How to Effectively Fix Corrupt Image Online

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Our eyes capture the most beauty, but we often crave pictures and videos to recall and reminisce the rich past. Any mishap happening to our memories can put a mental strain on our health, right? Our photos undergo corruption due to several known and unknown reasons, and we are willing to go the extra mile to resolve the issue.

This article reflects upon some of the major sources of image corruption and brings feasible solutions to fix corrupt images online. Moreover, it allows the reader to adopt some workable tips that will avoid the problem in the first place. So, are you excited? Let us do this!

Part 1: Causes of image corruption

After running into a problem, it is highly suggested that the users look for the background causes of the occurrence of that problem. How will this help? It will be a fair attempt to avoid those causes in the future. In this section, allow us to introduce you to some of the major causes of image corruption so that we can move on towards to fix corrupted images free.

Let us have a look!

Corrupted File System

Most times, during the saving process, the system crashes down and loses power. The process gets interrupted and makes the image file corrupted.

Virus or Malware Attack

Any virus or malware attack on a system or device leads to all the data getting damaged, making it almost useless and flawed.

Bad Sectors in Storage Media

There are bad sectors in storage media that includes SD card, Pen drives, and hard drives, etc. These sectors rack up on the optical disc making all the media flawed and inaccessible.

Incompatible file format

Sometimes, the format in use does not support the media file making the file damaged and infected.

Interruption in Transfer

During the file is being transferred or shared, the interruption of any type can render the file almost useless, making it infected and damaged.

Degradation of Image Files

The storage media lose their orientation with time. It is usually related to extreme weather conditions such as high humidity or heat. This results in degradation of the bits stored in media consequently, proceeding to the data corruption.

Part 2: Step by step to fix corrupted image files

Have you come here looking for answers to the burning question, "how to fix corrupted images online?" Well, you are on the right side of the tracks. With this section, the user will be provided with five operational methods that will fix damage image files online. However, we advise you to follow the guidelines and procedure carefully to have favorable results.

Method 1: Using Adobe Photoshop Express Online

To cope with corrupted image files, we can always use Adobe Photoshop Express. How does it work? It permits the user to upload the image file in the online tool where they can view, edit, add art effects and adjust it accordingly. If you are not familiar with how this works, we have established easy steps for you.

1. Launch Adobe Photoshop Express Online.

2. Sign in to your account.

3. From the interface, add the corrupted image file.

tap on the upload file option

4. After a microsecond, the image will be previewed.

5. In the left panel, you can edit the image as you wish.

6. On the top panel, hit the "Download" image.

7. From there, rename the file, change the format, and control the quality.

8. Hit the "Download" button, and there you go!

Method 2: Using Online Office Recovery Tool

The second method to fix corrupted image files is guaranteed to work. Online Office Recovery Tool is an online web-based platform that deals with problems of the same nature. One can always turn to this online tool to fix their infected image files. So, without any further delay, let us get right to the procedure.

1. Launch

2. From the interface, tap on the "Choose File."

import your corrupted image

3. Browse the corrupted image file that needs to be repaired.

4. After the image is uploaded, tap on "Secure Upload and Repair."

start the online repair process

5. After a couple of minutes, the file will be repaired. Select "Get the Repaired File" to preview it.

tap on get the repaired file option

6. You can download the demo results from the link provided, and there you go!

download and view your repaired image

Method 3: Using Wondershare UniConverter Online

Allow me to introduce you to another wonderful method that will get you out of this fix in seconds. You can use Wondershare UniConverter Online to convert the corrupted image file into a format that is readable and accessible. It is an online repair tool and works like magic to convert your file format in JPG, PNG, TIFF, and BMP. Follow the steps below vividly so that you have a better chance at fixing corrupt images online.

1. Launch Wondershare UniConverter.

2. From the interface, drag the corrupted image files to initiate the conversion process.

add image for conversion

3. Click on the targeted format.

4. In the final step, download the image and save it at your desired location.

Method 4: Using the Backup

If you have backed up all your image files that are now corrupted, this solution is made for you. Now, the question arises how will this fix work? For starters, you can go check your backup and look for the files that have undergone corruption. You can download it from there and delete the corrupted ones.

The backup can be in any cloud service or storage media. Therefore, you might want to choose your backup carefully and avoid image corruption forever.

Method 5: Using Wondershare Repairit

Last but not least, let us bring you an amazing offline tool that has taken it upon itself to handle damaged images. If you are facing issues in handling your images across online repairing tools, you can definitely move towards Wondershare Repairit for an impressive experience.

This tool helps you manage your photos efficiently and provides you with impressive options. These options include Advanced photo repair, which allows you to perform an in-depth repair of your image. Following a simple set of instructions, you can have your desired results.

Step 1: Downloading the Software

Attempt at installing the software. Launch it as soon as the trial version is downloaded.

Step 2: Inserting Corrupted Image File

Now, the user is supposed to insert the damaged, infected file by clicking on the (+) button.

import damaged image files

Step 3: Initiate the Repair

Click on the "Repair" button and initiate the process.

initiate the repairing process

Step 4: Advanced Repair Setup

Most files need an extra repair system to get them repaired. To use this phenomenon, the user has to add the sample image file of the same format. After the process is concluded, hit "Save Repaired Files," and there you go!

save file or try advanced repair

Part 3: Tips to avoid image corruption

This section covers the tips that can help the user avoid image corruption and damage in the future. Have a look at them and never run into this problem ever in your life.

1. Give your PC proper time to conclude the tasks even if it is taking a long time.

2. The user has to ensure that the power supply is constant and protected.

3. Keep your data at some backup location to avoid the loss of important files and images.

4. If the system is showing errors and slow speed, you might want to give it attention and resolve the issue.

5. Avoid any type of interruption during the sharing, saving, and downloading of data.

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The article reflected upon causes and methods to resolve the image corruption in your devices. Furthermore, we brought some amazing tips that will permit the user to avoid this problem in the future. We hope that the article turns out to be helpful for you and puts you out of your misery!

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