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Fix photos online in various JPG, CR2, DNG, etc. formats for free!

Prefer to repair photos locally? Try Repairit for Desktop
Prefer to repair photos locally? Try Repairit for Desktop
Prefer to repair photos locally? Try Repairit for Desktop
online photo repair
Advanced AI Upscaling Tech

Achieve extraordinary visual clarity and details with advanced AI techniques.

AI repair photo online free
Instant AI Upscaling

Boost visual quality within seconds with cutting-edge and lightning-fast AI upscaling.

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Diverse AI Models

Versatile solutions with various AI models for precise image processing.

repair damaged photos online free safe and secure
Safe & Guarantee

Images are handled securely, ensuring privacy, and backed by our satisfaction guarantee.

Your 3-Step Solution to Repair Damaged Photos Online

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AI Upscaling VS Traditional Methods - See the Astonishing Difference

AI Image Upscaler feature of Repairit takes image clarity up by a whopping 800%! It is much better than the traditional upscaling methods that only work on the pixel level, making the images blurry and pixelated. It not only enlarges the image but makes intricate details and colors pop.

Breathe New Life into
Blurry, Unopenable, and Gray Photos

Rediscover the hidden details and vibrant colors of your pixelated, grayed-out images as our advanced technology restores clarity and reveals their true beauty.

restore old photo online
restore old photo online repairit
repairit photo repair
Fix Photos from Any Device Without Compromising
Their Original Quality

Repairit’s AI-powered photo repair feature enables you to restore damaged photos from any device while preserving their exceptional quality.

restore photo online from any devices
Upgrade to Get More About Repair Online
Repairit Online Free
Fix Photos Online
AI Photo Enhancement
Repair up to 3 old photos
Colorize up to 3 photos
Provide multiple coloring results
Repairit Online Premium
Upgrade Now
AI Photo Enhancement
Repair up to 300 photos monthly
Colorize up to 300 photos monthly
Provide multiple restoration results
AI Photo Enhancement
Repair unlimited photos monthly
No limit to the size of photos
Expanded photo formats supported

Frequently Asked Questions

What's the difference between "Quick Repair" and "Advanced Repair"?
The "Quick repair" can fix photos that are not seriously damaged within seconds. In contrast, the "Advanced repair" can rescue the severely broken pictures by adding the sample files with the same formats and shooting apparatus.
Yes, of course, you can. Overexposed photos give a brighter look compared to what it looks like in real life, which causes the pictures hard to recognize. Repairit can auto-repair this problem based on its powerful algorithm.
Repairit photo repair tool supports all types of cameras in the market, such as Nikon, Sony, Canon, Olympus, Fuji, etc. As long as the formats of photos are supported by Repairit.
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