Support 5 Major Audio Formats

Resolve Extensive Audio Corruption of 5 Common Formats

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Repairit for audio repair supports the 5 most common audio formats that you commonly handle, including mp3, m4a, flac, aac, wav, etc. With the highest repairing rate, you can expect to restore the best quality of your broken audio files.

Fix Any Reason of Corruption

Restore Audio to the Best Quality from Typical Scenarios

Clipping Audio

There are various reasons that cause clipping, like singing or recording with the instrument too close to the microphone.

Humming Audio

Humming audio is generally produced by electromagnetic phenomena, which sounds like nasal sound.

Rumbling Audio

A rumbling audio is another types of audio distortion, and the primary cause is the heavy breathing while recording.

Sibilant Audio

Sibilance is a kind of disturbance that is produced when a person sings while pronouncing the s or t sound.

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Support Numerous Recording Devices

Ensure to Repair Audio from Mutiple Devices

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A portable voice recorder, such as Sony voice recorder, is an important tool popularly used in meetings, interviews, training, or lectures. If the audio recorded by the voice recorder gets corrupt, Repairit will be the best program to restore them.


Except for the portable voice recorder, the recording software is also extensively applicated in our daily life. Repairit can help retrieve audio from various audio recording and editing software.


As a professional audio repair program, Repairit can rescue your corrupted audio files from diverse shooting apparatus, regardless of the brands of photographic equipment.


Sometimes, you might download some music, or audio on the internet but found that these resources cannot be played. Therefore, Repairit is here for you to fix these unplayable audio resources.

More Than Just Audio Repair

Experience More Commendable Features of Repairit

Repairit supports inclusive file formats including 15+ video formats, 13+ photo formats, 4 types of documents, and 5+ audio formats, covering almost all the common formats in your daily work.
Also, it can restore your audio, video, photo, and file from a wide range of devices, including Mac & Windows computer disks, USB flash drives, memory sticks, SD cards, digital cameras, and phones.
Repairit is distinctive from other audio repair tools for its advanced audio repair, through which you can repair your broken audio by automatically matching the sample audio uploaded into this tool.
Easy to use is one of the most representative advantages of Repairit. With only 3 clicks, all the audio files will be repaired effectively at the same time, and choose whichever you want to save.
To ensure the audio is completely got restored, Repairit allows you to preview every audio file before you choose to save it. This feature enables you to save the audio that you exactly want.
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Repairit guarantees you a 100% secure virus-free using environment, 7- Day money back, and 24 x 7 Free Tech Support, on which you can rely.
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Three Steps to Rescue Your Broken Audio

  • Add Corrupt & Sample Audio

    Add the corrupted audio you would like to repair, and playable sample audio with the same formats and shooting devices.

  • Start Audio Repair

    Click the Repair button to repair the corrupt audio.

  • Preview and Save

    Preview the repaired audio and save the files to your desired location.

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“So amazing software!!!!! It repaired my very important corrupted videos, easy to use, repairit also repair my life!”


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“I'm a journalist and I usually need to deal with different kinds of audio recorded from news spot. One day when I was going to play my audio but found it corrupted. Thanks to Repairit, I got it back! ”



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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the requirements of the "Sample Audio"?
A sample audio file is a good audio with the same format, and shooting device as the corrupted one. Once you've added the sample audio in Repairit program, it will apply to all audio of the same format.
Yes, Repairit can fix the "audio and video don't sync" issue. When you launch this program, you will see a "Video Repair" feature right on the left sidebar, and then you can click on it to take a video repair process, which can help you sync the video and audio.
Yes, you can fully preview the repaired audio even if you are not a paid user. The newly-launched audio repair feature doesn't set a limit in the preview step, so you can play the audio before you choose to save them in a specific location.
Not all streaming and recording protocols support all of the audio codes. Sometimes you may wonder why your current media player does not support all the codec formats of your audio files. That is because some codec formats need to be supported by the system.