Ways to Repair Corrupt PPTX Files

Preparing a PowerPoint presentation needs a lot of time and effort and what if the presentation fails to open in front of the audience. This blog focuses on repairing such corrupted PPTX files using professional methods.

This blog summarizes all the methods or fixes that can help you in fixing the PowerPoint presentations. It also gives a brief about each method and also the limitations associated with each one of them. So without any further ado, we would like you to take to the journey on troubleshooting the corrupt PPTX file yourself. Let us discover how!

Symptoms of the PPTX files Corrupted

PowerPoint files are usually very stable. However, they are vulnerable to corruption like the rest of the files that are stored on a computer system. If a PowerPoint file gets corrupted, it can result in the generation of error messages by PowerPoint. The following are some of the error messages that might be received if you tried to open a damaged PPTX file:

  • There is no PowerPoint Presentation found.
  • The file type expressed by the file_name.pptx cannot be opened by PowerPoint.
  • There is some part of the file missing.

There are several ways to help you to fix out the corrupted pptx files. You can try the following two manually methods if you have the same behavior.

How to repair corrupt PPTX files

Method 1: Moving the Presentation to Another Location

If you have your PPTX presentation stored in your computer hard drive, moving that file from there to an external device will help to recover the corrupted PPTX file. Follow the below steps to move the presentation to another location:

Step 1 – Go to the folder in which your presentation is saved or stored.

Step 2 – Connect an external storage device like pen drive to your computer and copy the PPTX file into it.

Step 3 – Once copied, try to open the file from the new location.

Step 4 – If you can run the presentation successfully from the new location, it means that the previous location is corrupted.

You need to check the errors in the original location from which the file was initially opened. For this you need to follow the below steps:

Step 1 – Open "My Computer".

Step 2 – Right Click on the Disk that has the corrupted file

Step 3 – Select "Properties", click on "Tools".

Step 4 – In the "Error-checking " section click on "Check Now" and select "Start".

The above-mentioned solution can only be useful if the corruption is on the location or folder in which the corrupt PPTX file is present. If the error is present on the file then, you can copy the current PPTX into another PPTX file.


Method 2: Copy PPTX Contents in Another PPTX File

When a PowerPoint presentation is not opening, you can try copying the slides into a new PPTX file. In this way, the errors that are stopping the presentation to run may be removed in the new presentation. This can be done by following the below steps:

Step 1 – Open the new PowerPoint presentation, select "Blank Presentation" option.

Step 2 – Under Home -> click on down arrow of New Slide and click on "Reuse Slides".


Sep 3 – Reuse slides window will open on the right pane, in that click on "Browse" and select the corrupted PPTX file from the location.


Step 4 – Right-click on any of the slides and select the "Reuse all" option.

Step 5 – Once all the slides are imported to the new presentation, open them, and check whether all the slides are accessible or not.

If all the slides are not accessible in the new blank presentation, then they might be some error while importing the slides. In such a case, you can open the file as a Theme Template.

Method 3: Open File as Theme Template

If all the slides are added to the blank presentation and you are still not able to gain access to the presentation, import the corrupt presentation as a theme template can resolve the corrupt PPTX file issue. To open the corrupted file as them template follow the below steps:

Step 1 – In the PowerPoint presentation click on the file menu and click on the "Save as" option to save the file with a new name.

Step 2 – Go to the "Design" tab, under "themes" click on more and click "browse for themes ".

Step 3 – Now select the corrupted file and click "Ok" to import the slides to a new presentation.

This solution might not work all the time as themes cannot provide a permanent solution in case of some presentations which are complex and stuffed with a lot of images and graphs.

Method 4: Try Safe Mode to recover PPTX file

Opening the PPTX file in Safe mode might resolve the errors and open the files in working mode with minimum formatting. In working mode, the slides can be edited and formatted as per your standards. This is what you need to do if you wish to deal with the corrupt PPTX file.

Step 1 – Go to "Start" and type "PowerPoint/safe" and press "enter" to open PowerPoint in Safe mode.

Step 2 – Go to "File" and select "open" to open your corrupted file from the folder.

Step 3 – Now your file gets opened in Safe mode and allows you to create your presentation.

Step 4 – If the file opens in Safe Mode, it means that you need to reinstall the PowerPoint on your computer.

Note: In Safe mode, you can access your presentation in readable mode but you may not have all the options available for editing the presentation. If you want to create some attractive presentations, it may not be possible as it does not allow you to use the options.


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Method 5: Open Presentation in PowerPoint Viewer

PowerPoint Viewer is a free and efficient program provided by Microsoft to access any kind of PowerPoint files. With its features, it will allow you to open the corrupted PowerPoint files on your computer. Follow the below steps to open presentation using PowerPoint Viewer:

Step 1 – Download the PowerPoint viewer from Microsoft and click on "Download".

Step 2 – Follow the on-screen instructions and install the PowerPoint viewer.

Step 3 – Double-click to launch the PowerPoint Viewer.

Step 4 – Browse through your corrupted PowerPoint presentation and open it in the PowerPoint Viewer.

Step 5 – Now you can open your file using the PowerPoint Viewer.

PowerPoint viewer is the best solution provided by Microsoft itself to open the corrupted files and ensure that all the presentations are made as per the standards and look attractive and professional. Using this option, you can create an attractive presentation and prove yourself in front of the audience.


Method 6: Repair Corrupted PPTX Files with File Repair

Stellar PowerPoint Repair Software is the best PowerPoint repair tool that can repair PowerPoint files no matter how damaged it is. It can repair the damage and restore the entire contents of the corrupted PPTX file in a matter of seconds.

Microsoft PowerPoint Repair Tool

  • Repairs almost all cases of PPT file corruption by following a reliable and risk-free approach to PowerPoint recovery
  • Repairs PowerPoint macro-enabled (.pptm) file and restore all PowerPoint objects with macros attachments
  • Repair and restores any number of PPT/PPTX/PPTM files at the same time
  • Perform a signature-based recovery of PPT files to recover your crucial data
  • Repairs your corrupt PPT file and shows a preview of all slides in the presentation before saving it at a user-specified location

Simple Steps to Repair Corrupt PPTX Files

Step 1 By clicking the buttons of "Select file" to search corrupt PPXT file from the local drive;

repair corrupt PPTX files step 1

Step 2 You can select multiple corrupt PPXT files to start the repairing process;

repair corrupt PPTX files step 2

Step 3 To preview the corrupt PPTX files which selected and repaired successfully.

repair corrupt PPTX files step 3

The Bottom Line

If the PPTX file is corrupted, it takes a lot of time to create a new PowerPoint presentation and which might not be possible in all cases. So in such cases, the above mentioned PowerPoint file repair resolution methods can help you.
By using all the above-mentioned solutions, you will be able to easily fix the presentations without you losing any kind of slides that were prepared with a lot of effort and creativity bundled in it. So, use any of the above solutions to open your corrupt PPTX file and give your presentation without any interruption.

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