Restore Old Photos Online To Make Memories Alive

Repairit helps automatically restore old photos online in JPG, JPEG, PNG, BMP, WEBP, and more.
Your old images can be instantly restored online by removing scratches, tears, spots, dust, and sepia.

Prefer to repair photos locally? Try Repairit for Desktop
Prefer to repair photos locally? Try Repairit for Desktop
Prefer to repair photos locally? Try Repairit for Desktop
repairit restore old photos online
High-Quality Results

Achieve extraordinary visual clarity and detail with advanced AI upscaling techniques.

Ai repair old damaged photo
AI Auto-Repair

Automatically enhance visual quality with fast AI upscaling for seamless image restoration.

old damaged photo level up
Face Enhancement

Achieve natural and refined facial enhancements with advanced AI algorithms.

safe and secure to restore old photo
Safe & Guarantee

Images are handled securely, ensuring privacy, and backed by our satisfaction guarantee.

3 Steps to Restore Old Photos Online with AI Tech

add photos
Step 1
Upload Old Photos
Restore old photos online for free with Repairit's AI photo restoration tool. Just click Upload Image and choose your old pictures to restore from devices.
auto repair
Step 2
Start AI Photo Restoration
AI technology lets Repairit remove scratches, tears, and blemishes from old photos, restore faded colors, and enhance details.
preview and save
Step 3
Preview and Download
If the photo has been restored to your satisfaction, click "Download" to save the results in high-quality JPG or PNG format. That’s it.
The Best Online Old Photos Restoration For Corrupted Pictures
Remove Photo Scratches, Spots, and Tears Automatically

The longer an old pictures is kept, the more likely it is to have spots, scratches, or some smudges on the surface. These visible blemishes make your photos hard to view, and as time goes by, the situation will get worse. Therefore, our AI Old Photo Restoration will help you remove scratches from photo online and return clear and intact images. With only one click, it will restore and retouch old photos to new with clarity and natural vintage colors.

Restore Old Photos
old pictures with scratches
Old Photos Can Be Restored, but They Can Also Be Enhanced

Experience the transformation of portraits with Repairit’s exceptional AI Old Photo Restoration -- a professional AI portrait enhancer. Our advanced algorithms analyze and enhance facial details, revealing the true beauty and sharpness in every photo. Fine lines, blemishes, and imperfections are blurred, resulting in clear and lifelike faces.

Enhance Old Photos
vintage photos
AI-Powered Photo Digitization and Colorization

Black-and-white photos possess vintage charm, yet viewing colorized versions adds diverse styles. Luckily, the Online AI Photo Restoration tool offers easy colorization without any installation. Just let Repairit colorizes black and white photos with AI by uploading your photos.

Colorize Now
fix old photos online
Upgrade to Get More About Free AI Old Photo Repair Online
Repairit Online Free
Fix Photos Online
AI Photo Enhancement
Repair up to 3 old photos
Colorize up to 3 photos
Provide multiple restoration results
Repairit Online Premium
Upgrade Now
AI Photo Enhancement
Repair up to 300 photos monthly
Colorize up to 300 photos monthly
Provide multiple restoration results
AI Photo Enhancement
Unlimited photos can be restored
No limit to the size of the photos
Provide multiple restoration results

Frequently Asked Questions for Old Photo Restoration

What's the limit of AI Online Old Photo Restoration's free version?
The "Quick repair" can fix photos that are not seriously damaged within seconds, while the "Advanced repair" can rescue the severely broken pictures by adding the sample fils with the same formats and shooting apparatus.
Old Photo Restoration is mainly for physically damaged photos, like stained, blurred, or scratched. In such situations, this tool can restore an intact photo for you. However, Repairit Photo Repair targets images with structural corruption, like grainy, pixelated, overexposed, or grey-out. By using Repairit Photo Repair, these pictures can get well repaired.
Repairit photo repair tool supports all types of cameras in the market, such as Nikon, Sony, Canon, Olympus, Fuji, etc. As long as Repairit supports the formats of photos.
What Our Customers Say
restore faded photos online free
user avatar 1
Martin Evans
Retired, FL

I used Repairit to restore several old army photos from my time in the service. The results were nothing short of spectacular. The tool is user-friendly and does all the hard work for you. Amazing!

repairit user 1
Frank Roberts
Freelance Writer, NY

I had an old photograph of my great-grandmother that was in terrible shape, faded, and spotted with mold. Thus, I hope to restore old photos even though it's terribly damaged. I was so lucky to find Repairit Online Old Photo Restoration. It brought back the photo from oblivion and even managed to add color! My family is thrilled. I highly recommend it.

repairit user 2
Laura Johnson
Professional Photographer, TX

I was initially skeptical about the effectiveness of AI restoration, but I am beyond pleased with the results. Repairit Online Old Photo Restoration has genuinely done wonders with a pile of old photos I've meant to fix.

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