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How to Lock PDF From Editing in 4 Simple Methods?

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you urgently need to share a confidential PDF document but fear it might be edited? We've all been there. Rest assured, we'll walk you through four straightforward methods to effectively lock PDF from editing.

This article allows you to effortlessly control your document's integrity and security. So, grab a cup of coffee, sit back, and let's lock PDF from editing. Ready? Let's dive in!

Part 1. Why Lock PDF from Editing is Important?

In modern days, the security of confidential documents is paramount. Let's delve into some examples and situations where the ability to lock PDFs from editing proves crucial:

  • Legal Contracts and Agreements. Creating a contract or legal agreement is important, and any unauthorized changes can lead to disputes, financial losses, or legal issues. Locking PDFs prevents changes, ensuring everyone's interests are protected.
  • Financial Reports and Statements. Financial documents like balance sheets and tax filings are vital for businesses because they contain sensitive information. Any changes to these documents, whether on purpose or by accident, can lead to serious problems.
  • Intellectual Property Protection. Researchers and creatives often share their work, like research papers or designs, as PDFs. Locking these PDFs stops anyone from making unauthorized changes or copying the work, protecting the original content.
  • Personal and Medical Records. People keep personal and medical records in PDFs for privacy. These files can include things like social security numbers or health histories. Locking PDFs keeps this sensitive information safe from unauthorized access.
  • Government and Regulatory Documents. Government and legal offices often use PDFs for important documents like laws and court orders. Unauthorized changes to these papers can lead to legal issues.

In each scenario, locking PDFs from editing plays a pivotal role in preserving confidentiality. This helps ensure document integrity and mitigate risks associated with unauthorized alterations. If you are ready to learn how to lock PDFs from editing, it's time to proceed to the next part.

Part 2. 4 Methods to Lock PDF from Editing [Windows & Mac]

We'll get into the practical side of things in this section. We will introduce four methods for locking PDFs from editing. Let's get started!

Method 1: How to Lock PDF from Editing with Soda PDF?

Soda PDF stands out as a popular tool for editing and converting PDFs, and it also offers features to restrict access to your documents. With its capability to create a password using 256-bit AES encryption, your document remains inaccessible to others without your authorization.

Here's how to add protection to your file using Soda PDF:

Step 1: Start by opening the file you want to secure. Navigate to the SECURE AND SIGN tab and select the Secure Permissions option.

soda pdf secure section

Step 2: Enable the Require Password feature and set your desired password.

soda pdf require password

Step 3: Finally, click the APPLY button to apply the password to the document, ensuring its security.

soda pdf apply password

Method 2: How to Lock PDF From Editing with Adobe Acrobat DC PRO

Adobe Acrobat is renowned for creating the Portable Document Format (PDF). In addition to its viewing, editing, and converting capabilities, it offers a password protection tool. This feature allows you to safeguard PDFs from unauthorized access and usage.

To add a password to your PDF using Adobe Acrobat, follow these steps:

Step 1: Begin by uploading your PDF file and navigating to Tools and look for the Protect button.

adobe acrobat protect

Step 2: Choose whether to restrict editing or encrypt the file using a certificate or password.

Step 3: Set a password and adjust security settings as needed. Then, click Apply and Adobe Acrobat will automatically enforce restrictions, preventing unauthorized access or modifications to your file.

adobe acrobat apply password

Method 3: How to Lock PDF From Editing with Mac Preview

Mac Preview is a program that is already installed on Mac computers. It lets you look at and make small changes to pictures and PDF files. You can crop, rotate, and add notes or drawings to them easily. What's more, Mac Preview allows you to set restrictions on a PDF file to prevent others from changing it.

You can secure your PDF from editing using the standard Preview application on your Mac. Follow these steps:

Step 1: Open the PDF file you wish to protect with Preview. Navigate to File and Export as PDF.

mac preview export as pdf

Step 2: Click on the Permissions button to set a password or permissions for opening the PDF.

mac preview permissions

Step 3: Input a password in the Owner Password section, and confirm it by retyping.

Step 4: Click on Apply.

mac preview apply password

Method 4: How to Lock PDF From Editing with LightPDF Editor

LightPDF Editor is a platform for editing PDFs. It has different tools for changing PDFs; one lets you lock them so nobody can edit them without a password. Here, you can use its "Set password" feature to keep your private files safe by adding a password. This way, you can ensure that nobody can open, copy, print, or change your files without your permission.

Here's how to protect your PDF with LightPDF Editor:

Step 1: Start the LightPDF Editor on your device and upload your document.

Step 2: After opening the PDF, go to the Tools panel and select "Set password."

Step 3: In the pop-up window, check the box for "Open password." Enter your desired password and confirm it.

Step 4: Finally, choose the encryption algorithm for your document (up to 256 AES bits). Click "Save" to instantly protect your PDF with a password.

lightpdf save password

Here are the tools you can use to lock your PDF from editing. But what if, as you're about to open an important PDF document, an unexpected system error occurs? Even worse, it corrupts the file before you can view its contents.

Part 3: How to Fix Corrupted But Important PDF File?

Dealing with a messed-up PDF file when opening or locking it can be annoying. Maybe you're trying to put a password on it, and your computer shuts down. Even just moving the file around can sometimes mess it up.

Repairit File Repair does its thing to fix your corrupted PDF file. Repairit can handle all levels of corruption, from PDF files that won't open to those with unrecognizable formats. It fixes elements like text, hyperImage names, forms, and watermarks.

  • Repair damaged files with all levels of corruption, including blank PDF, PDF not opening, PDF picture issues, PDF color issue, PDF fonts missing, unreadable pdf, etc.

  • Fix text, hyperlinks, forms, headers, footers, graphs, watermarks in PDF, etc

  • Perfectly repair corrupted files with a very high success rate, without modifying the original file.

  • No limit to the number and size of the repairable files.

  • Support Windows 11/10/8/7/Vista, Windows Server 2003/2008/2012/2016/2019/2022, and macOS 10.10~macOS 13.

  • Except PDF, Repairit also supports all formats of Word, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, ZIP, and Adobe files.

What is good about this tool is ensuring that your document is restored to its original state with a very high success rate. Plus, there's no limit to the number or size of files you can repair, and it's compatible with a wide range of operating systems like Windows and macOS.

With Repairit File Repair, fixing your broken PDF files on your computer is easy. Just follow these three steps:

Step 1: Open Repairit on your computer, then click on "File Repair."

go to file repair

Step 2: You will be redirected to another window, choose "Add" to upload your damaged PDF files. Repairit allows you to load multiple documents at once. The application will display the progress as it loads your PDF files.

add damaged pdf file

Step 3: Let Repairit do its thing. Select "Repair" to initiate the process of repairing. You can watch as Repairit works on your PDF files and fixes any problems.

repair pdf file

Step 4: You can preview the repaired PDF files before saving them. Click on the "Preview" button next to any file's icon to check the results.

If satisfied, click on the "Save" button to export the repaired files to your desired location on your Windows PC.

save the repaired pdf file

That's it! With Repairit, you can get your files back in shape without hassle.

Fix Corrupted PDF Files with Repairit PDF Fixer Now

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Safeguarding your PDF documents from editing is essential for maintaining confidentiality and integrity. Using the methods outlined in this article, you can control access to your files and prevent unauthorized alterations.

Additionally, Repairit File Repair provides a reliable solution for fixing corrupted PDF files. So, what are you waiting for? Lock your PDF file from editing and maintain document integrity in various scenarios.

  • Can I lock PDF files on my phone or tablet?

  • You can lock PDF files on your phone or tablet using apps you can download. These apps let you set a password to protect your PDFs from being edited.

  • Will locking a PDF file make it harder to open on different devices?

  • Locking a PDF file typically has no effect on how difficult it is to open and read on various devices. However, some security settings might affect how it works on different devices. It's good to check if your locked PDF works well on different phones, tablets, or computers.

  • How can I make sure my locked PDF files are safe?

  • To keep your locked PDF files safe, update your PDF software regularly, use strong passwords, and keep your password information safe. Also, consider using extra security like fingerprint or face ID if your device has those options.