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Your top AI photo repair choice to effortlessly fix corrupted photos of JPEG, PNG, JPG, CR3, CR2, NEF, NRW, RAF, DNG, ARW, GPR, TIF, TIFF, GIF, etc.

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wondershare photo repair
repairit jpeg repair
wondershare repairit photo repair
repair photo
Up to 8x for Increased Resolution of Repaired Photos

Don't let bad-quality photos ruin your memories. Experience effortless image upscaling of up to 800% with our advanced technology. Restore all photos to their ideal state, from product shots to vintage pictures. Relive memories in breathtaking clarity and detail with our cutting-edge image super-resolution.

Make Images Clearer Make Images Clearer Make Images Clearer
photo repair
professional photo repair
Instant and Effortless

Revamp your images with just one click! Let AI do its job while you sit back and relax.

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photo repair pro
Quality-Enhanced Tech

Don't be limited by blurry, low-resolution pictures anymore. Take your images to a whole new level of perfection.

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repair images for both desktop and online
Easily Accessible

Enjoy the convenience and power of fixing your photos both on your computer and through our intuitive online platform.

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Regain the Power of Storytelling through AI Photo Enhancer

Remove scratches, enhance colors, and sharpen blurry parts of your old photos. It makes your faded and damaged photos tell stories, real or fantasized one more time.

*You can enjoy AI Photo Enhancer and more AI features in Repairit Full Toolkit.

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picture fixers American photographer Mike Brown shot the picture of Sagrat Cor Church and Tibidabo Amusement Parkin 1985, in Barcelona, where he was living at the time.
photo repair The photo was taken of 19-year-old Anna Donald playing the piano from the late 1970s. Anna is now a grandmother of two lovely children.
image repair A weather-worn graduation photo from 1997. There were no electronic photos then, so the photo's color significantly deteriorated over time. Now it's been fixed.
Repair Photos from Any Device in Any Format

Say goodbye to compatibility issues when it comes to repairing your photos. Our advanced solution empowers you to
restore images from any device in any format, ensuring your memories are brought back to life.

More To Fix Any Level of Corruption
Grayed-Out Photos
Regain the lost
photo content

Never worry about losing your precious memories again! Repairit uses advanced AI technology to recover lost photo content. Restore details like faces, objects or other elements with the click of a button.

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picture repair
Pixelated Photos
Rediscover crystal clarity

A mesmerizing pixelated image appears on the screen, hinting at the presence of incomplete data. Fear not. Repairit can resurrect the lost fragments and restore the photo to its pristine glory.

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damage photo repair wondershare
Unopenable Photos
Open and access to
photos instantly

Mend the fragmented. Repairit's photo repair effortlessly resolves incomplete data issues, unveiling the image's true splendor with a simple solution.

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fix old pictures
image repair repairit
Batch Restoration
Effortlessly repair multiple photos at once with the in-batch repair feature.
repair old photos png
Advanced Repair
Scratches removed, colors enhanced, areas reconstructed, we do it all.
fix old photos safe and secure
Thumbnail Extraction
Extract thumbnails from photos seamlessly, with precision.

See What Our Users Ask Frequently

What kinds of corrupt images can I repair with Wondershare Repairit?

Wondershare Repairit for Photo can repair almost all kinds of corrupt images. You can efficiently fix broken, damaged, greyed-out, blurry, pixelated, grainy, missing bytes, color loss, blank, unreadable, and inaccessible photos giving various errors like error #50, error #51 etc.
The “Advance Photo Repair” option is for severely corrupt JPEG/JPG images. If your JPEG/JPG image cannot be repaired through “Quick Photo Repair” process, the software automatically advises the option of “Advance Photo Repair”. Through it, you can fix photos with severe corruption.
To repair RAW image formats of cameras, follow the below steps:
  • Download, Install and Launch Repairit software.
  • Click on the option “Add” or drag your GPR photos.
  • All the selected GPR images will be listed in the screen.
  • Click “Repair” to start repair process.
  • Once repair process completes, you can see GPR photos in different resolutions.
  • You can preview the images in different resolution to confirm the satisfying one.
  • Click to save one or all.
While it is possible to fix under-exposed (too dark) or over-exposed (too light) photos in many instances, severe cases may lack sufficient detail or color density for complete restoration, posing challenges in achieving satisfactory results. However, you can upload your photo for a FREE assessment to Repairit, allowing you to preview its potential for improvement.
More To Fix Any Level of Corruption
What’re Differences Between Photo Repair and Photo Repair Online
Photo Repair
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Photo Repair Online
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What Our Customer Says
pictures restored social media
refurbish old photos
Emily Wilson
Hobbyist Photographer, Canada

I stumbled upon Repairit while looking for a solution to fix my collection of vintage family photos. I'm amazed at how it breathed new life into those time-worn images. It's like rediscovering precious memories all over again.

repair faded photos
Thomas Anderson
Travel Blogger, Denmark

Repairit is pure magic. It gave a second chance to my faded travel photos, reigniting the wanderlust and flooding my soul with the same awe and wonder I experienced in those moments.

photographic restoration
Serenade Davis
Photographer, Australia

Repairit worked wonders on my storm-damaged photos! It brought back the lost details and colors, saving precious memories.

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