content and generates visuals tailored to their needs.
  • Traditional slide design can be time-consuming. But Generative AI streamlines this process by automating slide creation.
  • Generative AI tools offer adaptability and flexibility in the slide design. One can experiment with different design variations, colors, and more with a click. This allows them to adapt slides to different audiences, contexts, or branding requirements.

Part 3: Top 5 Tools of Generative for Slides

Generative AI benefits extend beyond efficiency and consistency. This provides the tools to captivate and engage the audience like never before. So, which are the best tools of generative AI for slides?

Are you excited to know? Then, scroll down and read!


The first top generative AI presentation tool is Slides AI. is a great option if you're searching for an AI presentation generator that integrates with Google Slides. The reason for this is that is a Google Workspace add-on. This generative AI tool creates appealing user presentations using ML and NLP algorithms.

Top Features of

  • Slides AI gives options for customizing AI-generated slides after they have been created. This makes the app an excellent tool for starting presentations.
  • Slides AI requests more user input.
  • Slides AI requests more user input.

2. Tome

Tome may be the perfect choice if you're searching for a feature-rich presentation tool that is thorough. This generative AI tool has various features, including personalized themes, fonts, and logos. If you are searching for everything, you may find tools for group collaboration or advice on making a presentation more engaging.


Top Features of Tome

  • Thanks to cross-device synchronization, users may access their notes and notebooks on all their devices.
  • An intuitive user interface.

3. ChatBCG

ChatBCG is the ChatGPT of Presentations. ChatBCG is a state-of-the-art communication tool. This generative AI uses advanced NLP technology to design and deliver interactive presentations.

chat bcg generative

Top Features of ChatBCG Generative AI for Slides

  • ChatBCG may assist business professionals in increasing their communication and productivity.
  • Educators may make a more enjoyable and interactive presentation.
  • Marketers can develop captivating, personalized presentations that connect with their target audience.
  • Sales professionals may use ChatBCG to give presentations that persuade customers to buy.

4. Plus

The other generative AI tool for slides in this list is Plus AI. This generative AI assists users with the initial stages of creating presentations. But slides are often used, such as for board meetings or weekly business all-hands meetings. This necessitates routine updating. Plus AI automates the process by enabling users to replace the screenshots in Google Slides with Plus Snapshots. And it also eliminates the need to copy and paste screenshots each time the slides are updated.

plus generative ai

Top Features of Plus

  • Users can save time by automating the creation of reports and presentations.
  • Without coding knowledge, you can use this generative AI to construct dashboards for groups, partners, and clients.
  • It offers intelligent functions and skills like OCR-based screenshot content searches and more.

5. provides the facility for copywriting, video editing, and graphic design. Users can customize their information by creating presentation templates using this AI tool. The AI Presentation Maker from Simplified is quite simple to use.

Top Features of

  • You can generate video material that is like presentations.
  • Using the Creativity level option, you can tell Simplified what kind of presentation you want, like something unique or plain.


So, these were the top 5 tools of generative AI for slides. I hope you have found this article informative. Whether you're searching for a presentation to bring up at your next meeting or a faster way to create that slide, try generative AI tools for slides.


    • Q1: Do generative AI tools for slides need technical expertise?
      Slide generation AI tools are intended to be used and accessible to those who lack advanced technical skills.
    • Q2: What qualities do most generative AI tools for slides have?
      Generative AI tools for slides provide various capabilities to help users create presentations.

1. slide creation automatically

2. Content suggestions

3. Suggestions for intelligent layout

4. Presentation templates

  • Q3: Can generative AI tools for slides be used by both novice and seasoned presenters?
    Yes, the generative AI tools for slides are intended for novice and seasoned speakers.
  • Q4: Do all presentation kinds work well with generative AI tools for slides?
    Yes, all presentation kinds work well with generative AI tools for slides. Presentation styles can be conferences, educational lectures, commercial presentations, and more.
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