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Microsoft PowerPoint is a widely popular application that many users, including students and industry experts, use to create visually appealing presentations. Even marketers use PowerPoint to create compelling presentations for their ad campaigns. In saying that, however, there are many situations when things can go wrong and you may end up with a damaged PowerPoint file.

To be honest, several elements can corrupt a PowerPoint file. However, instead of trying to find the main cause of the problem, it would be better to fix it as soon as possible. In today’s guide, we are going to introduce different online tools that’ll help you repair PowerPoint file for free. It doesn’t matter which MS Office version you’re using, these tools will help you troubleshoot the damage ‘.PPT’ or ‘.PPTX’ file and submit your presentation on time.

So, without any further ado, let’s get started.

3 Online Tools to Repair Corrupt PowerPoint Files

1. Online File Repair

Online File Repair is a free web application that you can use to repair a wide variety of corrupt files. When we say a wide variety, we literally mean it! Online File Repair supports different MS Office file formats such as ‘.doc’, ‘.ppt’, ‘.XLS’, etc. In fact, you can even use Online File Repair to fix damaged Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator files. Its online API is specifically designed to automatically detect the issue with the corrupt file and fix it immediately.

The tool has received dozens of positive reviews from customers, which make it one of the best web apps to repair PowerPoint file for free. As far as repairing PowerPoint files is concerned, we have tested the tool for different PowerPoint versions and it delivered the same result every time.

Some of the features of Online File Repair include:

  • Supports different MS Office Versions, starting from MS Office 97
  • Supports both ‘.ppt’ and ‘.pptx’ files
  • Recover lost presentation data without any hassle
  • Repair the damaged PowerPoint file on any device
  • Recover deleted media files in the PowerPoint presentation

Let us quickly walk you through the step-by-step procedure of using Online File Repair to repair a damaged PowerPoint file.

Step 1 - On any web browser, go to “”. Here, tap the “Select File” button and choose the corrupt PowerPoint file from the File Explorer.

Step 2 - Now, enter your email address and click “Next” to proceed towards the next screen.

 upload powerpoint online file

Step 3 - Online File Repair will automatically initiate the repairing process. Be patient as this process may take a few minutes to complete.

Step 4 - After the file is successfully repaired, simply click the “Download” button and choose the destination folder where you want to save the repaired file.

2. Recovery Toolbox

Recovery Toolbox is another online web app that supports PowerPoint file repair. Like the previous tool, even Recovery Toolbox is a complete package that you can use to repair an extensive range of data files such as PowerPoint presentations, Word documents, Excel Sheets, and even RAR files. However, what separates Recovery Toolbox from “Online File Repair” is the additional file format support.

For instance, you can also use the tool to repair corrupt SQL server files or the traditional RAR files. This makes it an extremely useful tool for users who have to deal with different file formats on a daily basis as they won’t have to look for different solutions to repair different files.

Let’s take a look at some of the exclusive features of the Recovery Toolbox that make it a reliable choice to repair corrupt PowerPoint presentations.

  • Repair different types of corrupt files using the same web app
  • Supports different PowerPoint file extensions
  • Supports advanced file recovery
  • Available for free

Follow these steps to repair a corrupt PowerPoint file online for free using RecoveryToolbox.

Step 1 - First of all, open on any web browser. Then, click the “Select File” button to upload the PPT or PPTX file that you want to repair.

Step 2 - Again, enter your email address in the dedicated text field and click “Next”. You might be asked to confirm your identity by entering the captcha.

upload powerpoint recovery toolbox

Step 3 - Once you’ve entered the correct captcha code, Recovery ToolBox will start repairing the damaged file immediately.

Step 4 - Finally, tap the “Download” icon to save the repaired PowerPoint file on your system.

3. PPTX Repair

If you’re running MS Office 2007 or later, PPTX Repair will be the right tool to repair your corrupt PowerPoint presentation. It’s an online repair tool that’s specifically tailored to repair PowerPoint presentations that are saved with the ‘.pptx’ format. Since the tool is exclusive to one file format, it has a comparatively higher success rate than the previous two web apps

PPTX Repair is also available as a desktop application, which makes it a useful choice for users who often have to deal with corrupt PPTX files on their desktop. In this situation, you can simply download the complete PPTX Repair kit and repair as many PPTX files as you want. Using the repair kit, however, you can also repair other data files, starting from Adobe Photoshop files to Excel Worksheets.

Here are a few exclusive features of PPTX Repair.

  • Download the complete PPTX repair kit on your desktop
  • PPTX Repair has a higher success rate for ‘.pptx’ files
  • Recover lost data from ‘.pptx’ files
  • Recover deleted slides from your pptx PowerPoint presentations

Follow these steps to repair a PowerPoint file for free using PPTX Repair.

Step 1 - Go to on your PC’s web browser. Click “Select File” next to the “Upload” tab and select the PowerPoint presentation that you want to repair.

Step 2 - Now, again enter your email address and the captcha in the dedicated text fields. Then, press the “Next Step” button.

 upload powerpoint online repair

Step 3 - On the next screen, PPTX Repair will start repairing the corrupt PPTX file. This will only take a few seconds to complete.

Step 4 - Once the process completes, save the repaired PPTX presentation on your computer and use it

Can’t Repair the PowerPoint file using Any of the Online Tools? Use Stellar Repair For PowerPoint Instead!

It’s worth noting that despite offering their services for free, online repair tools come with a few limitations. For instance, you can’t repair severely damaged PowerPoint files using free online repair tools. These web apps don’t have well designed APIs that could tackle the advanced issues.

Not to mention, only a few online repair tools can actually retrieve the lost data in a corrupt presentation. So, if you’re still unable to access the damaged PowerPoint presentation on your system, we recommend using Stellar Repair for PowerPoint.

It’s a fully functional PowerPoint repair tool that’s specifically tailored to repair different types of PowerPoint files. Whether you’re using an old MS Office suite or the latest Microsoft PowerPoint, Stellar Repair will help you fix all the corrupt PowerPoint presentations easily. You can also use the tool to repair severely damaged PPT files, which can’t be fixed with the online tools.

One of the major benefits of using Stellar Repair software is that it recovers all the lost data in your presentation. This means whether you lost any media files or complete slides, Stellar Repair software will ensure to retrieve them and fix the entire PowerPoint presentation.

In addition to the traditional ‘.PPT’ and ‘.PPTX’ files, Stellar Repair software also supports PPTM (PowerPoint macro-enabled) files. In fact, it’ll even recover the lost macros in the damaged PPTM files so that you won’t have to deal with any data loss whatsoever.

Follow these steps to repair a corrupt PowerPoint file using Stellar Repair Software.

Step 1 - Install and launch Stellar Repair Software on your computer.

Step 2 - Click the “Select File” button to upload the corrupt PPT files. Since the tool supports batch processing, you can also add multiple PowerPoint presentations simultaneously.

repair ppt stellar

Step 3 - Once the files are successfully added to Stellar’s library, click the “Scan” button. The tool will automatically start detecting issues with the file and initiate the repairing process as well.

select folder

Step 4 - After the process completes, you’ll see the preview of the repaired PowerPoint presentation on the screen. Check the preview and save the file at any location.

repair ppt

That’s how you can easily repair multiple PowerPoint presentations using Stellar Repair Software.


It can be pretty annoying for users to get stuck with an inaccessible PowerPoint file, especially when the deadline to submit the presentation is close. Fortunately, you can use the above-mentioned online tools to repair PowerPoint files for free. And, in case they don’t work, you can simply download Stellar Repair software on your system and use it to fix a corrupt PowerPoint file.

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