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How to Open Password Protected Zip File?

Information of Zip Repair

Zip is a commonly used file archiver for lots of people of its high compression ratio. You may face invalid zip file problems, password protected or header errors, etc. While encountering these, feel free to deeply read our articles to solve them.

If you also forgot the password of your zip file, this article is for you. In this article, we have talked about some of the significant issues that people are facing nowadays to unzip password protected zip files. Here we have talked about some of the critical topics that are listed below:

Part 1: How Zip Files Work?

Almost everybody knows how the Folder in Windows works, what you need to do is, just drop all your files into the single Folder. Now you can transport the Folder along with all your contents in it anywhere on your computer, or you may also copy that Folder to some other hard drive.

Well, if we talk about the zip files, they also work similarly, but you may have noticed that when you drop your files in a "folder" (Zip File), the size of the zip file is compressed to reduce the storage used.

Advantages of Zipping over Folder

Think of a folder that have 20 files in it, and you want to Email that Folder to someone, is that possible? Actually no!! It is not possible to send the Folder containing 20 files. You have to carry all those 20 files individually. That's where Zip Files beats the Folder if you zip up the 20 files in a single Zip archive the size of that Zip will be compressed and you can even transmit it across the internet easily via Email as well. Also, you can encrypt your Zip file that is one most essential benefits of zip files over regular Folders.

Note: What if you cannot encrypt the message in outlook? Don't worry, here are methods to fix this problem.

Part 2: How to Open Encrypted Zip Files (with Password)?

  • If you are trying to extract password protected zip file in WinRAR, it will ask you to enter the correct password as you click the OK button in the "Extraction path and option". It will get open only when you enter the Correct Password and then you can successfully extract the Zip file.
  • If you are trying to open password protected zip in a WinZip, and once you click the open button, you will be asked to enter the password of that Zip file if the file is password protected. Until and unless you won't enter the right password, you cannot open/decrypt or extract the Zip file in WinZip.


  • If you are trying to extract password protected zip into the 7-Zip, you just need to enter the password once the 7-Zip Extract window appears on the screen. Once you have entered your password, click on the OK button or open a zipped file to open or extract the file.

open file

Part 3: How to Open Encrypted Zip Files Without Password?

To unzip a password protected zip file you need to have a tool, without it, you cannot open or unlock zip file without password. The tool regarding which we are discussing is called John the Ripper.

Follow the steps Down below that will lead you to an unzip password protected zip file of yours.

**Note: This tutorial is applicable when you extract the downloaded file on the desktop.

Step 1 – Download the download John the Ripper tool. You can download it from the link given below:


Step 2 – The downloaded file will be in zip format, and you need to extract that file.

Step 3 – Once you Extract the zip file (John the Ripper), it will be in Folder format.

Step 4 – Open the Folder, and you will see the "Run" folder in it.

Step 5 – Copy the unzipped password protected zip file into the "Run" folder.

Step 6 – Now, you need to open the command prompt from the "Start Button".

Step 7 – Type: cd desktop

Type: cd john180j1w

Type: cd run

Step 8 – Type: zip2john.exe [name of your file, for example,"protectedzip.zip"]> hash.txt

**note: there is not [] in the command.

Step 9 – Type: John.exe [name of your file] hash.txt

open command

Password will be shown in front of your file name.

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Bonus Tips: How to Repair the Corrupted ZIP File?

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The Bottom Line

In this article we have talked about lots of crucial questions that people are facing nowadays, we have talked about how to unzip the password protected zip files, how to open a password protected zip file, and how to zip file works. If you forgot the password of your zip file, don't worry, in this article we have given you the step-by-step tutorial through which you will know how you can open the password protected zip file.