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    1. Put all features down on paper
    2. Use some creature as the base design
    3. Use other franchises/anime/movies as inspiration

In the past 20+ years, we’ve witnessed considerable innovations in digital technology. Just a couple of decades ago, AI was a thing of the future, and nobody expected it to become available this quickly, but there are already dozens of applications for AI.

The latest craze is using text-to-Pokemon AI generators. Today we will talk about these tools and help you understand everything you need to know about them.

What Are AI Pokemon Generators?

Text to pokemon generators explained

AI Pokemon generators are machine-learning models that use a text-to-image model to get text input using natural language. The machine model can create an image based on the input text and try to match the description as best as possible.

At first, these tools were basic and couldn’t give the best output images, but with improved language models and generative image models, they have become much better. Today AI Pokemon generators can deliver near-perfect images of Pokemon.

Before using deep learning, companies attempted to create text-to-image models by arranging multiple images on top of each other. However, AI Pokemon generators prove that this technology has been perfected and can be used effectively by anyone.

How Text-to-Pokemon AI Generators Work

Pokemon AI generated cards

Some of these generators can create images in five to six seconds, while some need over ten seconds to produce a quality result. The image quality usually depends on whether the generator is completely free or requires a subscription. The free generators are also slower.

So, how do Pokemon AI generators work?

The user simply types the desired words describing a Pokemon they want the AI to create. For example, you can write “a Pokemon that looks like Spiderman,” The tool will take this information and deliver an image of a Pokemon inspired by Spiderman.

These generators usually have two networks in charge of delivering the assignment. One acts as the generator and creates the images, while the other checks whether the image is up to specific standards before handing it over to the person that typed in their requirements.

Why Are Text-to-Pokemon AI Generators So Exciting?

New technology is always exciting. It opens new opportunities and makes our lives more interesting, fun, and accessible. There are all kinds of text-to-image AI generators, but as far as Pokemon go, these tools are great for creating original and interesting characters.

Various Pokemon games let you introduce your own Pokemon, and these AI generators help you make one quickly. You can create precise images and get unique ideas for your comic books or create new art other Pokemon lovers will enjoy. Many artists suffer from creativity blocks, which is one way you can get inspired and develop new ideas.

Of course, you shouldn’t use these tools and claim you’ve made some new designs, but AI can definitely help you expand your knowledge and work on your artistic side.

How To Use an AI Generator To Create Unique Pokemon

pokemon ai generators for the future

When using a text-to-pokemon AI generator, things are much easier. For one, you don’t need to spend hours drawing your Pokemon – you can get multiple different suggestions in a matter of minutes.

However, having this kind of power in your hands makes it easy to become lazy and create something too generic. To avoid that, make sure you give detailed and specific instructions to the program. Don’t just write a couple of words and expect to get something authentic in return.

You’ll have to give accurate suggestions and convey your ideas precisely, so be descriptive and write several sentences to get the best Pokemon possible, but use simple terms. In the end, remember that most generators let you “rework” your results and change the things you don’t like.

Here’s a general process you should follow:

1. Put all features down on paper

Before you draw anything using AI, list your character’s features. Think about things like personality, powers, character, interests, background, mission, etc. This can help you shape your Pokemon and give them the right look.

2. Use some creature as the base design

Even though you probably want to create a unique Pokemon, it should look like something else. All Pokemons draw inspiration from real animals. Pikachu is the most obvious example. Write this down as well and include it in your description.

3. Use other franchises/anime/movies as inspiration

You can always use other cartoons or movies you like to inspire your Pokemon designs. Take the time to figure out which characters would be interesting as Pokemon. Consider their powers and personalities and how they would fit in this universe.

Are AI Pokemon Generators Free?

As mentioned, you can use some free AI Pokemon generators and subscription-based options. Generally speaking, it’s better to go with paid versions as they are more likely to invest more in updating and developing their tools for delivering better results.

If you want to create only Pokemon, you should find a tool specifically designed to generate Pokemon-related mashups. That being said, some broader generators can also work well for generating Pokemon images.

For example, some generators are designed to generate cartoonish images and can fit Pokemon ideas well. Some of the best text-to-Pokemon AI generators you should consider are:

  • Fotor
  • Text-to-Pokemon generator
  • There’s an AI For That Pokemon generator
  • Neural Love AI Image Generation: Pokemon

How To Perfect Your Pokemons

The first thing you need to know is that shiny Pokemon are a thing of the past. They are really rare, and people aren’t used to them. However, with a great design, you might do something unique that’s entirely outside the box but still looks cool to most.

No matter what you do, never give your Pokemon rainbow color – you can use any color you want, but the Pokemon’s hair should have one color. Another important thing is to give your superhero some weaknesses. None of the Pokemon are perfect – they all have flaws, including physical ones.

Once you’ve finished with the AI tool and have created a unique Pokemon you like, you should edit the image further and give it your personal touch. Try different color palettes and add various effects to make your Pokemon even more special.


Find the right text-to-Pokemon AI generator for your needs and try it out. We guarantee you will fall in love with these tools once you realize how powerful they are and how quickly you can generate new Pokemon ideas.

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