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Fix Can't Save PDF Files After Editing on Windows And Mac

PDF document is widely used in daily work and life. But it drives people crazy when the PDF cannot be opened or corrupted. Not being able to save your PDF file after editing on Windows or Mac can be related to many reasons. Let's go through this article and find a proper solution to fix this "can't save PDF" issue.

Part 1: Why Can't I Save PDF After Editing?

If you cannot save a PDF file after editing on Mac or Windows 10, then it can happen due to either of the following reasons:

Incompatible Application

The PDF reader or editor that you are using might not be compatible with the document or any other process in the system.

Changed Settings

At times, any existing or changed settings in the PDF application can also cause issues with key operations like editing or saving.

System-related Issues

Chances are that any other application or process running on your Mac/Windows could have blocked the operation of the PDF file from getting saved. The problem can also happen if your system is running on an old or outdated firmware version.

Adobe Account Problem

Besides that, there might be an issue with the linked Adobe account in Acrobat reader. For instance, the linked account might not be active or have enough space to accommodate your file.

Other Reasons

Besides that, if you can’t save a PDF file, then it can happen due to a damaged or corrupt document. Any other application or preset preferences in the tool can also trigger these incompatibility issues.

Part 2: Unable to Save PDF Files in Windows 10? 4 Possible Solutions

If you are unable to save pdf after editing in Windows 10, then I would recommend following these smart suggestions.

Fix 1: Install a Compatible PDF Reader

At first, you need to make sure you are using a compatible PDF reader or an editor tool to open your documents. For this, you just need to install a reliable PDF application on your Windows 10 system.

These are some of the reliable PDF editors and readers that you can consider installing on your PC:

  • Adobe Acrobat Pro DC
  • PDFelement
  • PDFescape
  • Sejda PDF Editor
  • Foxit Phantom PDF

Let’s say you wish to open and edit your PDF documents on Adobe Acrobat Pro DC. In this case, you can just go to its official website to buy its active subscription.

Install Adobe Acrobat DC

Later, you can just download and install Adobe Acrobat Pro DC on your Windows system to edit and manage your PDF documents.

Fix 2: Use a Supported PDF Tool to Edit your Files

Installing a compatible PDF editor is not enough as you need to make sure that you open your PDF files with the relevant application. Ideally, if you want to learn how to save a PDF that cannot be saved, then you need to open your document correctly. For instance, you can just right-click the PDF file, go to the “Open with” feature, and select the installed PDF application.

Open PDF Files with Adobe Acrobat

Furthermore, you need to make sure that you are accessing the features of the PDF editor correctly. Let’s say you are using PDFelement, which is one of the best PDF editing tools for Windows. Once you have made the relevant changes in your document, you can go to its File > Save As feature to save your PDF files on a preferred location.

Save Files in PDFelement

Fix 3: Change the Display Settings in the PDF Tool

At times, a changed or an existing setting on Adobe Acrobat Reader can also cause unwanted issues while managing or saving your documents. Ideally, if you can’t save a PDF document, then you need to check the display settings of the Adobe Acrobat Reader.

To do that, you can just launch the application and go to its Menu > Edit > Preferences to get a new pop-up window. Now, go to the Internet Option and turn off the feature to display PDF documents in a browser.

Adobe Acrobat Display PDF in Browser

In this, you can only access your PDF documents on the desktop application of Adobe Acrobat and can save your files without any complications.

Fix 4: Check the Preferences of your Adobe Account

In case your Adobe account is not working or accessible anymore, then you might encounter issues (like you cannot save PDF file after editing). Therefore, you can just launch Adobe Acrobat Reader, and can go to its Menu > Edit > Preferences to check your account settings.

Adobe Online Services Settings

Here, you can go to the Adobe Online Services feature from the sidebar to check the added account. You can log out and log back in to your account to reset it, remove it, or can click on the “Manage Account” button to troubleshoot any issue.

Part 3: 4 Effective Solutions to Fix “Cannot Save a PDF File After Editing” on Mac

Just like Windows, chances are that you cannot save a PDF file after editing on Mac as well. Thankfully, these PDF-related issues can be fixed on a Mac by implementing these tips:

Fix 1: Save the Document in the PDF Format via Preview

Most Mac users take the assistance of the Preview app to edit or manage their PDF files. Though, once you have edited your PDF files, make sure that you save them in the supported format.

That is, if you cannot save a PDF file after editing, then make sure you select the correct format type. After making the appropriate changes in the document, go to its File option, and choose to export it as a PDF file on your Mac.

Preview Export as PDF

Fix 2: Update the PDF Reader and your Mac’s Firmware

If you can’t save a PDF file on a Mac, then it can be related to an old or outdated version of the application or its firmware.

At first, you need to make sure that the Adobe Acrobat DC Pro application is up to date on your system. For this, you can just launch Adobe Acrobat and go to its Menu > Help > Check for Updates to update the application.

Adobe Acrobat Check for Updates

Besides that, you can also consider updating the firmware version on your Mac. This can be done by visiting Finder > About this Mac > Software Update. Here, you can choose to enable the automatic updates, view the available version, and can click on the “Update Now” button to install it.

Update Mac Firmware

Fix 3: Check the Storage Settings for PDF Files on Mac

If you cannot save a PDF file after editing on Mac, then make sure you check the storage settings of Adobe Acrobat. Instead of saving your documents online, you need to maintain their copies on the local storage.

Once the Adobe Acrobat DC Pro application is launched, you can go to its Menu > Edit > Preferences and visit the General section from the sidebar. From here, you can just disable the options for online storage for opening or saving your documents.

Adobe Disable Online Storage

Afterward, you can try to save the PDF file again on the local Mac storage to troubleshoot this issue.

Fix 4: Forcefully Quit the PDF Application and Restart Mac

Lastly, there could be a problem with the PDF application, causing this issue on your Mac. Thus, if you cannot save a PDF file after editing, then you can close the PDF application from running in the background and restart your system.

All you got to do is visit Finder, click on the Apple logo > Force Quit Finder option. You can also press the Command + Option + Esc keys at the same to get the Force Quit feature on your Mac. Afterward, you can just select the PDF application and click on the “Force Quit” button to stop it from running in the background.

Force Quit Mac Applications

Now, you simply restart Mac or try to load the PDF file on the relevant application again to edit or save it however you like.

Part 4: How to Fix Corrupted PDF Documents on Both Windows and Mac?hot

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I’m sure that after reading this guide, you would know how to save a PDF that cannot be saved on your Mac or Windows PC. When I cannot save PDF after editing, I make sure that I’m using a compatible application and that my system is updated. You can also connect your Adobe account to Acrobat reader and check its advanced settings to troubleshoot the issue. Though, if your PDF file has been corrupted in the process, then you can use a dedicated application (like Wondershare Repairit for PDF) to fix it.