How to Use Wondershare Repairit Online?

Wondershare Repairit online has three remarkable features: online video repair, photo repair, and file repair,
which assist you in restoring corrupt videos, photos, and files. If you’ve tried this tool, you will surprisingly find
that it supports multiple formats and devices. For more details, let’s get started!

Video repair online supports advanced repair. Here’s a three-step guide that you can follow:

  • Upload corrupt and sample video files
  • Launch the repairing process
  • Preview and save videos
Step 1

Upload corrupt and sample videos

After entering the online video repair page, you will see a window indicating uploading videos in it. You can click the “+Add” button or drag your video files into it.

Using the free version, you can repair 5 videos per 24 hours, but if you’re a premium user, the number of repairable videos in 24 hours can be up to 50.

repair videos online

All the videos will be shown on the interface, and detailed information about each video.

videos showing on the screen

Next, upload sample videos of the same format as every corrupt video to proceed the advanced repair process.

add saimple videos
Step 2

Launch the repairing process

Click the “Repair” button to start the repairing process. You can clearly see the repair progress bar of each video. Wait for a few seconds for the process to be done.

start the video repairing process
Step 3

Preview the repaired videos

Click the “play” icon preview videos to watch the video that has been repaired. If you‘re satisfied with it, You can either click on the “download” icon download videos beside the “play” icon, or click “Download All” on the lower right corner to download the videos.

2. Photo Repair Online

Photo repair online supports two modes: quick repair and advanced repair. Here’s a three-step guide that you can follow:

  • Upload broken photos
  • Start the quick repair/advanced repair
  • Preview and save photos
Step 1

Upload broken photos

Firstly, you need to click on the “+Add” button to upload your corrupt photos, or you can drag them into the photo repair functional area.

repair photos online

After you finish uploading photos, all the information about each photo will be presented on the interface.

add the corrupt photos into this tool
Step 2

Start the repair process

Now, let’s begin repairing your photos.

Quick repair mode:

First, click on “Repair” in the lower right corner, and wait for seconds until the process finishes. If the program shows that all the photos have been successfully repaired, move to the next step to preview and save your photo files.

start repair photos

Advanced Repair mode:

If the photos fail to be repaired, you need Advanced Repair to fix the severely damaged photos. It’s not complicated. Just click on “Upload Sample Photo.” The sample file is a good photo created with the same device or the same format as the corrupt ones.

add sample photos to advanced repair

Then, click “Repair” to start the advanced photo repair process, which will take 1-2 minutes.

 waiting for the advanced photo repair to finish
Step 3

Preview and save photos

After you finish the Quick Repair or the Advanced Repair process, it’s time to preview the photos and select the desired ones to save on your local computer.

Click the “play” icon preview videos to preview the photo, and if you’re satisfied with it, click the “download” icon download videos to save it. Also, you can click on “Download All” to save the repaired photos together.

3. File Repair Online

To fix the corrupt documents, Repairit online supports uploading your broken Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint, and PDF files. Let’s follow the three steps to get them all done.

  • Add damaged files
  • Take a quick repair
  • Preview and save files
Step 1

 Add damaged files

To get started, add your damaged word, excel, ppt, or pdf files by clicking “+Add”.

add your corrupt files

After uploading the files, you will see there’s detailed information about these files, including names, file formats, and sizes.

uploaded files showing on the interface

Step 2

 Take a quick repair

Click “Repair” to restore all of the corrupt files. You will see the repair progress bar of each file. After the entire repairing process is done, move to the next step.

start the file repair process

Step 3

 Preview and save the repaired emails on your Mac

Now it’s your turn to choose the desired files to save on any location you want. Before saving files, let’s preview them first. Simply click the "Preview" icon preview files to preview the content of each file, and then save it by clicking download videos to download specific files. Or you can click on the “Download All” button to save all the files if you’re satisfied with them.