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The Best Methods for Fixing the MKV No-Sound Issue on Android

How to Fix the MKV No Sound Android Issue

Trying to watch your favorite video on your Android device and realizing it has no sound can be a stressful scenario. You may have done anything to restore the audio but haven’t had any luck. For example, you may have restarted your device, but this fix did nothing.

If you are currently experiencing this issue, you’ve come to the right place. Today, we will teach you all you need to know about the MKV format, why it may lose the audio on an Android device, how to troubleshoot the video, and how to fix the MKV no sound on Android issue.

What Is the Mkv Format and How It’s Used

The Matroska Multimedia Container is a popular video/audio file type. One of the best features of this format is that it’s flexible and can store video, audio, subtitles, and many more files within a single unit.

MKV formats can store high-quality videos in small sizes, making them ideal for small-capacity devices. It’s the perfect format for smartphone devices as you can store multiple videos but not take too much of your phone’s memory.

Many people use this format due to its convenience and ease of use. However, it can sometimes cause issues, as you will see below.

the mkv format

The Main Causes of Mkv No Sound on Android

Some of the most common issues that can lead to MKV files having no audio issue on Android include:

  • Your phone doesn’t support the MKV format – some smartphone devices cannot play video files in the MKV format.
  • Corrupted files – if your MKV file becomes corrupted, you can experience an array of issues, such as a choppy video or a no-sound issue.
  • The Android version – some Android versions may not be able to play MKV files, so you need to use the latest OS to reach your goals.
  • Incorrect settings – your media player may be using settings that won’t allow audio playback.
  • The media player application – the app you use to play the MKV file can significantly affect its performance. Make sure to find the app that fits the abovementioned file format.

How to Troubleshoot Mkv No Sound on Android

Before repairing the MKV file, you should ensure the video has no sound. You can do so by troubleshooting the MKV file. We will present some of the best methods to do so:

  • Check the basic features – sometimes, the problem may be hidden in the basic fixes. Check your phone’s volume and speakers to ensure they aren’t causing the issue.
  • Try playing a different file – find or download an additional MKV file and play it on your Android device. If you still cannot hear the sound, it may be a sign that your phone doesn’t support the MKV format.
  • Play the file on a different device – by using this method, you can check whether the file or your device is causing the issue. You can also check whether the file is corrupted and needs repairing.
  • Check the operating system version – if your OS is outdated, you may be unable to use your device normally and play your favorite videos.
  • Restart your device – restarting your phone can fix minor issues and bugs. With this method, you can confirm whether your file needs repairs.

If you still have issues with your audio on MKV files after using the methods above, you should head to the next section, the repairs.

How to Fix Mkv No Sound on Android

Once you confirm something is wrong with your MKV file, you can try the methods below to fix the issue and restore the audio quality.

Fix 1: Convert the Mkv File Into a Different Format

If your phone or app doesn’t support the MKV format, you can convert the video into a different format type to fix the audio issue. A device that doesn’t support a specific format will cause playback issues, such as the no-sound problem.

We advise you to choose the most universal video format all Android devices can play: the MP4. No matter the type of device or media app you have, you’ll surely be able to play the video and audio files using this format.

You can use both online and application converters to complete this process. The tutorial for every tool will differ, but we will use the UniConverter program to explain how the process works:

Step 1: Open UniConverter , click the Converter option, and add your video.

choosing the output

Step 2: Choose an output format as shown in the picture below.

converting the video

Step 3: Convert the clips by clicking the Convert button and choosing the destination.

adding the corrupted mkv video

After this, you should be able to access your new, Android-compatible video with the audio intact.

Fix 2: Use Wondershare Repairit Video Repair

Corrupted videos may be the most stressful occurrences. You may get choppy, no-audio files you cannot play properly. The most stressful thing about this is that you won’t even know why your video/audio files are how they are.

If you have already played some MKV files on your phone with no issues, it may be a sign of file corruption. In this case, you should use a reliable repair tool like Wondershare Repair to restore your video and its audio and get it back in shape.

Wondershare Repairit is one of the most efficient tools available currently. The best part is that you can use the advanced repair option to fix the quality of your video/audio files. You can also repair multiple videos simultaneously, thus increasing efficiency and productivity.

Wondershare Repairit comes in two forms: the desktop version and the online tool. You can choose either of these options and follow the steps below to repair your MKV file:

Step 1: Open the program and click the Add button to add your video. You can also drag and drop the file into the program.

repairing the video

Step 2: Once you add the video, click the Repair button to start the process.

preview the video

Step 3: After the program finishes repairing, you can preview your files. Click the Save button to complete the process.

about device

Step 4: Choose where to save the files.

With this method, fixing your MKV file and making it a new life will only take a few minutes.

Fix 3: Update Your OS

Using the latest version of your operating system is crucial for keeping your phone in shape. You will take care of its health and performance while increasing its software life. An outdated Android version can cause numerous problems, such as the no-audio issue on your MKV files.

Moreover, some older Android versions may not support the MKV file format, so you won’t be able to play your favorite videos without the proper operating system. The best way to fix the issue is to update the OS.

The update process may differ depending on the make and model of your Android phone, but here’s a general guide on software updates:

Step 1: Head to your phone’s Settings and click About Device.

view updates

Step 2: Next to the System Update option, you should see an available update.

download and install the update

Step 3: Click on the update and press the Download and Install button.

opening  the play store

After downloading and installing the update, you should restart your device to apply the changes.

Fix 4: Configure Audio Settings

When you have the incorrect audio settings, you may experience issues with the sound on your MKV files. Check the settings and experiment with them to bring your video back to life.

The exact configurations you need to make will depend on several factors, such as the previous settings, the model of your device, and the media player. You should head to your media player application, find the sound settings, and see what may need configuring.

Fix 5: Update Your Media Player App

Media player apps can sometimes bug and cause issues, primarily if you use an outdated version. These applications often have updates to fix all ongoing issues and give you the best media experience possible. If you are using an older app version, you may be unable to play the audio file on your MKV file, leading to the abovementioned issue.

Updating the app is quick and straightforward; you will need a strong internet connection, and you are ready to go. Here’s how to do it:

Step 1: Head to your app store and find the media player app.

updating the media player app

Step 2: If the Update button is available, click on it.

updating the media player app

After this, downloading and installing the latest version will take a few moments, and you will be ready to go. If this method doesn’t work, you can uninstall and reinstall the app to fix the no-sound issue.

Fix 6: How to Ensure Your Mkv Files Work Properly

After fixing the MKV file and making the audio work again, you should preserve the file to ensure the issue won’t occur again. We have prepared some tips to help you achieve this goal:

  • Keep the operating system up-to-date – keeping the OS updated will prevent numerous issues, improve security, and improve your Android phone’s performance.
  • Update the applications – you should update all applications as soon as possible to prevent a slower phone and other issues that may impact your experience.
  • Use high-quality MKV files – the better the quality, the less chance the file will become corrupted or fail.
  • Back up your files – create copies to protect them from corruption or accidental deletion.
  • Always use reliable sources – when downloading videos online, use only the most reliable sources to avoid viruses and malware, which may affect the quality of your files.


Not being able to watch one of your favorite videos may be frustrating. You may be looking for ways to fix the issue, but your attempts have been unsuccessful. If so, you’ve come to the right place. We have presented some of the best solutions you can try to fix an MKV video without the sound and make the file as good as new.

One of the best methods you can try is using Wondershare Repairit, which will fix all issues you may be experiencing and improve your video’s quality.