How to Repair Docx File Online

There are many instances when you are required to repair your Docx file but you don’t want to get involved in the hectic criteria. Yes, we are talking about the criteria of first downloading software and then using it to repair the Docx file. And even in some cases you couldn’t able to recover it. What a frustrating process it is. Isn’t it?

Well, to make this process easy for you we are going to take you on a journey of repairing corrupt Docx files online for free.

Yes, we are going to introduce some trusted and tested techniques that you can use to repair word documents online.

Part 1: Why do Word documents get corrupted?

When it comes to the corruption of word documents, there are many reasons for the same. In simple words, a document gets corrupted when a program writes something incorrectly. In the other case, corruption occurs when the normal writing process is interrupted. This results in a bit of data that doesn’t make any sense to the program.

Well to understand this in more detail. Let us go through several factors that lead to corruption.

1. Large file size: When it comes to larger files, they put immense pressure on the application. This raises the chances of a failed write operation. As a result, the chances of corruption increase. This generally happens when the file size is exceeded beyond 200 Kb.

2. Document file format: When it comes between the older .doc format and the newer .docx format. The latter is much more stable. So, it is advised to switch to the newer format as working on old is one of the reasons for corruption.

3. Complex functions: There are some features like Track Changes. It prompts the word software to write more frequently. There are also other similar operations like moving images, applying the formatting, or some other advanced functions. This causes corruption.

4. File location: One of the reasons for corruption is the issue with storage media. Well, the best way to know this issue is to concentrate on the noises of your hard drive. But you will come to know this easily when you will face often slowdowns and odd behaviors.

5. User behavior: User behavior plays a crucial role in the smooth functioning of the word document. If there arises a condition when you have suddenly shut down Microsoft Word without following the proper process, chances are high that it causes corruption. This condition gets worse when you have about 1000 other programs open. There are some other causes like unplugging your storage media or computer.

Part 2: Try Docx repairs online sites

When it comes to repairing the word files online, there are many ways to do so. But what matters the most is how smoothly you are going to get a repaired file within a lesser time. To help you out on the same we are presenting you with 5 docs repair online sites.

1. Remo Repair Word: This provides you an option to easily recover Docx files online. You can easily extract text from Microsoft Word documents of all versions. It doesn’t matter even if you are a novice; this site lets you repair Docx files online within seconds.

2. Office Recovery: It lets you repair, discuss, and troubleshoot corruption online in easy steps. When it comes to features, it provides you with the ability to recover information in-house. It provides you with multi-file recovery, advanced support options, and many other features.

3. DataNumen Word Repair: Another Docx recovery site that lets you recover texts from damaged words or rich text documents. All the recovered documents will be saved to a new file with *.docx extension. This makes your task easy by saving your time in locating the repaired file at a location that you don’t know. This allows you to recover Microsoft Word or rich text documents of various sizes and versions.

4. Onlinefilerepair: This is one of the best online sites that let you repair Docx file online in simple steps. The online tools used to recover Docx files use a combination of a special algorithm to fix the damaged file. It also identifies the fragments that can be recovered. What you need to do, is to upload the file on the server and wait for the results.

Steps to repair the file using “”:

“” is one of the top online word file repair sites. It lets you extract text from MS word documents of all versions. It let you recover text from various rich text documents. It doesn’t matter whether the documents have ASCII or Unicode encoding.

Its built-in algorithms of text filtering ensure that the recovered text is clean and doesn’t have any unwanted elements. Moreover, the recovery process is rapid and straightforward that lets even novice people perform recovery.

All you need to do is to select the corrupted Docx file and type the email address. Once this process is completed the repairing will start. This will take a few seconds and you will be provided with the repaired file. Now all you need to do is to download and use it.

repair corrupt Docx file

Bonus tip:

1. How to repair Docx file on the computer?

Although repairing Docx files online is a good move, it demands a data connection to perform the operation. Moreover, sometimes the data is crucial and it is good to avoid getting involved in the risk of uploading your file online.

In this case, you can download software to your computer and perform the operation of repair safely.

You can use the Wondershare Repairit tool for the same. It is an easy to use word repair tool that you can use to repair corrupt Docx files and that too without modifying the original text, images, fonts, hyperlinks, and so on.

Not only this, it lets you repair multiple corrupt word documents in a single go. If you want to preview a file, you can easily do so before saving it. Most of all, it supports all versions.

Well, for performing recovery you need to follow some steps.

Step 1: Add a file

Install Repairit on your computer and launch it. You will see the main interface of stellar along with the dialog box. Now you have to select the corrupted file that you want to repair. For this, choose “File Repair” and tab "Add" button.


Step 2: Repair the file

Once you are done with selecting the corrupted File, just click on ”Repair” to continue.


This will initiate the process of scanning. This process will take some time that can be seconds or even minutes.

Step 3: Preview and save

Once the repairing is completed, you will be provided with the preview. You can go with “Preview”.

Here you need to know that you will only be able to see the preview in machine-readable form and that too under the “Raw text” if your file is severely damaged.


This dialog box will ask your permission for saving the file. You can directly go with the ”Default Location” or go with “select New folder” for saving the recovered file at the default location in a new folder. Once you are done with this, just click on “OK” and you are done.


2. How do I edit a DOCX file online?

When it comes to editing Docx files online, there are many ways to do so. The best way is to go with some reliable online platform that provides you with enough features to do the editing the way you like.

For this, you can take the help of online platforms like “” and “”. You can also go with other online platforms as per your choice. There are a lot of options available online for the same. Most of these platforms give you the ability to create, view, and edit documents quickly and freely.

Most of these platforms come with a file drop area where you can upload a word file or you can go with the drag and drop option. Once this step is performed, the file will be automatically rendered for you to view, edit, and download.

You can download the original or edited file. Some of the platforms also provide you an option to convert the word file into pdf or HTML.

3. Can I open a DOCX file without the word?

If we talk about MS Word .docx file extension, it was introduced back in 2007. Since then it has remained one of the prime standard formats for documents.

There are many people around the world who are using operating systems other than Windows. If you are one among them and are curious to know whether I can open a Docx file without the word?

The answer is Yes you can.

There are a lot of word processing applications that allow you to do so. These applications can easily open .docx files. You can also use these applications to save .docx files as a different file type.

Some of these applications are WPS Office, OpenOffice. You can also go with Google Docs for the same.


When it comes to repairing the Docx files online, there are many online platforms available for the same. But what matters the most is the reliability. There are many online platforms that claim free repair but don’t able to provide the quality or the level of repair that you are looking for.

There are also some platforms that provide you good service but charges for the same. You will also find some platforms that offer a money-back guarantee if they couldn’t able to repair the Docx file properly. So it is advised to go with some reliable platform. Some of those are presented to you here. Otherwise, Wondershare Repairit is the one that will do the job for you.