How to Fix PSD File is Corrupted? (3 Tested Methods)

Photoshop is a top-rated editing software due to its amazing benefits, like flexibility, agility, and accuracy. It is the most used platform for producing creativity, editorial, newspaper, animations, etc. Due to its diverse range of uses, creators know the importance of this software.

But what if the PSD file is corrupted? This will ruin your business completely. If you’re dealing with the same issue, then don’t worry. Here I have come up with this article to share the easy-to-repair PSD files method. Keep reading this article, and I am sure you’ll leave this page after getting the solution in your hands

Part 1: Can I Fix Corrupted PSD Files?

Yes, you can! But only if you know the right way to do it. This is why I have come up with this article that will guide you regarding a top solution to fix it.

If you cannot access a corrupted PSD file, you can always recover an earlier version of the file from the Temp folder. Even without too many modifications. You may likely get an exact older version of your file.

Remember, the corrupted PSD file could become even more seriously damaged if it is fixed through an untrusted web source. Instead, restore corrupt PSD files using powerful, dependable tools like Repairit. This robust program can restore PSD files and fix corrupted or damaged ones. This utility operates in read-only mode, which makes a fresh, reliable copy of all the data.

Now, let’s dig deeper and understand how to repair corrupt PSD files. But before this, knowing about causes will be worthwhile.

Various Causes of PSD files Corruption

If you want a permanent solution, it is essential to consider the roots of the problem reasons. This will result in getting an accurate answer and also help you to avoid issues in the future.

While working on solutions, I didn’t know the cause of the corrupted PSD files. But I found some general reasons that might fit with your case too.

  • Issues with hard disk & RAM
  • Virus attack
  • Software glitches
  • Poor hardware system
  • Sudden power cuts or fluctuations

If you’re ready to fix PSD files, here are some points you will need to remember.

  • Always get a backup of your data
  • Restart your computer when done with the repair PSD file process.
  • Recheck the file once the PSD file is repaired.

This article will discuss the three methods to fix corrupted PSD files.

  1. Repair PSD files using a revolutionary online Repair tool.
  2. Fix corrupt PSD files using the previous version.
  3. Repair PSD corrupted files with .temp.

It’s time to explore the Photoshop PSD repair methods.

Part 2: How to Repair Corrupt PSD Files?

Method 1 - Repair PSD Files using the Repair Tool

Wondershare Repairit is one of the best methods to fix PSD files in a minute. This revolutionary tool effectively repairs corrupted PSD files, word documents, and adobe files. The Repairit tool can be used for any file corruption, such as files, not opening, changing file layout, garbled files, and unreadable files.

Besides, it comes with a quick, effective, and one-click repair solution that you can’t expect with other tools. So, Repairit tool can help you with every file issue. So, download this tool from its official website now!

Here’s how you can use it step-by-step.

Step 1 Upload the Corrupted Files in Adobe Repair

Launch the Repairit tool on your desktop, then choose file repair >> adobe file repair option. The file explorer will allow you to select the damaged PSF files from the browser to upload them.

adobe file repair

Step 2 Repair PSD Files

Once your files are uploaded, you’ll see the given interface on your screen. So, click on the repair option to restore corrupted PSD file.

repair psd files

Step 3 Advanced File Repair

If you find your damaged PSD file repair is not done, use the advanced repair option from the screen. You’ll get a window asking to add a sample file that is failed to be repaired.

Once your sample is uploaded, the advanced repair option starts working. So, wait for a few minutes.

start advanced repair

Step 4 Preview and Save the Files

When the advanced repair process is completed, you will get a preview option to check whether the sample file is ok or not. If you’re fine with the quality you can save the files.

save repaired files

Note: when saving files, make sure you have created a new path since an older one may cause trouble finding the new file.

Overall, this Photoshop PSD repair seems easy to use and perfect for repairing PSD files.

Here is a video tutorial guide to show you the detailed steps of fixing PSD files.

Method 2 - Repair PSD Files from the Previous Version

Do you know? Windows backup system enables you to get back your previous version of files quickly. These previous versions of files are either copied files or folders created by the Windows backup system. Depending on the files or folder type, you can save the files to a different location or restore the files to the previous version.

Here I will use the significant features to repair the corrupted PSD file. But before going into this method, open Adobe Photoshop and verify your files are not corrupted. However, if Photoshop cannot read damaged files, follow the given steps.

Step 1 Open the corrupted PSD file, right-click on it, and choose “Restore previous versions.”

restore previous version

Step 2 Find the previous version of the files and then choose “Restore.”
Step 3 Click on “restore” to confirm the order.
Step 4 Launch Photoshop and open the restored file again.

Click Ok when the small message pop-ups “some text layers containing files are missing.”

text layers

Step 5 Check all the layers and remark on the lost part with layers.

Then, save the file as a new PSD file.

Method 3 - Recover and Fix Corrupted PSD files from .temp Files

Most people are unaware that Photoshop constantly uses .temp files to save your work progress. Our system does this to lessen the RAM load that Photoshop programs place on other processes.

The best part is these files do not exist in the TEMP folder even if Photoshop crashes, unfortunately. It means that as long as your application is not correctly stopped or terminated, your PSD files will likewise be on the computer.

Even these automatically saved PSD files in the form of .temp format can act as a backup sometimes. And this can be used to repair corrupt PSD files.  

Here’s how you can use .temp to repair PSD files.

Step 1 Open “my computer” and go to the “C” drive where all app data exists.

c drive

Step 2 Double-click on the user and click on the appropriate username.
Step 3 Next, open the Appdata folder and select the local folder to find the temp folder.


Step 4 Open the temp folder to find the files that are generally named the Photoshop temp file ending with a random number.
Step 5 Now open each file using Photoshop CC or CS6 to find the Photoshop file you’re looking for.

select layer

Step 6 You must save the file with a new name from .temp to .psd/.psb/.pbb according to the Photoshop file recovery.

Note: if you’re using a Mac computer, you can use the same methodology to repair PSD files on Mac. Also, remember this method is not full-proof and time-consuming. You may find it frustrating to find the lost PSD file in the same folder to fix PSD files.

Part 3: How to Prevent PSD Files Getting Corrupted?

It is well said that “Prevention is better than cure.” We spend many hours creating an important project, even some days, but it is gone because of poor hard disk or other issues. Therefore, I have shared the best tips to avoid PSD file corruption

1. Get Extra Power Backup for your PC

You can use the most crucial factor to save your project from damage by giving your PC a complete backup. Being an illustrator, most of your work is computer-based. Therefore, it needs a constant power source to operate. However, most of us overlook installing an additional UPS or inverter to prevent an unexpected PC shutdown.

Do you know that a sudden power outage affecting the PC supply has been identified as the cause of 2/3 of PSD file corruption? But while people's work habits these days are pretty quick, they have always been prone to overlooking the most crucial aspects of a situation. Pay attention to the minimal but crucial extra-power backup thus.

2. Install Anti-virus

Deleted files, corrupted data, and frequent interface crashes are all likely outcomes if your computer has a virus. This is due to the virus's inherent tendency to attack system files and the hard drive to disrupt system operations.

Additionally, it prevents you from sharing, installing, and using any software. Therefore, the first requirement is establishing a premium antivirus program on your computer. You can use it to protect your system's PSD files and applications against malicious software and viruses.

3. Restore Backup

Preparing for the outcomes, be they positive or negative, can result in saving files from the lost. And when it comes to computers, getting ready with a backup plan is critical. 

This system default application is designed to help you recover deleted, corrupted, junked, and lost files from your computer. Your information is stored on the servers and databases. And how well it works is determined by the parameters you choose.

So, always check to see if the backup option in the PC settings is turned on. So in the case of a corrupt PSD file, you can quickly recover files.

4. Buy Premium Hard Drive

There is no disputing that we heavily rely on our hard disc for program execution and data storage. In contrast, if it involves creating digital art in Photoshop. You require a storage format that is quick and secure. 

Because they are four times as fast as standard HDDs, the quickest hard drives are SSDs (Solid State Drives). It is not impacted by the fragmentation procedure, which lessens the RAM load and lowers the risk of a functional Photoshop crash.

5. Always Update Your Photoshop

Sometimes file corruption is not an accident. Your dependable copy of Photoshop might be to blame; it frequently breaks down. If you experience any jerks, freeze, or inability to react to any of your clicks. Then realize that it is a clue that something is wrong with Photoshop alone. But typically, we disregard these alerts.

Similar to how regular tune-ups are necessary to keep your car performing well. Software updates are essential in the world of computing as well. The optimum use of the software may be made by matching the system compatibility with it in this manner.

Pulling a large cart behind a dog under pressure is impossible if you don't update frequently.

The latest version of Photoshop is 2020 (V 21.1.2)

To update Photoshop, perform the following steps:

Launch Photoshop >> Help >> updates.


Finally, you have understood how to repair PSD files and tips to prevent them from being corrupted. However, you should remember that while working on the PC, you may often get a “files get corrupted" message. So, don't panic since you can resolve the issues quickly. In case of PSD file repair, use the Wondershare Repairit tool for PSD corrupted file recovery.