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Repairing Damaged PSD Files for Free: Online Methods That Work

Amy Dennis
Amy Dennis Originally published Jun 17, 23, updated Mar 21, 24

How To Repair Corrupted PSD Files For Free Online?

Want to fix corrupted psd file online? Repairing corrupted PSD (Photoshop Document) files might be difficult, but there are internet programs that can help you restore your valuable design files for free. When a PSD file becomes corrupted due to software errors, power outages, or other unforeseen events, it can lead to lost work and frustration.

how to fix corrupted psd file

You can restore your corrupted PSD files using free internet repair programs. These programs use complex algorithms to scan and fix damaged PSD files, allowing you to retrieve and continue working on your designs. In this post, you'll look at some reputable options for restoring corrupted PSD files online for free.

In this article
  1. PSD File: A Quick Introduction
  2. Main Reasons Behind PSD File Corruption
    1. FIX 1: From the Previous Version
    2. FIX 2: From AutoRecovery
    3. FIX 3: From .Temp File
    4. FIX 4: Try To Open A Flat Copy
    1. TOOL 1: PSD Repair Kit
    2. TOOL 2: Recovery Toolbox For Photoshop
    3. TOOL 3: Online File Repair Service
    4. TOOL 4: Repair Photoshop Drawing
    1. What To Do If The Image You Save Using PSD Is Corrupted?
    1. Tip 1: Backups on a Regular Basis
    2. Tip 2: Keep the Software Updated
    3. Tip 3: Avoid Sudden Shutdowns
    4. Tip 4: Use Reliable Storage Media
    5. Tip 5: Scan for Malware
    1. TIP 1: Recover An Unsaved PSD File
    2. TIP 2: Recover A Deleted PSD File

PSD File: A Quick Introduction

A PSD file is the default format for saving data in Adobe Photoshop. Adobe Photoshop Document files have this file extension and are in a proprietary format designed by Adobe.

Although some PSD files include only one image, the most typical usage for a PSD file is for much more than just storing an image file. They can handle many images, objects, filters, text, and other elements, as well as layers, vector paths and shapes, and transparency.

what is psd file

Assume you included five photos in a single PSD file, each on its distinct layer. The images appear to be on a single, flat image when combined. Still, they are moveable and fully editable within their layers, as if you were dealing with separate images. You can reopen this PSD file as often as you want and edit individual layers without impacting the others.

Main Reasons Behind PSD File Corruption

A corrupted Photoshop file is usually caused by one of two things: a system crash or a software crash. Examining the various possibilities. PSD file corruption can arise as a result of the following:

Reason 1: Sudden Power breakdown or outage while working on or saving your PSD file.

Reason 2: Hardware or file system failure.

Reason 3: There is an issue with the RAM modules and the hard disk.

Reason 4: Virus infection caused by malware.

Reason 5: A software error has occurred.

If any of the scenarios mentioned above occurs, file progress is terminated rather than stored. When an operation is halted by the prompt message—you can't open a Photoshop file due to corruption. You'll have no choice but to use one of the following methods and steps to repair a corrupted PSD file.

Common Fixes For A Corrupt PSD File

The major goal of this instruction is to repair a corrupted Photoshop file, so without further ado, let's get started. The following are some methods for repairing a corrupted Photoshop file.

FIX 1: From the Previous Version

If you discover that your Photoshop file has been corrupted, you can try to recover it from a prior version, but the technique, like recovery from a.temp file, has limitations. It will only work if the file history function is enabled before the corruption of the.psd file. Do you still want to give this rehabilitation method a shot? Follow these techniques to repair PSD file online from a prior version:

recover it from previous version

Step 1: Open Photoshop and right-click to preview the drop-down menu.

Step 2: Go to the "restore previous versions" menu.

Step 3: Find the previous version of the corrupted file and select Restore.

Step 4: Open Photoshop and select the most recent version.

Step 5: While Photoshop is open, accept all prompt messages and save them as a new PSD file.

FIX 2: From AutoRecovery

If your actions have resulted in a corrupted Photoshop file, you can utilize the auto-recovery option to recover corrupted PSD files online. Though enabled, it only operates at a predetermined frequency, making it unreliable. To recover your Photoshop file automatically, follow these steps:

Step 1: Launch Photoshop and select "Edit" from the top toolbar on the left.

Step 2: Select File Handling from the drop-down menu.

Step 3: Select the option to recover files automatically every minute.

fix psd files from autodiscovery

Step 4: Make a note of the recovery path and restore a version of the corrupted PSD file.

FIX 3: From .Temp File

Temp files are directories on your system or PC where files currently in use are kept until they are permanently saved. While you can utilize this recovery path to recover your PSD files, don't rely too heavily on the .temp file because deleting it would result in total file loss, just like a system crash. However, if you want to try the tool to fix a corrupted Photoshop file, follow the instructions below:

Step 1: Locate your .temp folder by typing the phrase into the search field.

select the temp folder

Step 2: Locate a similar file to the corrupted PSD file you want to recover.

Step 3: Change the file extension to .psd to convert it to a Photoshop file.

Step 4: Finally, open the Photoshop file and recover it.

FIX 4: Try To Open A Flat Copy

A flat copy of your Photoshop work is a smaller file size than the original. You can make a flat copy by merging layers to become background layers. Photoshop can easily recover a file copy if a file problem or corruption occurs. Is this an intriguing method to try? This procedure is only applicable to files that already have a file copy. Recovering a corrupted PSD file using a flat copy is relatively straightforward. However, the usefulness of this technique is debatable. To restore a flat copy, follow these steps:

Step 1: To open and restore a file in Windows, press ALT[Win] + SHIFT when clicking on it.

Step 2: Press Option[Mac] + Shift while clicking on the file to recover a non-corrupted PSD file on a Mac.

Top Online Tools To Recover A PSD File

TOOL 1: PSD Repair Kit

How can I repair PSD file data and fix the PSD file damage problem? PSD Repair Kit is here to assist you. PSD Repair Kit is a mature and free Adobe PSD repair solution that allows you to fix damaged PSD file projects caused by various factors. Check out the instructions below to fix an Adobe Photoshop *.psd file that has become corrupted.

psd repair kit tool interface

Step 1: Select the PSD files that need to be recovered by clicking the "SELECT FILE" button.

Step 2: Enter email address and click "NEXT STEP" to proceed.

Step 3: Wait for the repairing process to be completed. Then, to save the output *.psd file, click the "DOWNLOAD" button.

TOOL 2: Recovery Toolbox For Photoshop

Recovery Toolbox for Photoshop is a free online tool for recovering a corrupted file containing a Photoshop project. It can fix corrupted PSD files in four steps: File Upload > Repairing > Source File > Download. For more information, see the instructions below.

recovery toolbox for photoshop

Step 1: Select a Photoshop file with the extension by clicking the "SELECT FILE" button.psd from your computer's hard drive.

Step 2: Type in your email address as well as the captcha code.

Step 3: Click "NEXT STEP" to proceed.

Step 4: Be patient while the corrupted Adobe Photoshop file is restored and recovered.

Step 5: Save the file with the recovered Photoshop project in a new file with the.psd extension.

TOOL 3: Online File Repair Service

Online File Repair Service offers a free online repair service for damaged PSD files associated with Adobe Photoshop projects. The program can repair PSD files online and resolve error messages while attempting to open an Adobe Photoshop *.psd file. Its unique Adobe Photoshop PSD restoration algorithms can recognize various types of objects in a damaged document and recover as much data as feasible.

online file repair service

Step 1: Press the "Push to Start Upload File and Repair" button on the main screen. Then, navigate to the online repair Wizard.

Step 2: Select "Select files" to attach the corrupted Adobe PSD file.

Step 3: Enter your email address and the characters from the captcha image.

Step 4: Select "Upload file for recovery" from the menu. Wait for the file to be recovered. When the process is finished, you may view free preview pages of fixed documents and download repaired PSD files.

TOOL 4: Repair Photoshop Drawing

Repair Photoshop Drawing is another free, paid online PSD repair solution for efficiently recovering .psd and .pdd files. Photoshop CS5, CS4, CS3, CS2, and Photoshop CS may all be repaired. It aids in repairing faulty Photoshop drawings and converting PSD to BMP, with a free demo available for download.

repair photoshop drawing interface

Step 1: Click "Select File" to browse your computer for corrupted PSD files.

Step 2: Select "Secure Upload and Repair" to begin the PSD restoration process.

Step 3: Download and examine the demo results. If you are pleased, pay for the entire set of results.

Desktop Solution:

What To Do If The Image You Save Using PSD Is Corrupted?

If you have a corrupted PSD file, it can be repaired with the help of Wondershare Repairit. The Adobe File Repair feature can help you repair corrupted or damaged PSD files. Here are the steps to repair your PSD files:

Step 1: Upload the PSD file

To begin, open Wondershare Repairit from your desktop or search box. Then, select File Repair > Adobe File Repair, and a File Explorer box will appear, prompting you to select the damaged PSD files. Next, select and upload the files you want to use.

upload the corrupted psd file

Step 2: Repair the PSD file

This screen will appear after you have uploaded all of the files. To repair your corrupt PSD files, select Repair.

start the repairing process

Step 3: Advance File Repair

If you can't repair your files using the "Quick Repair" method, try the "Advanced Repair" mode. A dialog will appear requesting you to add a sample file to the files that could not be fixed. After uploading the sample file, this software will launch Advanced Repair. Wait a few seconds for the desired outcomes.

advance repair the psd file

Step 4: Preview And Save The PSD File

Now, select Preview to see a preview of the resultant files. Finally, if you're happy with the outcomes of the repair, click Save to save them to your computer.

preview and save the psd file

Comparison Of Above Mentioned Tools

All the tools on the list can be an effective solution to fix your PSD file. However, Wondershare Repairit is a reliable and effective alternative among the top online solutions for recovering a PSD file. It has an easy-to-use interface and robust recovery features, making it a great choice among many users. You can effortlessly recover corrupted or damaged PSD files without sacrificing quality using Wondershare Repairit.

Easily Avoid The Corruption Of PSD Files

Follow these easy procedures to avoid PSD (Photoshop Document) file corruption:

Tip 1: Backups on a Regular Basis

Make regular backups of your PSD files. Keep them on external hard drives, cloud storage, or other safe places. This assures that in the event of corruption, you will have a backup copy to fall back on.

Tip 2: Keep the Software Updated

Maintain the most recent version of Adobe Photoshop or other software used to open PSD files. Software updates frequently offer bug fixes and improvements that can aid in the prevention of corruption concerns.

Tip 3: Avoid Sudden Shutdowns

Always properly close Photoshop before shutting down your computer or experiencing power outages. File corruption can occur as a result of unexpected shutdowns.

Tip 4: Use Reliable Storage Media

When saving your PSD files, use renowned storage devices. Use broken or low-quality disks or USB drives to avoid data corruption.

Tip 5: Scan for Malware

Scan your computer on a regular basis for malware and viruses. Malicious software has the ability to corrupt files, even PSD files. To keep your system safe, use reputable antivirus software.

By taking these precautions, you may reduce the danger of PSD file corruption and protect your valuable work.

Check Some Vital Extra Tips

TIP 1: Recover An Unsaved PSD File

Along with PSD file corruption, you may be wondering how to recover unsaved PSD files caused by Photoshop issues, unexpected power failure, program quitting without saving, or system crashes. If the AutoSave function is enabled, you can use the Photoshop Auto Recovery tool to restore unsaved PSD files.

How can I activate the AutoSave feature? Here are the specifics: Launch Adobe Photoshop CC > choose "Edit" > "Preferences" > "File Handling" > "Automatic save recovery information every * minute."

recover unsaved psd file

Where are Photoshop AutoSave files saved after enabling the capability, and how can they be recovered?

Go to C:/Users/UserName/AppData/Roaming/Adobe Photoshop (CS6 or CC)/AutoRecover, then click OK. Locate the unsaved PSD files and open and save them in Photoshop.

If you can't discover AppData on your computer, open File Explorer and change the setting to reveal hidden files to make them visible.

TIP 2: Recover A Deleted PSD File

Aside from restoring unsaved PSD files, another popular question on the Photoshop forum is how to recover deleted PSD files caused by unintentional deletion, hard drive formatting, recycle bin emptying, virus attack, and other factors. In these cases, you must employ a professional data recovery program. A file recovery program can fix the file quickly and get ready.


You might have understood how to fix a corrupted PSD file. The tools discussed above will help you with psd repair online. You can use them to fix your corrupted PSD files. Also, if you want to fix your PSD files, you can use Wondersahre Repairit. It is a good file repair tool to help you fix the files with just a few clicks. You can fix a single file or multiple files all at once.

Amy Dennis
Amy Dennis Mar 21, 24
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Amy Dennis
Written by Amy Dennis
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