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Realize All You Need about Outlook Email Repair!

Repairit for Email is an exclusive Outlook repair tool in the industry. It excels others in supporting both PST and OST formats, Windows and Mac systems, recovering deleted emails, and previewing before saving. Let's dive into the details!
Support Outlook mail PST/OST file format
Repairing Repairing

One Trick to Fix All PST&OST Files in Outlook

One of the greatest advantages of this tool is it supports both the PST and OST file, the most commonly used email formats nowadays.

Make Everything Repaired Visible Before Saving

The repairing procedure is effective and convenient. You can upload emails in batches without size limits, and once the repairing is done, preview all of them before saving.

Powerful repair and preview functions
Repair long-deleted Outlook emails

Restore Outlook Emails Deleted for a Long Time

Even if you've deleted the emails for a long time, Repairit for Email will also help to restore them, extracting the email messages, folders, calendars, etc. into a specific folder named "Lost file".

Perfectly Compatible with Windows&Mac Devices

There are few programs that support both Windows and Mac systems, but Repairit for Email does. PST and OST files can be both repaired on the two systems by this awesome program.

Powerful repair and preview functions
Repairing Repairing

Take a 3-step Resolution to Retrieve PST&OST Emails

No matter how severedly your PST/OST file was damaged, Repairit for Email will help you repair it within 3 easy steps.

Add PST/OST Files

Add the corrupted/inaccessible PST or OST files you would like to repair.

Start the Email Repair

Click the Repair button to restore all the uploaded emails

Preview and Save

Preview the repaired email file, and select a desired path to save it.

Find or Add PST/OST Files
Start File Repair
Preview and Save

Targeted Solutions for Various Email Corruption Scenarios

Hard Disk Crashes and Bad Sectors

If the hard disk has gone through an unexpected failure, some bad sectors may exist in it. And if your PST and OST email files are stored in the bad sectors, the data stored in these files will be unreadable.

Outlook Crashes, Hang-ups and Power Outages

Outlook malfunction means the software failure or collision with other installed applications. If Outlook suddenly crashes or malfunctions, your emails might be damaged and inaccessible.

Incidents of Viruses Attack

In computer systems, different malicious viruses can infect and make emails corrupted, making them inaccessible. Repairit for email can perfectly solve these issues on your PC or Mac.

Wrong Shutdown Procedure

An improper shutdown can always cause unexpected damages to your computer, including the files stored in it. Things can get worse if your system is unexpectedly shut down while using an email client or during synchronization.

Hard Disk Crashes & Bad Sectors
Outlook Corruption & Malfunctions
Virus Attacks & Trojan Horse
Improper Shutdown Procedure
Recovery Experts Since 2003
Recovery Experts
Since 2003
7-Day Money Back Guarantee
7-Day Money Back
100% Secure Virus-Free Guarantee
100% Secure Virus-Free
24 x 7 Free Tech Support
24 x 7 Free Tech

Tech Specifications

Tech specifications
Supported File Formats :
Outlook PST, OST
Computer Operating Systems
Windows 7/8/8.1/10/11
Windows Server 2003/2008/2012/2016/2019/2022
MacOS X 10.11~ MacOS 13
Hard Disk Space
56MB minimum space for installing

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Repairit for Email restore the folders, contacts, or notes from the corrupt emails?
Yes, Repairit for Email can restore almost all the information contains in Outlook emails. It supports extracting email messages, folders, calendars, appointments, contacts, distribution lists, tasks, notes, etc. from damaged files.
No, there isn't. You can upload any size of emails as desired, and let Repairit for Email to fix them in just a few seconds.
If the email got deleted, this program will also recover it. Repairit for Email supports recovering deleted Outlook items, including emails, folders, posts, calendars, appointments, contacts, tasks, journals, notes, etc.
Repairit for Email
Repairing Repairing

Repairit for Email

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