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How to Fix DJI SD Card Problems and Errors

DJI SD Card Problems and Fixes

So, you’ve taken out your Mavic drone and headed out for some personal time to capture beautiful images and videos of nature, surrounding landscapes, and what have you.

However, it suddenly starts reporting weird errors, like “SD Card error, check the app”, “SD-card problem (malfunction code 10023)”, or “SD card error, replace it.”

These errors can take all the fun out of shooting top-class DJI videos. Before you start checking your drone for malfunctions, you should consider the common SD card problems.

These errors can be frustrating and annoying because they temper your shooting process and prevent you from capturing the desired photos and videos. Thankfully, you can fix these DJI SD card issues. Read on to learn more.

how to fix common dji sd card problems

What Causes DJI SD Card Issues?

common causes of DJI SD card issues

In most cases, it’s not your drone device that causes DJI SD card issues and errors but the memory card itself. A physically damaged, malfunctioned, or corrupted SD card can cause countless DJI SD card problems, ranging from various error prompts and DJI corrupted video files to damaged images and data loss.

Here’s a comprehensive list of the common causes of DJI SD card problems:

  • Incompatible SD card capacity;
  • Accidental SD card formatting;
  • Corrupted or outdated device driver;
  • Virus infection;
  • Card or file corruption;
  • Bad SD card sectors;
  • Corrupted file system;
  • Locked SD card switch;
  • Abrupt SD card removal;
  • Interrupted data transfer;
  • Power loss during shooting;
  • Battery issues;
  • Poor SD card connection.

These causes are just the tip of the iceberg. The point here is that the DJI SD card issues aren’t always caused by your drone (though that could be the case, too) but by the SD card.

Regardless of what causes the SD card not to respond, read, or work, these problems can render your DJI files, videos, and images inaccessible.

Let’s delve deeper into common DJI SD card problems and the best ways to fix them.

Common DJI SD Card Problems and Fixes

common dji sd card problems and how to fix them

You can fix most DJI SD card problems by either using your PC to repair the SD card, updating your drone’s firmware, or formatting your drone/card.

However, sometimes, these fixes aren’t enough to make the errors disappear when you’re trying to use your DJI drone camera.

If you want to get rid of the annoying DJI SD card issues, the following tips can help you understand common problems and learn how to fix your DJI SD card.

Problem 1: Physical Damage

use data recovery software to recover files from a physically damaged dji sd card

SD cards are fragile little devices that can easily get physically damaged. If you don’t handle them carefully and keep them in the proper storage case, you could lose all your data due to physically damaged SD memory.

So, what can you do if you’re dealing with a physically damaged SD card? Eject the card and inspect it for any signs of damage. Insert it back in properly and see if you can use it to access your files.

We also recommend using a trusted and reputable SD card recovery software solution to recover your DJI SD card files and data regardless of the extent of the card damage. Data recovery tools like Wondershare Recoverit can recover SD card file partitions even from severely damaged or corrupted SD cards.

Problem 2: Write Protection Is On

remove sd card write protection to solve dji sd card issues

SD card write protection is a safety and security measure that prevents accidental deletion or unintentional modification of valuable data stored on the card.

Here are some of the causes of SD card write-protected errors:

  • Physical damage;
  • Third-party write-protection software has locked the SD card;
  • Malfunctioning internal file system on the SD card;
  • The SD card contains bad sectors;
  • Malware or virus infection has encrypted the SD card;
  • The SD card is locked.

If your SD card is write-protected, you can quickly fix this by simply unlocking your card. Eject the SD card and inspect the side of the card’s adapter. You should see the locking switch. Slide the switch to the unlocked position as shown in the image below:

slide the write-protection switch to unlock your sd card

Problem 3: Videos Are Corrupted

If your DJI videos get corrupted, you’re probably dealing with a malware or virus infection. On the other hand, a disrupted data transfer or abrupt SD card removal can also cause SD card or file corruption.

When your video files get corrupted, your drone won’t be able to read them properly, which will render your DJI videos inaccessible or unreadable. In such situations, you should use an advanced video repair tool like Wondershare Repairit to repair your corrupted DJI SD video files.

It's a reliable, secure, and robust video repair solution that can repair damaged videos regardless of the level of corruption. It can fix various video playback problems, such as missing video codecs, flickering videos, header corruption, out-of-sync audio/video, playback eros, etc.

In addition, Repairit can restore videos across various formats and fix video corruption caused by a video format change, system crash, wrong video compression, settings, etc. Download, install, and launch Wondershare Repairit on your computer and follow these steps to fix your corrupted DJI videos.

Step 1: Open the main interface and click Video Repair;

Step 2: Drag and drop corrupted videos or click +Add to add the files;

add the corrupted videos to repair your files

Step 3: Wondershare Repairit will automatically scan the added files;

Step 4: Click Repair to initiate the video repair process;

initiate the video repair process

Step 5: Click OK to preview and save the repaired files;

check the quality of the repaired videos

Step 6: Preview the repaired video files;

add a sample video to repair

Step 7: Opt for Advanced Repair if the repaired videos don’t meet your expectations;

Step 8: Add a sample video to start the advanced video repair (a sample file should be in the same format as the corrupted file)

continue with advanced repair mode

Step 9: Let Wondershare Repairit automatically check for the availability of the Advanced Repair function;

choose a target path to save the repaired videos

Step 10: If the check is successful, click Repair to fix your corrupted files;

Step 11: Save your repaired files by selecting the location and clicking Save All.

use diskpart to fix a corrupted dji sd card

Note: Wondershare Repairit is also available as an online video repair application. You can use the tool’s free online version to repair videos on your mobile device, laptop, tablet, etc.

Problem 3: DJI SD Card Is Corrupted

If you’ve connected your DJI SD card to an infected Mac or PC, chances are that a malware or virus infection found its way into the card’s SD memory and corrupted your DJI files. Viruses have a way of implementing themselves in internal and external storage devices.

They do so to infect operating systems, import malicious data, delete files on memory cards, corrupt data, etc. You can fix a corrupted DJI SD card using the Diskpart command in CMD:

Step 1: Connect the SD card to your PC;

Step 2: Type cmd in the Search bar and click Run as administrator;

use diskpart to refresh the state of your dji sd card

Step 3: In the cmd window, type diskpart and hit Enter;

Step 4: Type list disk and hit Enter;

Step 5: Type select disk and hit Enter;

Step 6: Type recover and hit Enter.

how to solve dji sd card is full problem

Note: The Diskpart command will fix a corrupted DJI SD card without formatting the data stored on it.

Problem 4: DJI SD Card Is Full

format dji sd card to free up space

You can experience DJI SD card problems if your memory card doesn’t have enough free storage space to store new files, photos, and videos. Since these are memory cards, they are designed to store files over and over again.

You can approach this problem by deleting old, unused, and unnecessary files individually to clear them out one by one. A faster and easier way to fix the DJI SD Card Full problem is by simply formatting the SD card on your PC.

Formatting will delete the files you don’t need and free up storage space.

Here’s how:

Step 1: Connect your DJI SD card to your PC;

Step 2: Open This PC;

Step 3: Right-click on your SD card and select Format;

select the file system and click start to format your dji sd card

Step 4: Uncheck the Quick Format option and select the desired File System;

Step 5: Click Start to format your DJI SD card.

wrong formatting can cause dji sd card issues

Note: If you’re formatting a 32GB SD card and under, use the FAT32 formatting system. SD cards greater than 32GB require the exFAT formatting system.

Problem 5: Wrong Formatting on Your DJI SD Card

sd card malfunction code error 10023

If you’re using the wrong formatting for your DJI SD card, you’ll see the “SD card malfunction. Change card (Code: 10023)” error prompt.

how to fix sd card unavailable

The DJI SD card formatting issue occurs because your SD card is too slow for your drone or the formatting system you’re using isn’t compatible with your DJI drone.

You have three commonly used file systems for SD card formatting:

  • FAT32
  • exFAT
  • NTSF

Though NTFS is the most standard format file system for formatting you’ll find on almost every computer, it may not be the best solution for formatting your DJI SD card because some drones aren’t compatible with it and can’t process it.

If you try to use an incompatible formatting system, you’ll see something like this:

update dji drone firmware to fix sd card issues

Here’s how to fix this:

Step 1: Insert your SD card into the DJI drone;

Step 2: Power on your drone and controller;

Step 3: Navigate to the DJI Assistant 2;

Step 4: Locate Camera settings and select Format SD Card;

Step 5: Press Yes to confirm your actions and apply the changes.

Note: Remember that formatting your SD card will erase all the data on it. Make sure you back up your DJI SD files before formatting the card.

Problem 6: Outdated Firmware

update dji drone firmware using dji assistant 2

Outdated firmware can cause numerous problems with your drone memory card. Firmware manages all essential functions inside your DJI drone. Without it, you can’t use your drone. A glitched or outdated firmware will cause drone malfunctions and prevent your device from performing normal functions properly.

More importantly, it can trigger all sorts of error prompts. Therefore, you should always keep the drone and controller firmware up to date with the latest versions. These updates are also important for installing the latest debugging technologies and implementing security upgrades.

Here’s how to check for firmware updates:

Step 1: Visit the manufacturer’s website and check for the latest firmware updates;

Step 2: Download and install the DJI Assistant 2 app on your computer and create an account;

Step 3: Connect your drone to your PC;

Step 4: Turn on your drone;

Step 5: Let DJI Assistant 2 detect your drone;

log into dji assistant 2 to check for firmware updates

Step 6: Log into your DJI account;

Step 7: Navigate to the Firmware Update section;

click start update to install the latest firmware

Step 8: Select the latest firmware version and click Refresh or Upgrade;

Step 9: Click Start Update and wait until your device downloads and installs the new firmware version.

dji assistant 2

Note: Repeat the same steps to update your remote controller’s firmware.

How to Maintain Your DJI SD Card

We’ve gathered a comprehensive list of the best SD card maintenance practices to help you avoid virus infections, file corruption, physical damage, file loss, and more. Here are some tips to help you maintain your DJI SD card and ensure you never have to deal with SD card problems again.

How to avoid DJI SD card malware/virus infections

Avoid getting your DJI drone and SD memory card infected with malware and viruses by only installing the related software and firmware from official websites. Have the latest antivirus and anti-malware protection installed on your PC/Mac, and only install applications from trusted sources.

How to ensure buying top-grade SD cards

Avoid wasting money on faulty and malfunctioning SD cards by shopping with reputable and trustworthy manufacturers. Only purchase memory cards and storage devices from trusted stores. In addition, we recommend avoiding purchasing used hard disks, USB flash drives, and memory cards.

How to avoid SD card and file corruption

Follow these tips to ensure your SD card and files on it don’t get corrupted:

  • Eject your SD card from the DJI drone before physically removing it;
  • Do not remove your SD card during shooting or data transfers;
  • Only use reputable apps to access your SD card files;
  • Use specialized software tools when changing file extensions and systems.

How to protect your SD card from physical damage

The best way to avoid SD card damage is to keep your memory card in a safe place, out of children’s reach, moisture, and extreme temperatures. Keep your memory card in the original storage case designed for it, and make sure you protect your SD card from water, dirt, dust, and sunlight.


Though shooting videos and images with a drone makes for an enjoyable experience, a faulty SD card could temper your efforts at having a good time. SD cards are reliable storage media devices that can help you move data between devices seamlessly.

However, they are fragile and prone to various problems and operational errors. This guide should help you learn more about the most common DJI SD card problems and how to fix them.

If your DJI SD card gets corrupted, you can recover your SD files using a trusted data recovery tool like Wondershare Recoverit. In addition, Wondershare also offers the Repairit video repair utility for fixing corrupted and damaged DJI video files.