How to Convert OLM to PST with Free Tools?

The use of email clients is quite proficient in the professional space. Files like OLM and PST are used to keep the record of the emails intact. Although these file types are based on Microsoft Outlook users, they have their differences. Outlook for Windows stores its data in PST files when configured with POP3 accounts. For OLM files, the data is stored in OLM format. However, Mac users have potentially put on their concerns over the operability of this file.

To counter this, users usually look for competitive methods to convert OLM to PST. This article takes up the mantle to explain the appropriate methods for this case.

What are the Primary Reasons to Shift from OLM to PST?

OLM files have limited accessibility across devices. As they are not supported across Windows devices, the need to convert these files into other appropriate formats is viable. Before coming onto the right techniques to convert OLM to PST, this part takes over the provides the basic reasons for such actions:

  • Any user moving their system from Mac to Windows is bound to convert their OLM files to PST. This is the only way to operate their previous email client data across Windows devices.
  • In urgent cases, if the user has the accessibility of a Windows device, they need to convert their OLM files to PST.
  • Data recovery from left-over OLM files can be executed through conversion.

Convert OLM to PST With Manual Approach

As discussed above, OLM files lack accessibility on devices. As we align this case with the existing methods to convert OLM to PST, you won’t find a set of solutions to execute this process. To this date, the OLM to PST conversion can only be covered through a single method without the participation of third-party tools. To get to know more about this method, you need to look at the detailed steps provided as follows.

The complete conversion would take four extensive directions in the form of steps. To understand the manual method completely, you need to recognize the involvement of all the necessary tools for this purpose. Look below to understand the manual approach to convert OLM to PST:

Step 1 Configuring Gmail across Outlook

Step 1: You need to log in or sign up across Gmail to set up the account. Once created or logged in, proceed into its "See all Settings" from the “Gear” icon and locate the option of "Enable IMAP" across the "Forwarding & POP/IMAP" tab. Once turned on, you need to save the changes by clicking "Save."

enable imap feature

Step 2: After setting up your Gmail, proceed to Microsoft Outlook for Mac and find the option of “Preferences” on your device. Click “Accounts” followed by the “+” icon for creating a New Account across the email client.

tap on + icon

Step 3: Enter the address of your Gmail account, followed by the password to that account. Hit the "Add Account" button to log into your Gmail. For configuring this account across Outlook, click on “Continue” on the next screen.

Step 4: To successfully conclude the connection between the accounts, you will be redirected to the browser for signing across the Gmail account provided across Outlook for Mac. Click on "Sign in to Google" and re-enter the credentials to verify the details of the account. Click the "Allow" button to confirm the configuration.

click sign in to google option

Step 5: For confirmation, you will be prompted to redirect to Outlook. Click on the "Open Microsoft Outlook" button to proceed and hit the "Done" button to configure your Gmail account across Outlook for Mac.

Step 2 Import OLM File to New Account

Step 1: This step involves exporting the OLM file from your Outlook account across Mac. Lead to the “Files” tab on the top-most menu of the screen and select “Import” in the protruding menu.

choose import option

Step 2: You will be provided with three different options for importing Outlook data, out of which you have to select the “OLM” option. After selecting it, tap on the “Continue” button

select olm file format

Step 3: Now you have to browse and find the OLM file from your Mac drive. You have to tap on the “Import” button after selecting your Outlook OLM file.

browse olm file mac

Step 3 Configuring Gmail on Windows Outlook

Step 1: Launch Microsoft Outlook on your Windows device and proceed to the "File" tab, followed by the "Add Account" option. Enter the Gmail address configured on the Mac device and click "Connect."

click on add account option

Step 2: You will be redirected to the browser to sign in to the Google account and confirm credentials. Provide the account details and hit the "Sign In" button.

insert your gmail password

Step 3: To allow Outlook to configure Gmail across its platform, hit "Allow" and revert to the Outlook screen. Click "Done" to conclude adding the account.

Step 4 Export PST File from Windows Outlook

Step 1: Proceed to the “File” tab and locate the “Open & Export” option in the left-hand column. Click on “Import/Export” to open a window.

select import export feature

Step 2: You need to locate and select the option of "Export to a file" on the next screen. Click "Next" and move forward.

choose export to a file

Step 3: Select “Outlook Data File (.pst)” in the next window and hit “Next.”

select pst format

Step 4: Select all the files and folders of the mailbox that you wish to export across the PST file. Click “Next” and browse the location of the PST file on the next screen. Click “Finish” to conclude the process.

finish pst export press

Limitations to the Manual Approach of Converting OLM to PST

The method discussed above has its own limitations that make it an inconvenient option in the market to convert OLM to PST. Before finding its alternative, you should be aware of the limitations, which are addressed as follows:

  • Losing the Data During the Process: This method involves moving emails from one email address to the other. Manual errors can lead to loss of data, which would permanently make your data unavailable.
  • Can Be Only Used for Emails: This free manual method moves emails from one source to another. Any other mailbox item will not be catered to in the process.
  • Dependent on Applications: There are multiple applications associated with this process. The unavailability of any email client in the process would not help users in executing it.
  • Not a Direct Process: The time required to execute this process is lengthy and indirect. With two applications associating the process, lacking a step would make it unsuccessful.

Stellar Converter for OLM – A Direct Approach

The manual method, as exclaimed, is quite lengthy and inconvenient for most users. To make things simple, the existence of third-party tools makes it effectively easier for users to apply OLM to PST conversion. Stellar Converter for OLM provides the appropriate environment to convert OLM to PST files. The accessibility to all items for conversion makes it one of the best options for this process.

Stellar provides considerate compatibility for executing the process. Its ability to batch process multiple OLM files makes it quite convenient for many users. The tool makes sure that the users are provided access to the preview items to be converted to PST. The usability of the tool makes it quite effective in the existing environment.

To make sure that you successfully convert OLM to PST with Stellar Converter for OLM, go through the steps offered below:

Step 1: Launch and Select OLM file to Convert

Download and install the tool on your computer. Launch it and select the option of “Select OLM Mailbox” on the “Home” section. You can either “Browse” the OLM file on your device or “Find” it automatically with the help of the platform. Once found, click on “Convert.”

start the conversion process

Step 2: Select Items to Convert to PST

The software scans and previews the results on the next screen. Select all the files from the preview section that you wish to convert to PST.

select the files for conversion

Step 3: Set Saving System for PST and Execute

Click on “Save Converted Mailbox” and select “PST” as your desired format. The tool offers you to create a new PST file or append the converted PST file with the existing email client’s PST file. Set a path if required and click “Save” to execute the process successfully.

save the converted pst file


This article has provided users with the right options they can utilize to convert OLM to PST. With these methods in mind, you can always shift your Outlook email client from Mac to Windows without any issues. The use of tools like Stellar makes operability easier. Go through these methods in detail to know more about OLM to PST conversion.