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Top Methods to Black and White a Photo Like a Pro

Many of us think that black and white photographs are relics of the past. But a picture without color can often reveal far more details than one with color. No colored picture will allow you to highlight a texture, concentrate on shapes, play with item contrasts, or any of those things.

So, if you want to convert a picture to black and white but aren't sure how to do that, then don't worry. I have come up with an article that will explain the different easy ways to make image black-and-white. Continue reading to find a way that works for you.

Part 1: Ways to black and white a photo for free

Converting an image to black and white is not difficult at all. There are some ways by which you can black-and-white a photo. Let's see what the ways to black-and-white a photo for free are.

Way 1: Make the Image Black-and-White with LunaPic

LunaPic is a web-based and free photo editor that can perform a variety of tasks, from simple object removal to complicated cropping. You can use a smartphone or another PC to access it anytime you need to because it is a website.

lunapic photo editor

Here are the steps to convert image to black and white:

Step 1 Choose Your Image

Choose the image you want to make a black-and-white photo. You have two options: paste a URL or upload it directly from your PC.

choose a photo

Step 2 Set the Black and White filter

Go to Filters and select Black & White after your photo has been uploaded. Automatically, the filter will be set. The effect power can be changed using the slider.

choose filter option

Step 3 Save Your Photo

Do you like the result? To save the updated image, click Save. On Facebook, Twitter, and other services, you can share it directly if you'd like.

save a photo

Way 2: Black & White Photo in Snapseed

Would you rather edit your photos on a tablet or your mobile device while you're on the go? Then try Snapseed. Available for both Android and iOS, this software is simple to use. Snapseed is capable and gives you a wide range of tools for editing portraits and landscapes when compared to other mobile photo editors. There are cool-looking filters, and content-aware brushes, among other things.

Want to know how to create a white and black image? Then, the steps are mentioned below.

Step 1 Launch Snapseed

Open the app and choose an image to edit.

open a photo

Step 2 Choose the Black-and-White Filter

To open the tools panel, click on the pencil icon. Then, choose the Black-and-White Filter from the list.

choose black-and-white filter

Step 3 Modify the Effect Settings

Save your photo if you like the expected outcome. The effect's brightness, contrast, and grain can also be altered using the relevant sliders.

modify effects settings

Overall, if you often snap photos with your phone and don't want to worry about installing software on your computer, this app is a good alternative.

Way 3: Turn Your Image into Black-and-White Photo in Paint

If you do not want to buy a photo editor for just a few photos, then check out other free programs, using MS Paint as an example. Unlike other special editors, you don't need to download anything, and there isn't a yearly subscription fee. Paint should already be pre-installed on your computer if you use Windows 7 or a later version.

Here are the steps if you decide to try out Paint.

Step 1 Open Microsoft Paint

Open Microsoft Paint. Then, import a picture that you want to make black-and-white.

microsoft paint

Step 2 Navigate to the Image Menu to Locate the Black-and-White Converter

Select Properties from the open Image menu. Next, select the Black and White checkbox.

image properties

Step 3 After changing the colors, Save your Image

To keep the new image, click the Save icon.

save an image

Part 2: Black and white a photo in Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop will almost always be the first image editor mentioned if you ask someone to name any image editors they are familiar with. This application is widely regarded as one of the best photo editing tools available.

Here are the steps on how to convert image to black and white in Photoshop for all users:

Step 1 Open Photoshop

Open Photoshop. Then, open the image you want to make a white and black image.

open an image

Step 2 Make a Black and White Adjustment Layer

Choosing Layer > New Adjustment Layer from the top menu will bring up the menu. Choose Black and White next.

choose adjustment layer

Step 3 To adjust the effect, slide the sliders

To lighten or darken particular regions, adjust the color sliders. Choose a pre-made preset as an alternative to save time. To save the updated image, remember to press Ctrl+S.

choose premade preset

So, these are the steps by which you can make picture black-and-white Photoshop

Bonus tip: How to return color to black and white photos with AI tech

Have you tired of spending long hours adding color to a black-and-white image? If yes, then I have something interesting for you. Guess what?

Well, now you can return color to black-and-white photos with AI tech. Repairit- Online Photo Colorizer is the best online photo editor tool that restores colors to grayscale images. You get a colorful picture in just a few clicks when you use this tool to convert black-and-white photos.

Moreover, this tool fixes damaged old images before colorization and supports popular file formats such as JPG/JPEG/PNG/EMP/WEBP

Interested to know the steps to use colorize a black-and-white photo with Online Photo Colorizer? Then, see below!

Step 1 Upload the black-and-white photo

Start the Wondershare Repairit. Then, you will see an interface on your Windows screen. This interface will ask you to upload a black-and-white photo. Then, choose the photo from the source folder. Then click the blue Upload Image button.

choose the photo

Note: Only one photo can be uploaded at a time.

Step 2 Start colorization by selecting Photo Colorize mode

Then, you will see two options on your PC. Here, choose either Old Photo Restore or Photo Colorize. To add color to a black-and-photo image, select the second option.

choose the mode

Now, click the Start button. Then, the colorization process on an uploaded photo will be started. Wait for a while for the process to be done.

begin the colorization

Step 3 Preview and save the colored photo

Wondershare Repairit enables users to see the results before downloading them. When the colorizing process is complete, the 3 different colored options will be provided. Pick your favorite. Then, press the Download button.

preview and save


Now, you know the different ways to make image black-and-white. It's time to select the option that suits you the best. So, take your photo and make it happen. Moreover, if you need an AI-based photo editor to convert images to black and white, then choose Repairit-Online Photo Colorizer.