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Are you looking to convert RAL to RGB colors to ensure accurate color reproduction across digital media? You can use many online converters or download a graphics editor to your computer to turn RAL colors into their closest RGB equivalents.

We’ve rounded up the four best RAL-to-RGB and RGB-to-RAL color conversion tools. Before reviewing each and explaining how we picked them, let’s compare RAL and RGB color models and address conversion challenges.

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Explaining RAL and RGB Color Models

ral and rgb color models

The RAL color system is an international standard for plastic coloring, varnishes, and powder coatings. It focuses on color consistency and accuracy in various industries. On the other hand, the RGB color model is used for digital media and combines colors with light to produce a wide range of shades. Converting RAL to RGB can be challenging but is necessary for displaying RAL colors accurately on digital platforms.

The Challenges of Converting RAL to RGB

ral and rgb color charts

All color systems have fixed colors that don’t exist in other models. Many may seem identical, primarily on electronic displays, but comparing them in final products and printed materials uncovers nuances only the human eye can see. After all, they don’t contain all the colors of the visible spectrum.

RAL and RGB models are no exception. The RAL system contains 2,831 colors across four reference panels:

  • RAL Classic (for glossy and matte coatings and paints);
  • RAL Design (for interior design, architecture, and graphic design);
  • RAL Effect (for solid and metallic waterborne paints);
  • RAL Plastics (P1 and P2, combining Classic and Design hues for plastics).

On the other hand, the RGB model has 16,777,216 variations. That may seem like RAL-to-RGB or RGB-to-RAL conversion is seamless, but no color is a perfect match. You can get only the closest equivalents.

However, You can use a converter to find the best color matches for digital media instead of browsing color guides and comparing hues.

How We Picked the Best RAL-to-RGB Conversion Tools

ral colors in a converter
  • Multiple converters were tested to find the most user-friendly and accurate RAL-to-RGB conversion tools.
  • Factors such as color approximation, ease of use, extra features, and compatibility were considered during the selection process.
  • The converters were tested on various devices to ensure system and browser compatibility and to assess performance.

Best Tools to Use to Convert RAL to RGB

Most tools below are free and don’t require downloading software. You can access them via your browser and convert RAL to RGB in seconds. However, one is a paid solution, but its extensive features make it worth every dime.


ral-to-rgb conversion in easyrgb

EasyRGB is a color search engine with tools for matching, converting, and comparing colors and creating complementary color palettes. However, its converter doesn’t support RAL inputs, only sRGB, HSL, HSV, HSI, CMY, CMYK, XYZ, YXY, LAB, and other color spaces and standards.

Instead, you can convert RAL to RGB with the Compare tool. It lets you turn RAL Classic and RAL Design hues into the closest sRGB equivalents and their hexadecimal codes, providing similar alternatives in multiple collections across brands and suppliers.

The best part is clicking any result lets you choose another solution for further comparisons and conversions. For instance, selecting the converter provides pre-formatted code for HTML, Java, CSS, and other programming languages and development tools, besides turning your RAL color into multiple models. Additionally, you can save all colors.

  • Multiple color conversions;
  • Visual suggestions in the input field;
  • Matching, comparison, and complementary colors;
  • Pre-formatted color code;
  • Saving colors.
  • No RAL Plastics or RAL Effect colors;
  • Limited matches.


EasyRGB is entirely free and available online.

Adobe Photoshop

ral classic swatches in adobe photoshop

Adobe Photoshop is a raster graphics design and editing software for photographers, designers, digital art experts, and web developers. It’s a feature-rich solution for creating and fine-tuning images, including replacing backgrounds, removing unwanted objects, and changing colors.

It has too many features to list here, but you want us to focus on color conversion anyway. Adobe Photoshop lets you import RAL color libraries (among others) and integrate RAL hues into any design. You can find them in Swatches and use the Eyedropper tool to open a color picker, which displays RGB, CMYK, HSB, and LAB values and corresponding hex codes.

  • Highly accurate RAL-to-RGB conversion;
  • The ability to add Swatches for all RAL collections;
  • Many additional design and editing tools;
  • Online version compatible with Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Mozilla Firefox;
  • Windows, macOS, iOS, iPadOS, and Android compatibility.
  • A hefty price tag;
  • No Linux or Apple Safari support.


Adobe Photoshop is premium software costing $34.49/month. However, you can cut the cost by getting an annual subscription. The monthly price is $22.99, while a prepaid service is $263.88.

RAL Colors

ral conversions in ral colors

RAL Institute’s RAL Colors offers RAL color charts with names and codes to help users find desired hues. Besides browsing palettes, you can order samples and convert hex codes to their RAL approximations.

As for converting RAL to RGB, you can use a color search. It lets you find RAL colors by name or code and get information about specific shades. Once it displays the result, it provides corresponding RGB, hex, and CMYK values. Clicking the color redirects you to a preview screen to explore relevant color shades across RAL palettes and access an RAL comparison tool.

  • Accurate RAL conversion to RGB, hex, and CMYK values;
  • RAL color charts;
  • Similar color recommendations across RAL palettes;
  • RAL Classic, Design, Effect, and Plastics support;
  • Side-by-side RAL color comparisons.
  • Inability to save colors;
  • No pre-formatted color code.


RAL Colors is a free online RAL-to-RGB converter.


ral-to-rgb conversion in hex to ral

HEX to RAL is a user-friendly platform with multiple tools, including matching tables, side-by-side comparisons, and an image color picker for identifying RAL hues. Additionally, it features many collections across color systems and paint standards, making it excellent for professionals working with RAL colors.

You can also find numerous converters, including hex, RGB, CMYK, LAB, HSL, NCS (Natural Color System), and AS2700 (the Australian color standard). You don’t get extra information once you convert RGB to RAL or vice versa, but the result is a faithful representation of the closest RAL Classic or RAL Design equivalent.

  • No-frills RAL-to-RGB and RGB-to-RAL conversion;
  • Seamless color code search;
  • RAL Design and RAL Classic color charts;
  • Side-by-side RAL comparisons (two, three, or four colors);
  • RAL Classic color detector.
  • No RAL Plastics or RAL Effect colors;
  • No similar color suggestions.


HEX to RAL is a free online tool.

Bonus Tool: Wondershare Repairit Online Photo Colorizer


Wondershare Repairit Online Photo Colorizer is a brilliant tool for making image colors come alive. Whether you have old, damaged pictures or want to enhance colors in other creations, its AI algorithms will make every hue pop.

That goes for black-and-white photos with scratches, faded or blurry pictures, and full-color images desperate for enhancement. After repairing them (if necessary), this online tool will breathe new life into them, providing four color variations and interactive sliders for comparing them to the original.

Here are the top features for improving your images:

  • AI-powered color enhancement;
  • Old photo repair;
  • Four image variations;
  • JPG, JPEG, BMP, PNG support;
  • Compatibility with all devices and web browsers.

The best part? You can use Wondershare Repairit Online Photo Colorizer for free. However, you can enhance three pictures with a maximum size of 5 MB.

The premium version has no limitations, letting you enhance 300 monthly images of up to 300 MB. You can subscribe monthly for $9.99 or get an annual subscription for $4.8/month.


Converting RAL to RGB colors is a breeze, thanks to many intuitive tools. Your best options are EasyRGB, Adobe Photoshop, RAL Colors, and HEX to RAL because of their ease of use, additional features, device and browser compatibility, and accurate results.

Regardless of your choice, consider adding Wondershare Repairit Online Photo Colorizer to your toolbox. After all, sprucing up your images with AI unlocks myriad possibilities.

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