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How to Repair Damaged TIFF File

As the market teams up with a wide range of file and media formats, taking a wise decision becomes pretty hard. However, it very much depends upon what the user priorities are in a specific work framework. The file format would be effective, but it is almost impossible to save it from getting corrupted and damaged, don't you agree?

TIFF file, which is the talk of today's article, also tests the patience of its users by getting infected or corrupted. This article will revolve around the causes of the file getting damaged and four viable methods to combat the issue.

Let us get to the crux of the matter!

Part 1: What is a TIFF file?

Before making a choice, it is mandatory to know the background knowledge of the TIFF file format. So, what is a TIFF file? Tag Image File Format, abbreviated as TIFF, is a widely used computer-based format. The format was developed by Aldus Corporations for just the sake of desktop publishing. At the moment, TIFF file format actively provides its services for scanning, word processing, image manipulation, faxing, and what not.

Adobe Inc is an American software company that specializes as its current developer now. The file extension is .tiff and .tif. To know more about where this file format charms its way out, hop on to the next section designed for you.

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Part 2: How does a TIFF file use for?

The next question that needs to be answered is related to the uses of the TIFF file. The primary function of this file format is the handling of bitmapped and raster images. Being extra efficient with publishing, this format can be previewed in a wide range of colors and forms of compression. This reason makes it very famous among photographers, graphic artists, and the publishing industry.

The TIFF file handles its high-quality preview by utilizing lossless compression. This allows the users to have image clarity and file integrity. If you need high-resolution imagery, this has to be your final decision.

Part 3: Causes of TIFF file corruption

Before we jump to the solutions of repairing corrupted TIFF files, it is essential to understand the causes of the occurrence of this issue. Once we know the reasons why the typical .tif file gets damaged, we will have a better shot at repairing those files and get rid of this fix once and for all.

Following are some possible causes of TIFF file corruption:

Low Battery

Most often, the game players are processing and using the file format in a digital device that has a low battery. This is directly related to file becoming useless.

Broken Master Boot Table

If you are using the TIFF file on your system and the file gets damaged, switch your focus to the Master Boot Table, which might be broken. You can take data from damaged boot sector here.

Corrupted/Broken Header

The header of the TIFF file could be corrupted or broken, leading to the file getting corrupted and damaged.

Outdated Drivers

The outdated drivers are another major cause resulting in TIFF file corruption.

Bad Sectors

We often utilize storage devices like SD cards, memory cards, hard drives, and pen drives to share such files. Their bad sectors can lead to file corruption and rendering it useless.

Virus or Malware Attack

Any virus or malware attack in the storage device and system is an active cause of the occurrence of this problem. But here are many methods to repair virus inffected files.

Part 4: 4 Best Solutions to repair corrupted TIFF files

This section is where all your prayers will be answered. If your TIFF file has been corrupted and you have nothing to do else stress about it, just wait and let us take the lead from here. With the four best solutions in the world, the user will be able to repair their corrupted TIFF file format in seconds and lose the tension.

However, to have the expected results, we advise the users and our audience to follow the steps and procedure carefully to avoid any future mishaps.

Method 1: Using Wondershare UniConverter

The first method to repair your corrupted TIFF file is through a desktop version- Wondershare UniConverter on Windows. This method is guaranteed to work for you. Basically, when the TIFF file becomes damaged, we can convert it into another format like DNG, PNG, JPEG, and BMP. This makes the file good as gold.

Now that you have understood the background thought of this solution let us start with a simple set of instructions.

1. Install and download the desktop version in your Windows.

2. Wait a couple of seconds as the system installs it.

3. Launch the software.

4. From the left panel of the interface, click on Toolbox.

5. A wide range of options will appear. Hit the "Image Converter."

select image converter tool

6. After the user has clicked on "Image Converter," there will be a (+) sign in the center of the page. Click on it and insert the targeted video that you want to convert.

import tiff file

7. The file will appear in the form of a thumbnail with a wide range of editing options to apply to it.

edit your file

8. After you have applied all the desired edits, click on "Convert All Images" after you have selected the targeted file.

9. Choose the format of your choice from there.

10. Hit the "Convert" icon located in the bottom left corner of the page.

11. Set a directory for saving the converted file, and there you go!

select file format and start converting

Method 2: Opening the Corrupted File in Windows Photo Viewer

Allow me to introduce you to a workable and viable solution for your corrupted TIFF files. You can open them in Windows Photo Viewer and have them repaired in seconds. However, it is mandatory that you have changed the settings to change the default app for opening images.

If you have updated Windows, you will have the option to preview your images of TIFF file format in Windows Photo Viewer.

1. Go to your PC's settings.

2. Hit the "System" option.

3. Tap on "Default apps."

4. Choose "Windows Photo Viewer" to be your default app.

select default photo viewer

Now, you can open the corrupted .tif file in this viewer and find them working in micro-seconds; pretty terrific? Right?

Method 3: Renaming the TIFF file

Another easy yet wonderful solution works like a charm when it comes to repairing corrupted TIFF file images. You can simply rename the .tiff file and get on with your lives. Follow the guidelines provided below:

1. Hit right-click on your damaged file.

2. Click on "Rename" from the list that appears.

3. Change the name.

Method 4: Using Wondershare Repairit

Wondershare Repairit has marked its territory in the market by providing effective results in a small amount of time. It repairs the corrupted videos and makes them as good as new. If you are not familiar with its interface, we have provided you with the procedure.

Step 1: Download, Install and Launch the Software

Install the trial version of Wondershare Repairit. After it is downloaded, launch the software.

Step 2: Inserting Damaged TIFF file

Add the corrupted file by clicking on the "Add File" option.

photo repair

Step 3: Initialization of Repairing Process

Tap on the "Repair" button to initiate the process.

upload corrupt photos

Step 4: Final Step- Advanced Repair System

Most files do not get repaired by the steps mentioned above. To deal with such files, Repairit does the magic by providing with "Advanced Repair System." Insert the sample TIFF file captured in the same format. After the file is repaired, preview and save it.

preview photos


The article covers the TIFF file format, the uses and functions in different industries, and the reasons for the TIFF file getting corrupted. The methods of getting out of this fix are also mentioned by the end of this article.