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PSB File: Everything You Need to Know

Mack Wilson
Mack Wilson Originally published Mar 17, 23, updated May 09, 24

“Can't open PSB file, please help…I created a large file (13 800x30 000 pixels) in an older version of photoshop (CS 5.1 version) even though it told me that it's more pixels than the version of photoshop can handle, but it's the only version I have here at work and I need to make that certain project that big.

Is there a way to fix it or will I have to finish the project in the older version of photoshop?”

Photoshop is a go-to choice for creating and editing animations, which are saved in PSB file types. But what if your PSB files get corrupted, ruining your project vision? You'll need simple ways to fix them. Here are the steps to open and repair PSB file types.

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    1. Open a PSB File using Adobe Photoshop
    2. Open PSB File Using Groupdocs Online Viewer Tool

What is a PSB File?

A PSB file (Photoshop Big) is used in Adobe Photoshop for handling large documents. It's quite similar to the more common PSD format, except that PSB files can handle much larger files in terms of both image dimensions and overall size.

Specifically, PSB files can be massive, reaching up to 4 EB (over 4.2 billion GB), and they can accommodate images with dimensions of up to 300,000 pixels. In contrast, PSDs are limited to 2 GB and image dimensions of 30,000 pixels.

In addition to being used by Photoshop, some subtitle files also use the PSB extension. But they are text files designed with the PowerDivX multimedia player to store subtitles.

PSB isn't solely associated with file formats; it's also an abbreviation for unrelated things like PlayStation Blog, power signal box, public service broadcasting, program specification block, and polysulfide bromide battery.

How to Open a PSB File?

PSB image files can be opened using Adobe Photoshop. If you don't have Photoshop and don't want to try the free trial, you can use Aconvert Online File Converter for free. Aconvert is an online tool that converts PSB files to other formats to open them. See the steps below.

#1 Open a PSB File using Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop is a popular tool for graphic design, photo editing, and digital art because of its extensive tools that help turn ideas into reality. It supports multiple file formats including PSD (Photoshop Document) for regular projects and PSB (Photoshop Big) files for larger projects. PSB files are great for high-resolution images and complex designs without compromising quality.

To open a PSB file using Adobe Photoshop, follow these steps:

Step 1: Launch Adobe Photoshop on your computer.

open adobe photoshop

Step 2: See the File menu in Photoshop. Select Open from the dropdown menu.

click open

Step 3: Go to the location of your PSB file in the file explorer window. Select the PSB file you want to open. Click Open to load the PSB file into Adobe Photoshop.

Step 4: Once the PSB file is opened, you can view and edit its contents in Photoshop, like any other image or document.

open psb file format
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#2 Open PSB File Using Groupdocs Online Viewer Tool

The second method is opening the PSB file online. You can employ this method when your Adobe Photoshop is not working or the file is unopenable. Using online tools like Groupdocs Online Viewer Tool doesn’t need complex software installations. You can open PSB files online right from your web browser.

GroupDocs.Viewer is a cloud-based tool that lets you open and work with over 170 types of files, including PSB files, right in your browser. It's free, keeps your files private, and allows you to print or download them easily. Plus, it works on all devices, including smartphones. Follow these steps to view PSB files online.

Step 1: Click Browse Files to upload a PSB file. You can also drag & drop it into the designated area.

browse files

Step 2: Use the menu to move between pages.

Step 3: Print or download the original file in PDF format.

downloaded pdf format

How to Repair PSB File?

  • Fix corrupted Adobe files with all kinds of corruption, such as files not opening, its data isn’t readable or accessible, the stored information in the file is unclear, mixed, or has been distorted, etc.

  • Fix the PSD and PSB files in Photoshop caused by software, hardware and data transition problems.

  • Support restoring the AI file in Illustrator caused by bad sector, virus attack, software crash, etc.

  • Repair Photoshop image resources, layers, masks, channels, etc.

  • Repair Illustrator image resources, layers, masks, etc.

  • Perfectly repair corrupted files with a 100% success rate, without modifying the original file.

  • Support fixing PSD and PSB files in all versions of Photoshop.

  • Support fixing AI files in Illustrator version 9.0 and later.

Losing or deleting PSB files can happen to anyone at some times. However, you can quickly recover deleted or lost files with reliable and effective recovery software.

Numerous recovery software options are available online, which can be confusing. Selecting the best, like Wondershare Repairit, is recommended to make it easier for you. Wondershare Repairit is a powerful file repair solution designed to repair corrupted Adobe files such as PSD, PSB, and AI metadata.

Here’s how you can use it to repair PSB files:

Step 1: Open Wondershare Repairit. Next, click File Repair under More Types Repair. This will commence the PSB file repair operation.

psb file repair

Step 2: Click Add to upload your damaged PSB file(s). You can repair multiple PSB files using Repairit's batch-processing feature.

add damaged psb files

Step 3: Click Repair to start. The tool will scan the added PSB files and address any issues. You can track the process and cancel it if needed.

damaged psb files details

Step 4: After completing the repair process, click Preview to see the results. Click Save to save it. To save all repaired PSB files, click Save All. Choose a file location where you want to save them.

save repaired word files
Fix Corrupted PSB Files with Repairit File Repair Now

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A PSB file is a format in Adobe Photoshop for managing large documents, supporting images up to 300,000 pixels and sizes up to 4 EB. While Image nameed with Photoshop, PSB files also serve subtitles and have other meanings.

You can open a PSB file using Adobe Photoshop or online tools like Groupdocs Viewer. When file corruption occurs, seek reliable help. Software like Wondershare Repairit, which provides expert help for severely damaged files, makes repairing corrupted PSB files feasible. With these methods, users can efficiently manage PSB files for creative projects.


  • How do I make a PSB file?
    In Photoshop, to save an image as a PSB, go to "File," then "Save As," and choose "Large Document Format" from the dropdown. This is necessary if your image is too large for a regular PSD.
  • Can I change a PSB file to another format?
    Yes. You can easily convert a PSB file to JPEG, PNG, or TIFF. Open it in Photoshop, go to "File," "Save As," and pick your desired format. Note that converting may cause some PSB-specific features to be lost.
  • Will a PSB file slow down my computer?
    Large PSB files can be demanding on your system. If your computer isn't powerful, you might experience lag or crashes. Ensure you have enough RAM and processing power to handle them smoothly.
Mack Wilson
Mack Wilson May 09, 24
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Mack Wilson
Written by Mack Wilson
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