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Still visible - the important information in files?

Although Ms Office and PDF are some pre-eminent applications to work, like all other software, it is also prone to glitches and shortcomings. File users have reported situations where they cannot open documents, face some document errors, or cannot transfer to others, etc. But there is nothing to worry about, as you can fix these errors through us. Let's begin!

In general, the four main causes of file invisibility are related to software, hardware, transfer and loss. Among them, software as a series of computer data and instructions organized in a specific order, is the non-tangible part of the file. At run time, it can provide instructions for the functionality and performance required by the documentation. Here are some examples of corrupted documents at the software level.

Abnormal exit

Sometimes, the files may suddenly close without storage due to the program's abnormal exit, which may be caused by a system error, program crash, or network problem.


File crash

File crash is another cause of file corruption. When the saved files are opened, abrupt problems will easily lead to file damage.


Corrupted configuration registry database

There is a problem with configuring the registry database related to the EXE program file. The system cannot complete the configuration parameters, or the configuration fails, that is, the installation package may be damaged.


Files cannot be opened

If your files cannot be opened, the information stored in them might also be lost. This might be caused by the file extension not being valid, permission conflict or other reasons.


Damaged after upgrade

It usually happens that you've upgraded the software but found that the files were damaged, which is a very annoying issue. But you can turn to a data repair tool to restore your files.


Error code while saving

Error code always occurs at the time you save your files. All you see is a set of error codes appearing on the screen, and the information in it might be permanently lost.

In addition to the software, the hardware also needs to work with the software to make the document work properly. Hardware, as a tangible part of the equipment, consists of the shell of the equipment and various components and circuits. Its function is to input and store programs and data and execute programs to process data into a usable form, providing a material basis for the operation of files.

External hard drive failing

Files stored in an external hard drive can be damaged when you try to open them on PC. There're 2 cases of this problem: the 1st situation is the hard disk is damaged and cannot be read, which can only be repaired by a professional agency; the 2nd situation is that the hard disk can still be recognized, but it cannot be read, written or used. In this situation, check the aging of the hard drive or use third-party software to repair it.


Virus attack

Computer viruses can be another reason to cause file corruption. It's a very common issue that your computer is affected by viruses. When it happens, remember not to take any actions on your files, since your misoperation may overwrite the data and permanently delete the information stored in these files. You can utilize the anti-virus software to clear the trojan and protect your PC's information.


Bad sector damged

The sector is a branch of computer hard disk. It stores a large number of files on the computer. It is inevitable that you have stored important data in it. Once there is a failure in the sectors, there is a risk of data loss or corruption. The easiest way to retrieve data from bad sectors is to use reliable file repair software. If the software cannot solve your problem, then you need to turn to a technical agency.

The file will easily get damaged or cannot open during the transmission process. No matter what kind of devices you use, hard drives, flash drives, or laptops, the possibility of file loss or file corruption is still at a significant rate. There're mainly three causes: interrupt while downloading, interrupt while copying, interrupt while transferring.
The last cause of information loss is file loss. This could arise from various behaviors. Here, we've listed 3 of the most frequent reasons: saving a document after accidentally deleting the content, permanently deleting the files, and formatting the devices. Now let's dive deeper into every problem and look for ways to troubleshoot the file loss issue.

Save a document after deleting the content

If you accidentally deleted the content in a file, but clicked the "Save" button then, how to recover it? Don't need to worry about it, because it can be retrieved through several clicks. If you didn't close the file, you can use the shortcut "ctrl+z" to retrieve your deleted content. However, if you've saved and closed it, you need to find the former versions through Ms Office's automatic saving function.


Permanently delete files

If these files are deleted while pressing "shift + delete," or you also cleared the recycle bin unknowingly, then these files will be permanently removed from the system. However, it is outstanding to say that it's possible to recover permanently deleted files. There are many ways to restore permanently deleted files, but the easiest way is to use software dedicated to data recovery, which will help you find your data accurately.


USB/Hard Disk Formatting error

Formatting is the process where the data on the devices is completely erased and a new file format system is written on the device. Formatting a flash drive will virtually erase the data inside, and you can not access it unless you use other means to restore it. The data will remain in the backdoor of the memory location of the flash drive until you overwrite it with new files. But it will gradually lose its place once you fill it with new items over time!

Omnibearing Solutions

Now that you've acquired the main causes of effects of the file corruption, it's time to take a look at the troubleshooting. Here we have mentioned the three most effective methods to fix the problems mentioned above. Give it a try!

Manual Solutions

Manual Solutions

Manual solution includes making use the CMD, text converter and the "open and repair" function of Word.

  • It's an easy-to-use method.
  • It's very safe and virus-free.
  • You don't need to install extra software.
Wondershare Repairit

Wondershare Repairit

Repairit is a reliable third-party software to make your file intact. It can also solve the issues that manual ways can't.

  • It can repair your files with high efficiency.
  • It's easy to operate and with higher success rate.
  • It enables you to preview before you repair them.
Local Repair Service

Local Repair Service

Turn to local repair service can make you free from worry. Technical expert will make authoritive solutions according to your problems.

  • It's the simplest way to repair your files.
  • It can reduce the possibility of misoperation to your PC.
  • It will be more expensive than the former 2 solutions.


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Checklist for Your Precious Files


Quickly Open Files

If you have difficulty in opening your files, make sure that your hardware is up-to-date and virus-free. Otherwise, you might not be able to open your precious files. Check these possible problems and solutions.


Fluently Read Files

During the process of reading your files, some abrupt issues might also occur, such as abnormal exit, unreadable errors, and virus affection. Here you could look through these articles to solve your problems.


Smoothly Edit Files

You may need to edit your document frequently in your work, of course, you may lose your document data due to misoperations or unexpected problems in the process. Check the following methods to fix the issues.


Securely Save Files

Have you ever had a file that didn't save, or was lost after saving? Or just a set of error codes came up and says that "this file cannot be opened". Here're some common reasons and fixes. Let's check now!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can the application repair my damaged file without modifying its original content?
Of course, Wondershare Repairit is an effective and secure tool that can repair your documents without modifying their original content. It parses the data structures of the corrupt files carefully to repair any damaged segments. The formatting, attached media files, and all the other relevant content would be retained in the process. To provide a complete file repairing experience, the application supports all the leading document formats and features a fast repairing process.
Ideally, if a file has been successfully parsed and repaired, then it won’t have missing fragments. Though, if a particular content is lost or is overwritten, then it can become unfixable and might be depicted by blank areas in the document. In case a large part of the document is blank or the file has not been repaired, then you can contact our Support Team to get further assistance.
Wondershare Repairit has two preview modes – Free and Paid.
The free or unlogged users can only preview the first page of the document. Before accessing the rest of the content, they will get a prompt to save the file or buy a subscription. On the other hand, paid subscribers of Repairit can preview their entire document on its interface. The preview window would have a navigation section for the document on the sidebar and the content displayed on the main panel. Users can directly save their files to any preferred location from the preview window.