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Perfectly repair corrupt PowerPoint files in simple steps.

  • Fix all PowerPoint issues like PowerPoint not opening, blank PowerPoint, etc.
  • Repair all PowerPoint objects, including tables, header and footer, charts, and more.
  • Repair corrupted files with a very high success rate in 3 simple steps.
  • Compatible with PowerPoint files of 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007 and Office 365.
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5 Must-try Efficient PPT Repair Tool Online

Eleanor Reed
Eleanor Reed Originally published May 23, 24, updated May 23, 24

PowerPoint is a powerful tool for sharing ideas and fast communication for presentations. Despite being a stable product, PPT files can become corrupted for various reasons, including:

  • Improper system shutdown
  • Virus infections
  • Bad sectors on storage media
  • Issues with the PowerPoint application
  • Large file sizes

If this happens, you don't need to worry anymore. You can easily repair them using a file repair tool. This guide will introduce the top 5 free PowerPoint repair tools online to help you fix your files. Let's get started.

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In this article
    1. PPT Repair Tool Online 1: Repairit PPT Repair Tool Online
    2. PPT Repair Tool Online 2: Online PPT Repair Service
    3. PPT Repair Tool Online 3: PPT Repair Kit
    4. PPT Repair Tool Online 4: Recovery Toolbox for PowerPoint
    5. PPT Repair Tool Online 5: OnlineFile.Repair

Top 5 PowerPoint Repair Tools Online

PowerPoint Repair Tool Online Best Features Supported PowerPoint Version Pricing Star Ratings
Repairit PPT Repair Tool Online -Fixes PPT files online without compromising quality.
-Simple user interface.
MS PowerPoint files of 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, and 2007. $9.99/month 4.0/5
Online PPT Repair Service -Supports diverse PPT versions.
-Files are automatically deleted after 30 days.
Microsoft PowerPoint 2007-2021 $5/100 Mb 4.5/5
(Online File Repair Service site)
PPT Repair Kit -Automated recovery process.
-Saves recovered media files separately.
Microsoft PowerPoint presentation 98/2000/2003 Office versions $10 for repairing online (one-time purchase) 4.0/5
Recovery Toolbox for PowerPoint -Does not modify original files.
-Allows exporting recovered data.
Microsoft Office 2007 and later $12/year 4.0/5
OnlineFile.Repair -Uploaded files remain accessible for 30 days.
-Quick analysis and repair.
MS PowerPoint 2007 and above $5/100 Mb 4.7/5
(OnlineFile.Repair site)

PPT Repair Tool Online 1: Repairit PPT Repair Tool Online

Encountering a corrupted PPT file can disrupt your workflow. Repairit Online File Repair offers a reliable solution. It's a free online tool that makes restoring corrupted PPTX files effortless. Whether you're preparing for an important business presentation or an important academic lecture, Repairit PPT Online tool ensures seamless presentation delivery every time.

The tool has garnered numerous positive reviews from customers, making it one of the best web tools for repairing corrupt PPT files for free. It successfully delivers excellent results with different PowerPoint versions.

Key Features

  • Repair damaged PPT files with various levels of corruption. It can repair blank files, unopenable files, unrecognizable formats, unreadable content, and changed PPT file layouts.
  • Repairit Online File Repair allows you to repair up to 300 files per month, with each file up to 300MB.
  • It can repair critically damaged or corrupted PPT files from SD cards, phones, cameras, USB flash drives, and more.
  • Ensures security with files transferred via a 2048-bit encrypted connection and deleted after 3 hours.
  • It fixes PPT files online without compromising their original quality or integrity.
  • Repairit boasts a simple user interface, accessible to all users.
  • The online tool only repairs files up to 300MB.

Step-by-Step Guide

Repairit Online supports uploading and repairing corrupted PPT files. To start, follow these three simple steps.

Step 1: Go to the File Repair workspace and add your damaged PPT files by clicking Add Files. You'll see details like names, formats, and sizes for each file added.

add damaged ppt files

Step 2: Press Repair to mend all the damaged PPT files. You'll see a progress bar for each file as it gets fixed.

ppt files details

Step 3: After finishing, click the Preview icon to see each PPT file's content. To save specific files, click Download, or use the Download All button to save all fixed files at once if you're happy with them.

download repaired ppt files
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PPT Repair Tool Online 2: Online PPT Repair Service

online ppt repair service

You can recover PPT files from previous versions of Microsoft PowerPoint using the Online PPT Repair Service. This tool quickly analyzes your .ppt / .pptx file and lists the recoverable objects.

The service uses sophisticated algorithms to fix damaged presentation files by repairing their internal structure and reconnecting missing object relationships. Unfixable objects are saved on a separate page at the document's end, preventing data loss. This makes PowerPoint recovery straightforward for everyone.

To recover a damaged PPT file from Microsoft PowerPoint 2007-2021, simply upload the file to the online service. Then, your data will be recovered within seconds.

Key Features

  • This tool identifies and restores missing connections between PPT objects. Then, it saves them on a separate page to prevent data loss.
  • It offers a simple process suitable for users of all skill levels.
  • Online PPT Repair Service repairs files from PowerPoint versions 2007-2021 within seconds.
  • This online service ensures fast and convenient file recovery.
  • PPT files are automatically deleted from the server after 30 days. This ensures file privacy.
  • Supports diverse PPT versions.
  • Do not recover password-protected PowerPoint files.

PPT Repair Tool Online 3: PPT Repair Kit

ppt repair kit

PPT Repair Kit is a versatile online tool designed to repair damaged PowerPoint presentations effortlessly. Its simple UI makes it accessible to beginners and expert IT professionals. The automated recovery process minimizes user intervention while maximizing efficiency.

This tool not only saves users time and money but also eliminates the need to outsource recovery tasks to external services. Its automation capabilities, stability, and efficiency make it a reliable choice for handling data corruption issues effectively.

Key Features

  • Efficiently repairs corrupted PPT files from Microsoft PowerPoint versions 98/2000/2003 Office.
  • The software swiftly extracts important elements from corrupted PPT files. These include the slides, text, images, and embedded media, storing them in a designated folder on the user's device.
  • It seamlessly fixes slides directly to PowerPoint and exports charts to Excel for editing or re-importing.
  • PPT Repair Kit only prompts for the file's path and name. Its advanced file analysis core ensures successful restoration even for severely damaged files.
  • Automatic deletion of files from the server after 10 days.
  • Automated recovery process for seamless restoration of presentation content.
  • This tool cannot recover lists and pictures within PPT files.

PPT Repair Tool Online 4: Recovery Toolbox for PowerPoint

recovery toolbox for powerpoint

Recovery Toolbox for PowerPoint efficiently repairs damaged PPT and PPTX files, effortlessly extracting presentation data. It simplifies fixing damaged PowerPoint files in a few steps and transfers corrected data from the damaged file to a new PowerPoint project without altering the original file.

All recovered data is moved to a new presentation, allowing easy export of revised content from the damaged file to a new PowerPoint presentation.

However, in some cases, certain objects cannot be fully recovered. Thus, they are saved as separate files, which users can manually add to the recovered presentation.

Key Features

  • Recovery Toolbox supports older and newer file formats, including PowerPoint for Microsoft 365.
  • This tool uses AI for an efficient PPT file repair.
  • This online tool first shows the contents of damaged PPT files before repairing them.
  • This online tool saves multimedia PPT files into a separate folder.
  • Does not modify original files; recovered data is transferred to a new presentation
  • Allows exporting recovered data to a new PowerPoint presentation
  • Does not recover password-protected presentations
  • Some users experience glitches occasionally.
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PPT Repair Tool Online 5: OnlineFile.Repair


OnlineFile.Repair is a powerful tool designed for easy repairing of damaged PPT files. Simply upload your files, and it immediately begins analyzing for problems, supporting MS PowerPoint 2007 and newer versions.

It efficiently restores corrupted files, recovers deleted elements, and slides. Repairable elements are fixed and saved as new files, with email updates on progress. Uploaded files can be retrieved for 30 days, giving plenty of time for recovery.

Key Features

  • This tool fixes PPT files of MS PowerPoint 2007 and later.
  • OnlineFile.Repair fixes deleted presentation elements and slides.
  • It utilizes multiple concurrent file recovery methods for enhanced efficiency.
  • This tool saves recovered media files separately when automatic inclusion in the presentation isn't feasible.
  • Uploaded PPT files remain accessible for 30 days.
  • This online PPT file repair service has a quick process.
  • Unable to restore encrypted PPT files.

Tips to Avoid Damaged PowerPoint Files

Worried about losing your PowerPoint presentations? Here are tips to avoid file damage.

  1. Save your PowerPoint presentations frequently. This minimizes the risk of losing data due to unexpected crashes or system failures.
  2. Create backups of your PowerPoint files on external drives, cloud storage, or other devices. By doing this, you can ensure you have a copy in case of file corruption or loss.
  3. Always close PowerPoint and other programs properly instead of forcing quitting to prevent file corruption.
  4. Update your operating system and PowerPoint software regularly for bug fixes and security patches, which can help prevent file corruption.
  5. When embedding media files in your presentation, use compatible formats supported by PowerPoint. This is to avoid compatibility issues and potential file corruption.
  6. Use collaboration tools if multiple users need to work on a PowerPoint file. Alternatively, ensure that only one person edits the file at a time to prevent conflicts and potential corruption.


This guide introduced the top 5 free PowerPoint repair tools online, each offering unique features and advantages. To prevent future PowerPoint file damage, remember to save often, make backups, optimize file size, and use compatible media formats. Following these tips and using the right repair tools will ensure smooth presentations and reduce the chance of file corruption.

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  • How do I know if my PowerPoint file is corrupted?
    Signs of a corrupted PowerPoint file may include error messages when attempting to open the file, missing or distorted content within the presentation, or the inability to save changes.
  • What are the benefits of using an online PowerPoint repair tool?
    Online PowerPoint repair tools offer the convenience of quickly restoring corrupted files, saving time and effort. They can recover valuable data from damaged presentations, ensuring that important information is not lost.
  • How do I choose the right PowerPoint repair online tool for my needs?
    When selecting a PowerPoint repair online tool, consider factors such as its compatibility with your system and PowerPoint version, user reviews, ease of use, and specific features offered, such as file recovery options and security measures.
Eleanor Reed
Eleanor Reed May 23, 24
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Eleanor Reed
Written by Eleanor Reed
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