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AI Old Photo Restoration

Perfectly restore old/scratched photos with AI-tech.

  • Remove scratches, enhance colors, and sharpen blurry parts of old photos.
  • Restore and colorize old photos based on mature AI technology.
  • Upscale the restored photos to 2X, 4X, and 8X with AI technology.
  • Restore photos of 5 different photo formats: JPG/JPEG/PNG/BMP/WEBP.
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Best 7 Apps to Restore Old Photos on iPhone & Android in 2024

Bringing back beautiful old memories from old damaged photos using a smartphone or PC without breaking a sweat could be the real taste of happiness and excitement. But, undeniably, we all have a head-aching and annoying damaged photo we always struggle to repair without getting a positive result. Then we end up discarding it with no compromise.

To brighten and sparkle your day, we’ve provided the best solutions to make photo restoration seamless as you explore our mind-easing article to help you repair damaged photos, heal photos from scratches, and turn old photos into new photos.

Part 1: 3 Clicks to Restore Old Photos Online on iPhone & Androidhot

If you want to restore old photos online in a easier manner, a professional online photo restoration service will be your ideal choice to repair old photos to normal. That is why we introduce Repairit Online AI Old Photo Restoration to flash old beautiful and unique memories right in front of you and bring them back to life using its exclusive and advanced technology to repair old or damaged photos.

Why Choose Repairit Online AI Old Photo Restoration?

  • Remove scratches, enhance colors, and sharpen blurry parts of old photos.
  • Restore and colorize old photos based on mature AI technology.
  • Restore photos of 5 different photo formats: JPG/JPEG/PNG/BMP/WEBP.
  • The online version supports customers repair 300 photos per month and supports each photo of 300M online.
  • Security enough: files are transferred via a 2048-bit encrypted connection and deleted after 3 hours.
  • It fixes photos online without damaging the original quality or integrity.
  • The online free version supports 3 photos and each photo is no more than 50MB.

How to use Repairit Online Old Photo Restoration?

Step 1: Upload the old photos online.

To restore old photos online, please access to the online photo restoration workbench after clicking the "Upload Image" button.

upload old photo online

Select "AI Enhancement" from this interface and click "Add Photo" to upload your old photos.

add old photo to restore

Step 2: Open the Old Photo Restore mode and start restoration.

After uploading the photos, you will see two options in front of you: "AI Enhancement" Model and "AI Old Photo" Model. Select the "AI Old Photo" Model, then choose the "Old Photo Restore" feature and click the "Start" button to initiate the photo restoration process.

choose old photo repair mode

Note: You can also choose the resolution "100%" or "200%" from the "AI Upscaler" function to make the old photos clearer.

Step 3: Preview and save the restored photos.

save restored photo

As Repairit Online Old Photo Restoration is a online tool, it has a limit to the photo number and size, if your photo size is over 300MB, or you have more photo restoration needs, you can try the desktop version of Repairit AI Old Photo Restoration, it has no limit to the photo size and number, even supports more photo formats.

Part 2: Top 7 Apps to Restore Old Photos on iPhone & Android

There are also some excellent old photo restoration apps to download when it comes to old photo restoration. Check the following apps and try them whenever you want!

1. Adobe Photoshop Express

Beyond every reasonable doubt, Adobe Photoshop Express is a fantastic photo workshop that entertains all exclusive and functional editing tools for images in its integrated interface that permits users to crop, retouch, restore, and repair old photos and new ones, creating stunning imagery. Furthermore, with the help of Photoshop's advanced tools, you can make adjustments and corrections on old damaged photos. In getting your feet to the promised land, scroll down and explore the pros and cons of Adobe Photoshop Express to aid your choice of App.

adobe photoshop


Adobe Photoshop Express supports social media and mail sharing.

It supports multiple recommendable image formats.

Users are permitted to specify their photo quality (whether low, medium, or high defined quality).

Adobe Photoshop Express permits users to add text or watermark to claim copyright over a photo.


Adobe Photoshop Express contains in-App purchases tied to its exclusive features.

It requires steep learning for inexperienced users as it might not be intuitive to a few users.

Free trial users are limited to the basic features of the App.

2. Adobe Lightroom CC

If you notice that Adobe Photoshop Express isn’t a hit for you, you have Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CC at your recommendation. Lightroom CC is another gorgeous product of Adobe you can employ as a photo restorer if you’re looking for a simple and efficient app to do a quick retouch and heal old damaged photos from scratches and stains by editing. You can also look through the list of pros and cons we’ve provided to know if Lightroom is what you’ve been looking for all along.

adobe lightroom


Adobe Lightroom CC is intuitively made for both experienced and inexperienced users.

Adobe Lightroom CC is intuitively made for both experienced and inexperienced users.

It has image management and batch processing tools.


Even though Adobe Lightroom offers a free trial version, it has a premium (paid) version that holds all its exclusive editing tools.

Adobe Light has no image layering capabilities.

It can’t be employed for intense photo editing.

3. Snapseed

If you’re yet to find a suitable photo restorer to utilize on your mobile, why not try Snapseed? A mobile-built application and real photo editing ware with excellent editing features that allow users to edit and repair old photos easily and freely. With snapseed at your dispensation, there’s no need to look for how to restore old photos on Androids or iOS since the mobile app auto-fix photos, removes scratches or deformities from images, adjusts image brightness contrast, and does many other editing tasks.



It has 28+ professional editing tool options

Quality pre-set photo filters and auto-editing.

Users are permitted to export images in standard formats like JPG and PNG.


Snapseed can’t be recommended for professional photo design or editing.

It serves a non-business purpose.

4. PikFix

Pikfix is a free old photo restoration app. To help users to be relaxed and leave them with no task to do, PixFix offers an AI-algorithms that automatically eliminates unwanted objects or dents on photos, transforms and enhances blurry images into sharp and defined ones with standard or higher quality like 4K resolution. Aside from the mobile App being employed as a photo restorer, it also supports video editing. To know more about Pixfix, go down a little to review its pros and cons and see if it's a match for you.



Pixfix offers free trials for photo editing.

It uses an artificial intelligence mechanism to auto-fix images.

Pixfix has almost a hundred filters and a few editing tools.


Pixfix contains in-app purchases.

Pixfix’s free trial limits users to 10 photo editing per day.

Lesser editing features.

5. Remini

Remini is another excellent app a user can utilize to make old phone photo recovery. Genuinely, this software app can turn old blur photos with imperfections into a collection of newly high-defined images with an auto mechanism. The App permits users to enhance photos by sharpening every detail, having high-quality portraits, and restoring old blurry photos. If you intend to bring old memories alive, you can go through the list below to know if this is what you’ve been looking for.



An artificial intelligence technology backs Remini functionings.

It allows users to export images in high definition.

It supports image resolution correction.


Its free trial version is only valid for a week; afterward, users will have to pay $2.99 weekly to keep up.

Remini imposes an additional payment method on every user before they are allowed to use the free trial mode.

Less editing tools and no watermarking tool.

6. Colorize

If you're still unsatisfied with all the options we’ve provided, you can check out Colorize. With Colorize, black and white photo restoration is made easy. Just as its name implies, colorize turns outdated or adulterated photos into perfect and amazing JPG and PNG files with its automatic mode of functioning. Since the App got a few features to emphasize, there are lists of pros and cons below to guide you on your choice of App.



Colorize allows SMS, mail, and social media transfer.

It supports cloud savings.

Just like other photo restorers, it’s also built with AI-technology.


Limited black and white colorization in free version mode.

No extra editing tools.

Colorized photos may not appear perfect due to mix up in the coloring system.

It can’t repair photos that can’t be opened.

7. Retouch Me

Last but not least is awesome Retouch me. Retouch me is a powerful and sophisticated mobile app to restore old photos, it supports both iOS and Android devices and allows mobile devices to perform color correction, remove unwanted people, objects, or scratches on a photo, blur image background, do image restoration, and a lot more. This multitasking image editor also permits face-swapping effects, stickers, creating Christmas photo frames, and more. Here are a few things to know to discover more about Retouch me.

retouch me


Retouch me integrates a wide range of editing tools.

It has a preview toggle switch button that allows users to preview before and after.

Restore and print old pictures of new version in a high-quality format.


It doesn’t support batch image restoration.

It contains in-app purchases and a variety of subscription plans that are a bit expensive.

A video tutorial guide to show you how to restore old photos easily.


In conclusion, restoring old and damaged photos can be a source of joy and nostalgia. Often, we find ourselves struggling to repair these treasured memories without success and end up discarding them. However, there are several solutions available that can make photo restoration a seamless process. In this article, we have highlighted two main approaches to restoring old photos: online tools and mobile apps.

The first part of the article introduces Repairit Online AI Old Photo Restoration, a professional online service designed to bring old photos back to life. It boasts features like removing scratches, enhancing colors, sharpening blurry areas, and restoring photos of various formats. It ensures the security of your photos by using encrypted connections and not compromising the original quality. Furthermore, users are guided through a simple three-step process: uploading the old photos, choosing the repair mode, and previewing and saving the restored images. There's also a desktop version available for more extensive photo restoration needs.

The second part of the article discusses the top 7 apps for restoring old photos on both iPhone and Android devices. These apps offer various features and capabilities, making photo restoration accessible to a broader audience.

In summary, whether you choose to use online tools like Repairit or mobile apps like Adobe Photoshop Express, there are numerous options available to help you restore and preserve your old and damaged photos, allowing you to relive cherished memories and share them with others. The right choice will depend on your specific needs and preferences, but with these tools, photo restoration has never been easier.