Want to Fix Wedding Photos? Here we go!

Everyone wants their special day to be quite special and magnificent. When it comes to weddings, people spend months and years going over all the details. The day must always be perfect, including the dress, ceremony, cake, first dance, and everything. However, what if it did go just as you planned, but you have no photos to remember your perfect day by.

Sometimes, wedding photos get damaged, and it can be heartbreaking to experience that. Find out how to fix wedding photos in this article, so you never forget a moment of your special day. 

Part 1. Prepare to Your Wedding Photos

Sometimes, counting down the days till you finally get your wedding photos can seem like forever. It’s during this time that you’re dreaming of the moments captured and how you’ll arrange them.

However, what if you get these photos and you’re not so thrilled about how they turn out? In times like that, there is little to nothing you can do to rectify the situation. But there are several vital steps you can take to avoid this ever happening; let’s take a look.

Prepare Beforehand

One of the top steps you can take before you even decide to hire a photographer is to conduct ample research. This action ensures you make the best decision for your day. The photographer you choose determines the quality of the photos.

Therefore, study their works and references till you’re confident in your decision. Also, you should make a list of the shots and portraits you want and share them with the photographer. It ensures no missed moments and that everyone you want in your photos appears.

Always Keep Perspective

Every bride should always gush over pictures from her wedding day. However, if the photos are below par and don’t meet the quality of the photographer’s previous work, then it’s an issue with the photographer.

Furthermore, if this doesn’t happen for you, always try to keep perspective and ensure you’re not critical of your look. Try to see it from different perspectives and ensure you’re not just having a bad day before you conclude you hate the pictures. 

Part 2. What if Your Wedding Pictures Gone Bad?

Despite preparation, there’s no way to determine how your photos would turn out. The chances are that your photos would end up damaged or not come out the way you would want. This article examines different issues that could affect your wedding photos and how to fix wedding photos in different scenarios. 

Issue 1: Photos that are too dark

how to fix wedding photos that are too dark

Sometimes, your photos turn out so dark that making out the faces of people at your wedding party becomes difficult. It could happen because you’re taking a photo close to a window or close to a light source. This scenario occurs because of underexposure - photos with low-resolution, and some solutions could fix wedding photos and brighten your day.


One way you can solve this issue is with a photo editor. You can use photo editors like Lightroom to lighten the photos. This way, they will turn out looking better and will be frame-worthy. 

Issue 2: Low-Quality Photos

fix wedding photos with low quality

If you notice that your photographer brings along low-quality photos, it can make your day seem less unique. Sometimes, photos are so low quality that they cannot make good prints. Although it usually seems like there’s no solution to this, there’s always something you could try.


One way you can fix this is with a wedding music slideshow. While photo prints work best with high-quality photos, making a slideshow can beautifully present your wedding day. Slideshows can show low-resolution pictures in a better view than when you print them out.

With the slideshow maker, you can add transitions, effects, filters, and more to make the photos look amazing. Creating a slideshow for your wedding photos helps repackage your photos professionally. Besides, we have a ultimate solution to fix bad quality pictures.

Issue 3: Poor Composition

bad composition in wedding photos

Another common issue that could cause your wedding pictures to go wrong is bad composition. Although your photographers are great at editing, there are times when the composition turns out bad. If your photos don’t have a suitable composition, it could cause your photos to look less than great. However, this shouldn’t spoil your special moments as there are solutions you could try out.


A simple solution you could explore for the poor composition issue is the use of photo editing software. With the ideal photo editing tool, you can crop the photos to achieve the perfect photo portraits.

You can also remove distracting backgrounds from your wedding photos. You can also fix low-hanging light fixtures, off-centered couples, and many other issues that might be wrong with the composition of your wedding photos. 

Issue 4: Frame Corrupted

corrupted frame in wedding photos

Framing complements the use of available light in a setting. With the right angles, you can combine the sunlit areas to contrast with shaded backgrounds.

However, there are times when the frame of your photo gets corrupt, and this causes your photos to look bad. When your photo frame is corrupted, there are steps you can take to make your wedding photos look better. 


When the frame of your photos is less than impressive, there are a couple of solutions you can try out that. Picking pictures that you like and displaying them in smaller frames will make the photos look better and the flaws less noticeable.

Another choice to help you fix corrupt frames is to go with ornate frames with many details. This action can help fix wedding photos that are less than perfect. The details will help distract from the photo's flaws and make the best part of the photos more prominent. 

Issue 5: Photo Editing Crash

photo editing software crashing

After taking wedding photos, the photographer edits the images to remove the flaws and make the best features more prominent. There are varying professional photo editing software that you can use for finishing and repairing photos, while photo editing mistakes is a common issue.

However, there are situations when the photo editing software crashes, and you lose the images. It looks like the pictures are lost in such cases, and you won’t have access to special moments captured on your wedding day.

Solution: There are a couple of suitable solutions you can try out, and one of them includes trying recovery software. Several recovery programs help you recover lost photos or corrupt photos on your PC.

Additionally, an essential factor is having the RAW files. These are the original photo files from the camera’s SD card. These files allow you to access top-quality and high-resolution photos. When you have the RAW files of your photos, it is easy to make repairs on exposure and color. It also allows for editing whenever photo editing software crashes. This way, you don’t have to worry about losing your files in such situations. 

Issue 6: Header Corruption

header corruption in wedding photos

Another common issue with wedding photos is header corruption. If the header of your image is corrupt, it makes your photos inaccessible. It is because the header of a photo contains some information that’s vital to the picture. Most times, photo headers get corrupt due to viruses and several other issues. 


A solution you can try out with header corruption is to use repair software. Using photo repair software will help to repair the photo header and make the photo accessible once more. You can edit the header of your picture also using the software. 

Issue 7: Color is Off

color can be off on wedding photos

Sometimes, when your professional photos arrive and the colors seem off. Maybe your wedding bouquet comes out orange in the pictures instead of pink or encounter color grading. Off colors are a common issue with wedding photos, but there are some solutions you can try to fix the color issues.


Color correction is the best solution to fix wedding photos when the color is off. When you use photo editing software to perform balance filter or color adjustment, it will get your pictures in perfect condition in no time.

The right photo editing software comes with presets. This feature allows the software to automatically analyze the photos and determine the correct preset to uncover your photos’ beauty.

Issue 8: Background Problem

background problems in wedding photos

Another common reason you might need to fix wedding photos is when the background has a problem. Sometimes, your photo's background isn’t what you want it to be. There might be unwanted parts of the picture you might prefer to keep out of your photo.


You can also use photo editing software to correct the background of your wedding photos. To fix wedding photos with background issues, use photo editing software to remove unwanted parts, repair the white background and other background issues your photos may have.

Issue 9: Blurry Images

how to fix blurry wedding photos

Maybe your photographer got tired or drunk at some point of the day, and his hands got shaky. Blurred photos usually occur due to trembling hands and can make your pictures look unusable. However, these are also notable moments of your day, and there are solutions you can try to fix the issue. 


Blurred photos can be enhanced using a sharpening feature in photo editor features. You can also use photo repair software to sharpen the images. You can also utilize photo enhancer software to make your photo sharp and valuable to you again. 

The Ultimate One-Stop Solution – Using Wondershare Repairit

Wondershare Repairit is a top software for repairing your photos and videos. It supports different file types, so you don’t have to worry about your file not being supported. It is also entirely safe to use, so there’s no need to worry about your files being corrupt.

It is great if you want to fix wedding photos that are bad. It is fast and easy to use; the software is user-friendly, and you’ll have your pictures as good as new in few seconds. Below are some of the steps to fix wedding photos using Wondershare Repairit.

Step 1: Open Corrupted Files

add photo

First, you have to launch the official website if you want to fix wedding photos. On the website, click on ‘add files,’ which leads you to the storage path on your device. Choose the file you want to fix and click ‘add.’ You can choose to add several files to fix simultaneously.

Step 2: Repair Files

repair photos

Once you add the files, you can proceed to the second stage to repair your damaged photos. After adding the images, click ‘repair,’ which is at the end of the screen, to start the repair process.

Step 3: Save Files

save photos

Once the file repair is complete, you can preview your files to confirm that they are fine. If the photos don't turn out how you want, you can carry out an advanced repair.

If you are satisfied with the images, you can save to your preferred location.

Wrap Up

Wedding days are amazing days filled with memorable moments. It is the designated job of the photographer to capture these moments and ensure you have access to them. However, sometimes things go wrong, and the pictures turn out bad.

To fix wedding photos, you have to first find out what the issue is, leading to the solution. You can find several common problems why wedding pictures go bad and how to fix them. One reliable method is the use of an excellent photo repair software like Wondershare Repairit. This software is easy to use, and once you download it, you’ll find it easy to fix wedding photos in no time at all.