Online Photo Colorizer, Make It Shine Bright Again

Revive your black-and-white photos with powerful AI algorithms, provide you multiple coloring results to choose from.

Prefer to colorize photos locally? Try Repairit for Desktop
Prefer to colorize photos locally? Try Repairit for Desktop
Prefer to colorize photos locally? Try Repairit for Desktop
ai photo enhancement
AI Photo Enhancement

Revive your old black-and-white photos with powerful AI
algorithms of Repairit.

data security
Ensure Data Security

Files are transferred via a 2048-bit encrypted connection and deleted after the operation.

automatic repair
Full-Automatic Photo Colorize

Upload an old photo, then you can download the repaired file
in minutes.

professional repair
Professional And Intact

Repair photos online without damaging the original quality
or integrity.

3 Steps to Colorize Black-And-White Photos Online

Add Photos
Step 1
Upload Your Photos
Auto Repair
Step 2
Start AI Colorization
Preview and Save
Step 3
Preview and Download
Touch The Magic Of AI Photo Colorization
Colorize Black-And-White Photos, Bring Memories Back to Life!

Use AI Photo Colorizer to bring your black-and-white photos back to life. Any photo with black-and-white color can be colorized by this online tool with outstanding AI tech and present you with the perfect color. In just three simple steps, you can have multiple coloring results. Pick the one you are most satisfied with and save it!

colorize black and white photos
Customize Coloring Results, Choose What You Desired

Unsatisfied with the colorized photos? No need to worry! The AI Photo Colorizer provides you with 3 different coloring versions, which are unique in style. Even if you are unsatisfied with one of them, you still have two other options. So upload the photos and leave everything to AI!

Need to Move Scratches
Before Coloization?

What if your black-and-white photos get blurry and full of scratches? Don't worry, the AI colorization will first repair these scratches, clear the blurry parts, and supplement the missing parts. Then it will intelligently colorize the repaired black-and-white photos, making them come alive with brilliant colors.

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old photo restoration
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Repairit Online Free
Colorize Photos Online
AI Photo Colorizer
Colorize up to 3 photos
Photo size up to 5 MB
Support 6 photo formats
Repairit Online Premium
Upgrade Now
AI Photo Colorizer
Colorize up to 300 photos monthly
Photo size up to 300 MB
Support 6 photo formats
AI Photo Colorizer
No photo number limit
No photo size limit
Support 6 photo formats

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of problems can AI Photo Colorizer solve?
The Old Photo Colorizer can colorize your black-and-white photos and provides you with multiple coloring results. Moreover, if the old photos are damaged, this tool will help you fix the damages before colorization.
You can try AI Photo Colorizer to colorize up to 3 black-and-white for free. Once you get the premium version, you can enjoy more exclusive features of Repairit Online, including AI old photo restoration, AI photo colorizer, video repair, photo repair, and file repair functions.
It's mainly focused on black-and-white photos, but can also be used for old damaged photos. But if the images have structural corruption, like pixelation, grains, grey-out, etc., you can turn to Online Photo Repair to repair these photos first.
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Vibrant Colors, Redefining Nostalgia.