Methods to Repair Word Document Online

While MS Word is one of the most sophisticated desktop applications out there, it can encounter all sorts of issues. For instance, you can encounter problems while loading a Word document, processing it, or while saving a file. The good news is that most of these logical and data corruption issues can easily be fixed.

Therefore, in this post, I will let you know how to repair Word documents online in numerous proven ways. Let’s explore them in detail!

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Part 1: Common Errors you Might Encounter in MS Word

Before listing various solutions to repair Word documents online, let’s have a look at some of the common types of errors you might encounter while using the application.

  • Can’t open a File: One of the most common errors in MS Word is related to the loading of the document that can be resulted due to an app, compressed or file-related issues.

  • Word Crashing: At times, even after opening a file, MS Word might crash unexpectedly in between, which might be resulted due to an installation or application error.

  • Processing Issues: Besides that, some of the major operations might not work in MS Word and you can get respective error prompts instead.

  • Plugin Stopped Working: If you have installed an add-on or a plugin on MS Word, then it can stop working in between, crashing the application.

  • Other Errors: Apart from that, you can encounter all kinds of errors while loading, processing, or saving a file that can be resulted due to numerous system or third-party issues.


Part 2: Fix your Word Files with Online File Repair

Online File Repair is one of the popular web-based solutions that you can try to repair your Word documents. The application is quite easy to use and can repair one document at a time. The only catch is that you would have to pay a one-time fee to download your repaired RTF, DOC, or DOCX files.

Step 1: Upload your Corrupt Word File

You can start by visiting the official website Online File Repair on any browser of your choice. Just click on the “Select File” button to browse and load any corrupt Word file from your system.

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Step 2: Wait for your File to be Repaired

Afterward, you can simply wait for a few seconds as the application would repair the Word document online and will let you know its progress.


Step 3: Download the Repaired Document

Lastly, you can make the relevant payment to the application and directly download the repaired Word file to your system.


Part 3: Fix your Word Documents with Online Office Recovery

Online Office Recovery is another reliable solution that you can access on any platform to repair Word documents online. Since the tool doesn’t support batch processing, you would have to repair your documents one by one. Ideally, you can just upload any document, repair it, and directly download it on your system from its website.

Step 1: Visit the Online Office Recovery Tool and Upload your File

At first, you can just visit the official website of Online Office Recovery on any browser and just upload the file that you want to repair.

load file

Step 2: Let Office Recovery Repair your File

Once your Word file is uploaded, you can start the repairing process, and wait as it would be fixed by the online application.

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Step 3: Save the Repaired Word Document

As the Office Recovery would repair Word documents online, you will be notified. You can now click on the “Get the repaired file” button to save the fixed DOC or DOCX document on your system.

complete repair

Part 4: Go to the Online File Repair Tool to Fix your Documents

If there are only some minor issues with your Word files, then you can also try the Online File Repair tool for Word. The application is freely available and has one of the best success rates to fix minor logical errors with Word documents. To learn how to repair a Word document online, you can just head to its website, and follow these steps:

Step 1: Upload your Document on the Online File Repair Tool

To repair your Word documents, go to the website of Online File Repair and click on the “Select File” button that would let you browse and load any corrupt document.


Step 2: Start the Word Repairing Process

After loading your Word file, you can just enter your email ID, and start the repairing process. Since it might take a while to scan and repair your Word file, you can simply wait for the process to be completed.

start recovery

Step 3: Preview and Download your Document

In the end, the Online File Repair tool will inform you that the repairing process has been completed. You can get a preview of the repaired file here (if you want) and can pay the respective amount to download the document on your system.

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Part 5: Wondershare Repairit – File Repair: The Most Effective Word Repairing Tool

If none of the mentioned solutions can repair Word documents online, then you can simply take the assistance Wondershare Repairit – File Repair. It is a professional data repairing application that can fix all sorts of minor, major, or critical issues with your Word, Excel, PowerPoint, or PDF files.

You can upload multiple corrupt files at once and perform a batch repairing of your Word documents. Later, you can even get a preview of your repaired Word files on its native interface before exporting them to your system. Here’s how you can repair your Word documents that are corrupted due to different scenarios using Repairit.

Step 1: Launch Repairit and Load your Corrupt Word Documents

At first, you can install Wondershare Repairit on your system and launch it whenever you want to repair your files. Now, go to the “File Repair” feature and just click on the “Add” button to browse and load your corrupt Word files from your system.

add file

Step 2: Start Repairing your Word Files

The application will now list all kinds of details about your Word files, and you can start the process by clicking on the “Repair” button.

start repair

Just sit back and wait for a while as Wondershare Repairit – File Repair would scan your documents and fixes them subsequently. You can check the progress of the scan and even halt the process in between.


Step 3: Preview and Export your Repaired Word File

Once the Word repairing process is completed, you can just click on the thumbnail of the file to get a preview of the entire document.


If you are satisfied with the results, then you can just click on the “Save” button to export your repaired documents to a preferred location on your system.

save file

In this way, you can instantly repair your Word, Excel, PowerPoint, or PDF documents using Repairit – File Repair.

Part 6: How to Pick an Online MS Word Repairing Tool?

I’m sure that after going through the above-listed solutions, you can easily repair a Word document online. Since there are so many options to fix Word files online, I would recommend considering the following things in mind beforehand.

  • Success Rate: At first, try to do some research and check the overall success rate of the tool so that it would yield positive results.

  • Limitations: A lot of online repairing tools have limitations about the size of the Word document and other parameters that you should know in advance.

  • Ease of use: While most of the online Word repairing tools are easy to use, some can have a complicated interface that can be avoided.

  • Premium plans: Most of the reliable repairing tools have premium plans to get advanced results that you can consider getting as per your budget.

  • Exporting options: You can check this feature in case you want to export your repaired Word file in any preferred format.

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Summing Up

As you can see, it can be quite easy to repair Word documents online with any reliable tool. You can try either of the above-listed online tools to repair issues with your DOC or DOCX files.

Though, if you want to get better results or there are more severe issues with your files, then you can consider using Wondershare Repairit – File Repair. The desktop application is easy to use and has one of the highest success rates that would let you fix your corrupt Word documents in every possible scenario.