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Best 5 Xlsx Readers Online to Open Xlsx File for Free

"I was trying to open my excel file in the Windows 10 system, but then it refuses to open. So only a blank sheet instead of the Excel file was visible on the screen?"

If you are also facing the same issue and your system denies opening your excel file, no need to worry! This article is for you! Confused and thinking about how it is possible to open an xlsx file without Excel. But yes, it is possible!

There are various alternative options available online to Open Excel Files that even work well if you don't have a proper MS Excel App program in your system.

This article outlines the Best five xlsx file readers online to open Excel workbooks easily and steadily.

Part 1. 5 Best Online Xlsx Readers to Open Xlsx File for Free

1.Open Office Calc

Apache OpenOffice Calc is an alternative to Microsoft Office, which is used as an open-source tool. It offers users a wide range of functions and the ability to access abundant documents simultaneously. Users can even use it on different OS, including Linux, MS Windows, Mac OS, and more. Best of all, this software is available for free.

OpenOffice Calc


Below are some features describing why you should try it? They are as follow:

  • Cell Formatting:It provides cell formatting options for templates, backgrounds, etc. In addition, in Openoffice Calc, the numbers are formatted with the "general" number format, which you display with as many decimal places as you need.

  • One million rows in a worksheet:OpenOffice Calc worksheets support over a million rows.

  • Insert drawing objects into graphics:you now get the improved functionality of OpenOffice Calc. It supports drawing objects by which you can easily insert simple and complex shapes. You can even modify it with multiple dialog boxes.

  • Sort Dialog Box for DataPiolt:It provides a convenient way to sort and filter the entries using a special pop-up window.

  • Enhanced Document Protection:OpenOffice provides two levels of document protection where you can also set a password to protect a document from unwanted changes. In this way, you can make the contents of a document available for reading to a selected group of people and for reading and editing to another group.

Pros and Cons


Compatible with various Operating System

Variety of supported file formats

Advanced Features

Consumes fewer system resources

Lighter, Faster, and Simple to use


No cloud save option

UI is not as polished

2.Google Sheet

If you are looking for an xlsx viewer online program loaded with spreadsheets, formulas, presentations, and other features, Google sheet is a free and easy-to-use web-based spreadsheet. It helps you make the data attractive with colorful charts and graphs. Besides, it is a cloud-based tool and automatically saves your changes.

Google Sheets


Here are some advanced features you can have benefits of, they are as follow:

  • Save Changes Automatically:Google Sheet automatically saves changes means it takes the stress out of saving changes you made every time in the file.

  • Access from any device:You can easily access this spreadsheet software application, whether you are using an Android phone or computer.

  • Support for Different File Formats:It supports multiple file formats and spreadsheet file types. Users can open, edit, save, or export spreadsheets and document files in Google Sheets.

  • Protect data in the cell:When many people are working on a sheet, you can lock sheets, and even you have the option to display caution before they change the doc.

Pros and Cons


Accessible Everywhere

Free to use

Fast and high performance

Collaboration is easy

Automatically saves everything

Simple interface


Limited visualization options

Work slower

Not good Formulas

Data may leak

3.WPS Office

WPS Office is a useful Office suite designed to run on different Operating Systems, including Linux, Mac, PC, Web, and more. This software is made up of mainly three primary components:

  • WPS Spreadsheet

  • WPS Presentation

  • WPS Writer

However, it comes in different editions, including a free version that provides basic tools to users. Even Android users can easily access XLS/XLSX files using the WPS office on their phones.

WPS Office


Look at some of its unique features; they are as follow:

  • Integrated Graphics:This software comes with built-in table and cell styles. On top of that, it comes with customizable tables and charts, including columns, rows, pie, charts, bars, and more.

  • Mobile Desktop Solution:WPS Office is a cross-platform desktop software solution, which means it also works on mobile devices, including Android and iOS.

  • Password protection:You can also set a password to protect a document from unwanted changes or theft.

  • Edit Multiple Documents:This software allows users to edit multiple documents simultaneously. Users can even view and manage multiple documents from a single window or screen.

Pros and Cons


Ultra Light

8 Languages for PC and 46 Languages for Android

Highly Compatible

PDF Conversion

File Recovery


Lacks in visualization

Doesn’t support “ad hoc” mode

Insecure tool

4.Libre Office

LibreOffice is a free and open-source office suite that meets the same restrictions as OpenOffice but with few limitations. This software allows users to compare two different worksheet files simultaneously, giving you many cell formatting options. Libre was previously available on Mac OS. It can even handle legacy spreadsheet imports from retired apps.



Here are the main features of LibreOffice:

  • Pivot charts:The LibreOffice spreadsheet allows you to create charts from pivot tables. It helps you summarize data sets into complex spreadsheets.

  • Attractive Presentation Templates:Here, you can choose from the handcrafted templates to focus on the content rather than the template's design.

  • Safe Mode:A Safe Mode improves reliability and allows you to disable your user configuration and extensions temporarily. This feature helps you identify any issues that may affect your configuration.

  • Auto Update:This free alternative to the Excel program provides dynamic charts that automatically update changed data.

Pros and Cons


Intuitive Spreadsheet Program

Fast, Flexible, And Powerful Database Management System

Enhance all types of docs

Free to use


No real-time collaboration

Limited macro reading ability


Another very smart option to open an Excel file without Excel is using the Zoho sheet tool. Zoho Sheet is a web-based spreadsheet application in which you don't have to create your user account if you are using it as an "online Excel viewer option." Instead, upload your Excel file and start making changes to it. But if you need to create a new Excel file, then you need to Sign up first.

Moreover, users can access their spreadsheets from anywhere and on any device via a web browser or download the native mobile apps for iOS or Android.



Here are some unique features of this xlsx reader online free program:

  • Compatibility:This software is compatible with other spreadsheets like Excel, OpenOffice, and Google Sheet.

  • Data Preservation:Zoho Sheet is cloud-based and enables users to prevent data loss. When you exit your document, you can resume it as-is from any device that can sign in to your account.

  • Ease of Use:Zoho is easy to use with its shortcut keys, controls, and elements. But keep in mind that the UI is slightly different, which means you might have a few missteps.

  • Extensive Templates:A range of spreadsheet templates available in Zoho Sheet saves you a lot of time and effort.

Pros and Cons


Excellent compatibility and functionality

Live editing and collaboration

Easy data analysis

Supported by IOS and Android versions

User-friendly graphics


CRM Integration issues

Tracking difficulties

Complex procedures

Part 2. What to Do When the Xlsx Files Corrupted?

When you have a corrupted Xlsx file, it can be extremely frustrating. You may not be able to open the file or access the data inside it. Fortunately, repair software can help you fix this problem quickly and easily. Wondershare Repairit Online File Repair is a professional tool that can repair the corrupted Excel/Word/Powerpoint files online for free.

Wondershare Repairit Online

  • Repair damaged files with all levels of corruption, including blank files, files not opening, unrecognizable format, unreadable content, files layout changed, etc.

  • Support to repair all formats of PDF, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files.

  • It supports customers repair 300 files per month and supports each file of 300M online.

  • Repair critically damaged or corrupted files available on SD cards, phones, cameras, USB flash drives, and more.

  • Security enough: files are transferred via a 2048-bit encrypted connection and deleted after 3 hours.

  • It fixes files online without damaging the original quality or integrity.

The steps to use Repairit Online to fix your corrupted Xlsx files are very simple.

Step 1. Enter into the website of Repairit Online and click "Add" to upload you corrupted files.

add files

Step 2. Take a quick file repair process.

Click "Repair" to restore the corrupted files right now and wait the entire repairing process finishes.

repair files

Step 3. Preview and save the repaired emails.

In this step, you can click the "Preview" button to check the results of the fixed files, and click "Save" to download the fixed files.

save repaired files

If your corrupted file is larger than 300MB, you can try the desktop version of Repairit to get your file repaired with ease.


In today's modern business world, spreadsheets play an important role. If you cannot open your important Excel file in Microsoft Excel, you can try the xlsx free online viewer. However, all of the alternatives mentioned above provide all the features that a spreadsheet app is likely to need.

With such a wide variety of spreadsheet tools to choose from, it's tempting to try and "do it all" on Excel or its alternatives. So, now it's up to you; which option do you want to try to open the xls / xlsx file without MS Excel.