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Never Miss A Tweet: A Guide To Download Twitter Videos

Amy Dennis
Amy Dennis Originally published Mar 30, 23, updated Sep 16, 23

Do you know how to save a video on Twitter? Losing great videos on Twitter and struggling to find them again is frustrating. You're not alone! Unfortunately, Twitter doesn't have a built-in tool for saving videos. So, watching and sharing videos on Twitter is easy, but downloading them needs alternative methods.

share and download twitter videos

Third-party tools can help you download Twitter videos on any platform, like iPhones, iPads, and Android devices. Keep reading to learn how to download Twitter videos on different platforms and never lose a great clip again.

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    1. Reason 1: On A Trip With Unstable Internet
    2. Reason 2: Smart Use Of Data
    3. Why Can Twitter Videos Not Be Downloaded Directly?
    1. Device 1: Save To Pocket From Twitter (iOS)
    2. Device 2: Save To Pocket From Twitter (Android)
    1. Alternative 1: Twitter Video Downloader
    2. Alternative 2: Video DownloadHelper
    3. Alternative 3: SSS Twitter
    4. Alternative 4: TWSaver
    5. Alternative 5: TweetPik
    1. Window/Mac
    2. Android
    3. iPhone and iPad
  1. How To Fix Unopenable Twitter Videos?

Part 1: Why Downloading Videos For Offline Viewing Is Important?

In the modern world, where data is crucial to stream data online, offline viewing is also gaining attention. There are some common reasons for offline viewing. Below are two which will give you an idea of why downloading videos for offline viewing is essential:

Reason 1: On A Trip With Unstable Internet

unstable internet connection issue

While you are on a trip or facing patchy internet issues, downloaded videos to watch will give you a smoother experience. In such a situation, the users are mainly on the go. So they don't always get a Wi-Fi facility. Offline viewing becomes a better option when you are going through this scenario.

Reason 2: Smart Use Of Data

smart use of internet data

Sometimes people want to avoid using their data over and over again to watch the same video. Usually, high-quality videos consume a lot of data, and many users stay careful about using their data. Thus, offline video viewing is suitable for many people who want to save their data.

Why Can Twitter Videos Not Be Downloaded Directly?

Usually, If you can't download a video online, it's often because of copyright policies. But with Twitter videos, there's no built-in save option, so you need to use third-party tools to download them.

Part 2: How To Download Videos From Twitter To Pocket?

Twitter and Pocket are a great combination for saving interesting content. You can save links from Twitter to your Pocket account easily, using any device. When you open the link in Pocket, you'll see the original tweet at the top, which helps you remember where the link came from. You can also take actions on it, just like you would on Twitter itself.

Let's check how you can download videos from Twitter to Pocket on different devices:

Device 1: Save To Pocket From Twitter (iOS)

After adding Pocket to the share menu, you can try two methods to save:

Method 1: Save using long-press

Step1 Find the article or video you want to save. Next, do a long press by resting your finger on the article or video for about one or two seconds.

tweet you want to save

Step2 You will see a preview of the article or video. Now, see the actions that are listed below. You need to select Share Via…

choose the select via option

Step3 Finally, tap on the Pocket in the share menu. It will save the article or video to your list.

tap pocket showing in share menu

TIP: Ensure to long-press "directly on the link or article/video" you want to save. Avoid the tweet in the background or any other non-hyperlinked text.

Method 2: Save post opening the article or video

In the next step, you can open the item to see before finally saving. You can save it successfully after opening it. Check how:

Step1 Tap the link or article that appears in your Twitter feed. You can view its in-app browser.

Step2 Hit the Share button shown in the bottom menu.

Step3 Lastly, tap the Pocket in the share menu. It will help in saving the article/video to your list.

touch pocket in share menu

Device 2: Save To Pocket From Twitter (Android)

Here are two methods that will help you in saving content to Pocket from Twitter on Android:

Method 1: Saving from the Twitter Feed

Step1 After finding the link or article/video to save, tap the Share button on the Tweet.

tweet you want to download

Step2 Go to the menu that is showing and hit the Share Tweet via…

choose share tweet via option

Step3 Next, tap on Add to Pocket in the share menu.

tap the add to pocket

Step4 In the final step, you can see a message that confirms the saving of the link to your list. You can add Tags to the saved link without leaving Twitter.

message confirms the saved video

Method 2: Save after opening the article or video

In the second scenario, you can check the article or video after opening it. Follow the below steps to do so:

Step1 Tap the link in the Twitter feed and open it to view. You can see it in the in-app browser.

Step2 Next, tap on the overflow menu.

tap on the overflow menu

Step3 In the last step, tap the Share via… option. After that, choose to Add to Pocket.

tap the share via option
choose add to pocket

Part 3: Using Third-Party Alternatives To Download Twitter Videos

Now let's check out some third-party tools that can help you download Twitter videos!

Alternative 1: Twitter Video Downloader

Twitter Video Downloader is a tool that lets you easily download Twitter videos and GIFs to your mobile phone or computer. As Twitter videos and GIFs are integrated into the tweet, downloading them involves copying the tweet's URL/link. After, paste it into the designated text box on the tool's website.

To download videos from Twitter in the MP4 format, follow the instructions provided below:

Step1 Open Twitter. Go to the tweet that has the Twitter video.

Step2 Now, get the URL/link of the tweet. Below are two methods to get the link:

  • Method 1: Click the tweet and copy the URL from the browser's address bar.
copy the video url from address bar
  • Method 2: Click the three dots (...) and select Copy link to Tweet.
choose copy link to tweet option

Next, right-click the URL of the tweet and Copy link address.

copy the url

Step3 Paste the link to the tweet in the URL box. Finally, hit the Download button.

paste the link in input box

Alternative 2: Video DownloadHelper

Video DownloadHelper is another solution for downloading Twitter and other videos. This extension is available for web browsers, including Chrome, Firefox, and Edge.

Below are the following steps to use Video DownloadHelper to download the videos:

Step1 First, Add to Chrome the Video DownloadHelper extension.

add to chrome video downloadhelper extension

Step2 After the complete installation, you can see the icon of this tool in your browser's toolbar.

icon display in the toolbar

Step3 Whenever you load a webpage containing a video, the Video DownloadHelper icon in the toolbar will highlight. Sometimes you need to open the video to allow the tool to detect it.

icon highlight when detect a video

Step4 After the video detection, click the icon to open the main panel. It will show what action will be performed after you click the item. Mostly, it says to download.

click icon to open main panel

Step5 When you click on the right of the item, you can get several options. For instance, Download, Quick Download, Copy URL, Add to Black List, etc.

click on the right of item
different options displaying to choose

Step6 Download or Quick Download to save the video.

Alternative 3: SSS Twitter

SSS Twitter is the following video downloader HD tool. With the use of this tool, you can save the tweets to your device, whether it is mobile or desktop. The tool is free, and you can download Twitter videos using this tool in HD quality. You can do this by using the public account privacy settings.

Besides, you can add to Chrome the SSS Twitter extension. Below are quick steps to use the tool:

Step1 The initial step is to find the Twitter video you want to save. Copy its link from the address bar.

Step2 Open the SSS Twitter downloader website and paste your Tweet URL in the input text box.

Step3 Press the Download button and save the video in seconds. You can download the video in different quality options.

Alternative 4: TWSaver

TWSaver is the next alternative to download Twitter videos. It also has steps similar to SSS Twitter. Check out the steps below to use TWSaver:

Step1 First, copy the correct Twitter video link you want to download.

Step2 Now paste the link in the input box on the TWSaver website.

Step3 Hit the Download button. You will redirect to the new HD or SD video resolution download page. Pick the one you like and get the video.

Alternative 5: TweetPik

The last tool on the list is TweetPik. It enables users to download videos and GIFs from Twitter easily. It is free to use and compatible to use with phones and computers.

Following are the steps that show how to download the Twitter videos using TweetPik:

Step1 Open Twitter and find the Twitter video, image or GIF that you want to download.

tweet video to save

Step2 Copy the link to the Twitter video.

copy link of the video

Step3 Paste the URL to the URL box of TweetPik and hit the Download button in green.

paste link and click download


All the five alternative solutions above will help you download the Twitter videos. You can pick any of them. However, the best way to select is the one that offers convenience. Alternative 2: Video DownloadHelper, Alternative 3: SSS Twitter, Alternative 5: TweetPik provides the facility to add them to Chrome or other browsers. In this way, using them becomes extremely easy for you to use.

Part 4: How To Download Twitter Videos On:


Step1 Open Twitter and find the video to save.

Step2 Copy the video link by right-clicking the video or choosing Copy video address.

Step3 Open Twitter Video Downloader in another tab and paste the URL. Click Download.

Step4 Some quality options from low to high resolution will be displayed on the screen.

Step5 Hit the Download video button to the preferred resolution.


Step1 Open your Twitter application.

Step2 Search for the tweeted video to download.

Step3 Tap the Share button and copy the link.

Step4 Launch the Download Twitter Videos app.

Step5 Paste the URL in the text field on the screen's top.

Step6 Click the Download button at the bottom right.

Step7 Access the download video in the app or shift it to the Gallery.

iPhone and iPad

Step1 Shortcuts app must be installed. If not, get it on the App store.

Step2 Go to Settings and next to Shortcuts.

Step3 Switch your slider to Allow Untrusted Shortcuts.

Step4 Visit the link to add Twitter Video Downloader to Shortcuts.

Step5 Tap Get Shortcut and open Shortcuts app. Scroll down and hit Add Untrusted Shortcut.

Step6 Launch the Twitter app and find the video you want to save.

Step7 Click Share and get the Twitter Video Downloader option. Tap it.

Step8 You will get the option to save quality from high to low.

Step9 Select the option you want, and the shortcut will start its work.

Step10 The video will be saved in the Gallery after the Download.

Part 5: How To Fix Unopenable Twitter Videos?

There are chances that the Twitter video you download is corrupt. In such a situation, you might be unable to open and watch the video file. The users will need the right solution to solve the issue with the damaged videos.

Wondershare Repairit is a tool that helps in repairing essential files. This software's video repair option can help you resolve the issue with your unopenable Twitter videos. Let's know more about it.


Free Download
Free Download
wondershare repairit video repair website

Wondershare Repairit offers an effective video repair tool. It is feasible to use for different video file formats, including MOV, MP4, MKV, MPEG, and more. Your videos can get damaged for any reason; whatever it is, Wondershare Repairit can fix it.

Besides, it is compatible with Windows and Mac systems. It provides the facility of batch video repairs for faster results. The users can fix videos of any quality, from 8K to HD videos. The tool's exceptional success rate makes it the best means to repair corrupted video files.

So try it when your twitter videos get corrupted in any scenario!


Above mentioned different methods and tools will help you in saving Twitter videos. Some Twitter video downloader HD offers other quality options. You can select your preference and get Twitter videos you like in seconds.

Besides, the downloaded video may be corrupted. When it happens, you can use the Wondershare Repairit video repair tool for faster repair results. So, go ahead and download your favorite Twitter videos. If any issue occurs, Wondershare Repairit is there to help.

Amy Dennis
Amy Dennis Sep 16, 23
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