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Perfectly restore old/scratched photos with AI-tech.

  • Remove scratches, enhance colors, and sharpen blurry parts of old photos.
  • Restore and colorize old photos based on mature AI technology.
  • Upscale the restored photos to 2X, 4X, and 8X with AI technology.
  • Restore photos of 5 different photo formats: JPG/JPEG/PNG/BMP/WEBP.
old photo restoration

How Can I Repair Water Damaged Photos?

Do you want to repair water damaged photos that you love? It is hard to compromise on the photos that are special to you. However, with the changing environmental conditions and accidents, they can get damaged. The good thing is that restoring them is easy with advanced technological tools.

before and after restoration results of an old photo

There are various tools online and offline that can help you with old photo restoration. Continue reading this article and learn about the top tools.

Part 1: Different Factors Damaging Your Photos

Factor 1: Temperature and Humidity

Temperature is an element to consider when preserving your heirloom images. The chemical breakdown of the photograph is referred to as deterioration. However, heat accelerates chemical reactions.

Factor 2: Light

effect of light on an old photograph

Light is simply awful for the photos you want to keep for a longer time. It causes photos to turn yellow and fade. Light can also cause lifelong damage to the photographs. The most harm is done by ultraviolet (UV) light.

While UV filters provide some protection, they do not completely remove light damage. Some photographs, such as albumen prints, cyanotypes, and color images, are extremely light-sensitive.

Factor 3: Pests or other things

Insects, rodents, and molds love the organic components that make-up pictures, such as gelatin, cellulose, and paper. Poor storage conditions frequently cause an infestation or epidemic. You might know that insects and mold breed in moist and dark places.

Keep an eye out for rodents, mold, and insects like silverfish, firebrats, German cockroaches, etc. Also, keep an eye out for anything that leaves messes. Cockroaches, flies, spiders, wasps, and other insects are common culprits.

Factor 4: Poor storage

Make your environment safe and steady. You should select storage facilities that provide regular temperature and humidity and are free of pests. Keep your images safe from water damage.

Water from any source, whether caused by nature, damaged pipes, leaking water heaters, or overflowing washing machines. It can cause catastrophic damage. Besides, pay special attention to storage places. Impurities in the air might hasten degeneration as well.

Part 2: Online Tools To Repair The Water Damaged Photos Freely

TOOL 1: Wondershare Repairit

Old photographs can undergo various conditions and get damaged easily. A professional tool can help with the fix of such a problem. Wondershare offers a facility to "Online AI Old Photo Restoration". Let's know more about this repair utility!

Two Modes To Use Repairit Online AI Old Photo Restoration

Free: The first mode is the free mode of the tool with limited options. Try this and check if it is suitable for your problem.

Premium: Another user mode of the tool is premium. You need to pay a specific amount to use advanced restoration options from the software.

Benefits Of Repairit Online AI Old Photo Restoration

  • Anyone can restore old photographs with scratches.
  • Portrait pictures with impurities can be restored in the high-quality.
  • The facility of multiple user modes with Repairit Online AI Old Photo Restoration.

Steps To Use Repairit Online AI Old Photo Restoration

Wondershare Repairit allows you to restore your old photos in simple Steps. Check the points below and follow them for restoring photos that are old and damaged:

Step 1: First, upload the Old Photo.

The first thing in this functionality of the tool is to upload an old photo on your device. You will see an interface like the image below: click "Add Photo" to upload your old photos.

upload the old photo to restore

upload the old photo online

Step 2: Select Old Photo Restore Mode and Start Restoration.

After the upload, you can see two models: AI Enhancement Model and AI Old Photo Model. Please select Old Photo Restore or Old Photo Colorize from the AI Old Photo Model. You can also use both of them at the same time.

choose the old photo repair mode

Move ahead and hit the Start button in blue color. It is present in the right-hand corner at the bottom. Now, the process of restoring will start. Wait for some time unless the process is complete.

click the start button and begin the repair process

Step 3: Preview and Save the Results.

After the completion of the repair, you will receive a message of Processed Successfully. You can move to preview the photographers that are restored.

Note: You can also use the "AI Upscale" function to enlarge the restored photos to make them sharpener.

preview and save the repaired photo

For the preview, you can simply swipe. Make sure to swipe left or right. This way, you can see the changes. If you are satisfied with the outcomes, you can download the result to a Particular location.

The online version of Repairit - AI Old Photo Restoration supports to repair 300 files each month, and each file is no more than 300MB. When an old photo is larger than 300MB, you can choose the deskop version of Wondershare Repairit to restore and colorize old photos, the desktop version has no limit to the size and number of the repairable files.

wondershare repairit

TOOL 2: VanceAI

vanceai tool to restore old photos

VanceAI photo restorer is another online software that promises 100% restoration of images. It is powered by AI photo restoration technology. The tool allows users to remove various issues like scratches instantly from damaged old photographs. Besides, it is also perfect for issues such as dust, sepia, and tears.

Some excellent functions you can do with VanceAI online software:

Auto Repair Images

TOOL 3: Phowd

phowd tool to restore the old photos

Phowd is a photo restoration tool that helps fix issues with old photos. It can allow you to remove unwanted bends, scratches, or even tears on the images.

Using this online software is easy, and you can follow the Steps below:

Step 1: Upload the photo.

Register for free and post RAW or JPG images. Then, start an open retouching contest to allow numerous retouchers to submit modifications or invite the retouchers to work confidentially.

Step 2: Professional Photo Editing.

You may see the edits as they emerge, give comments, and request changes, whether in a contest or a private order.

Step 3: Select the best image.

Choose the ones that appeal to you the most. Following your approval, a photo is made available for download, and an independent retoucher is added to your team.

Step 4: Retoucher team.

Continue working with the Phowd retouchers you chose via private orders. Keep track of the work, monitor the progress, and only pay for what you like and approve.

Part 3: Tips To Restore WaterDamaged Photos

TIP 1: Don't let the pictures dry!

water damaged old photographs

As your images dry, they will adhere to each other and any other things with which they come into touch. As a result, it will be impossible to separate them without causing potentially irreversible damage.

TIP 2: Start working as soon as feasible

Your photos should not be damp for more than two or three days. Now is an excellent time to suggest you have a photo restoration specialist. It can scan the images before you try to tear anything apart.

TIP 3: Keep your images in a container while working

The container must be full of cold, clean tap water while you work on them. The colder the water is, the better. Do not add chlorine to the water, but replace it every day. The chlorine in tap water is sufficient to keep fungus and other biological hazards at bay.

Tip 4: Carefully remove photographs from the water

Remove your images or negatives from the water with care, taking the minimum amount possible. Take them out of their wrappers and separate them gently. "Warning! DO NOT PULL THEM APart." Separate as many as you can before returning them to the cold water.

Tip 5: Use absorbent material to lay photos down

Never lay your photographs on dirty paper or a nearby newspaper. The dirt or ink can transfer from paper to the photograph. Despite this, try to place your picture on a highly absorbent material. The best material could be unprinted newsprint or a paper towel.

Tip 6: Safely remove the pictures in frames

water damaged photo in the frame

If you don't remove the photos carefully from the frames, they may get stuck to the glass. While saving a framed wet photo, keep the glass and images together. After that, rinse both with water to properly separate the photographs.


In the end, you can feel confident about repairing your damaged photos. If your photograph is damaged because of water, Wondershare Repairit to restore old photos is the best option. The answer to how long it takes to restore a photo depends on the software you use. So, choose the tool for you that offers the fastest results.

If you are facing any other problem like scratches or torn Parts, online photos can help you. You only need to upload the pictures by scanning, and the software will complete further work.