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Rescue your corrupted audio files and bring them back to life. Repairit is a reliable solution that excels at repairing damaged m4a, wav, aac, flac, and mp3 files with a high success rate.

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Unlock The Hidden Treasures of Sound

Examine the audio tracks' rhythm, notes, and melody to expose their full potential. Let your music shine like never before
as you immerse yourself in a world of unmatched richness, depth, and precision.

Clipping Audio

Clipping can occur due to factors such as singing or recording too close to the microphone.

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Humming Audio

Humming audio typically arises from electromagnetic phenomena, producing a nasal-like sound.

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Rumbling Audio

Rumbling audio, characterized by distortion, is often caused by heavy breathing during recording.

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Sibilant Audio

Sibilance arises from vocalizing s or t sounds, causing a disruptive disturbance.

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Restore Sound Expertly from Different Sources

It can restore numerous audio from multiple sources, preserving its soulful essence and ensuring
a harmonious symphony that resonates deeply across every listening experience.

Portable Voice Recorder

A portable voice recorder, such as Sony voice recorder, is an important tool popularly used in meetings, interviews, training, or lectures. If the audio recorded by the voice recorder gets corrupt, Repairit will be the best program to restore them.

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Recording Software

Except for the portable voice recorder, the recording software is also extensively applicated in our daily life. Repairit can help retrieve audio from various audio recording and editing software.

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Shooting Apparatus

As a professional audio repair program, Repairit can rescue your corrupted audio files from diverse shooting apparatus, regardless of the brands of photographic equipment.

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Downloaded Resources

Sometimes, you might download some music, or audio on the internet but found that these resources cannot be played. Therefore, Repairit is here for you to fix these unplayable audio resources.

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Resolve Extensive Audio Corruption of 5 Common Formats
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The .m4a format is widely used as MPEG-4 audio files, notably music, and is supported by Apple devices.

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MP3 is a widely used audio container format based on MPEG-1 or MPEG-2 codec by MPEG.

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A FLAC file is similar to an .MP3 file, but is compressed without losing any quality or original audio data.

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AAC offers superior sound quality to MP3 and is widely used by Nintendo, YouTube Music, etc.

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A WAV file is an audio file stored in the WAVE format, used for storing waveform data.

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No Limit

Enjoy endless opportunities and tap into your limitless potential.

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Stretch the limits and rely on modern creativity and technology.

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For peace of mind, put your trust in our security solutions.

3 Steps to Fix Your Corrupted Audio Files
What Our Customers Say
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Emma Svensson
Mutimedia assistant, CA

Audio Repair of Repairit has saved my voiceover career. It improved the tone of my recordings by reducing pops and clicks and producing flawless sound. Its commitment to precision is admirable!

repair corrupted m4a file free
Edward Brooks
Travel Blogger, Singapore

With Audio Repair, Repairit transformed my live recordings. It effectively decreased background noise, boosted instrument separation, and improved overall clarity which improved my performances!

corrupted audio files free
Alex Thompson
Video Producer, CA

I rely on Audio Repair of Repairit to improve the quality of my podcast recordings as a podcaster. It removed echoes and normalised audio levels, giving my programme a more professional appearance. The dedication to perfection is admirable.

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