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How to Repair Excel File Has Stopped Working Error

Has your Microsoft Excel stopped functioning correctly, or is it behaving strangely? When you open an Excel spreadsheet or begin the application, a common problem is Excel not responding appears like below.

microsoft excel has stopped working error message

This Excel stopped-operating issue typically occurs when the worksheet has a large amount of data or intricate calculations. However, there are other factors contributing to the Excel file has stopped working.

You must read through this detailed article if you want to learn about all the potential causes or how to resolve the Excel stopped operating error.

Part 1: Let's learn the Causes of Excel Files Stop Working

There are various reasons that can lead to the issue "Excel file has stopped working". Some most common causes are listed below:

REASON 1: Outdated Microsoft Office Excel Application

If you have yet to install MS Office updates, Excel may cease functioning, hang, or get closed. You might be able to fix this working issue by configuring Windows to download automatically and install the most recent MS Office updates.

REASON 2: Faulty Add-Ins

Add-ins make the utilization of Excel programs simple, but at the same time, they may also interfere with the application. So, as a solution to this, you can open Excel without add-ins if you open it in safe mode.

REASON 3: Problematic Macros

Specific users have reported Excel macros to restrict the working occasionally. There are some ways by which the users can use the macros as well as avoid problems if an Excel file has stopped working.

REASON 4: Antivirus Integration With Excel Or Virus Infection

Using outdated antivirus software makes viruses easy to enter, which stops Excel from functioning. If the Excel program and your antivirus program are incompatible, you might also experience this problem.

REASON 5: Corrupt Microsoft Office Installation

Excel not working errors can also be caused by any issue or corruption with your Microsoft Office suite. It can be solved by repairing your MS Office installation. By doing this, you can repair excel file, and the "Microsoft Excel has stopped working" error can be resolved.

Part 2: Fix The Excel File Stop Working Right Now!

After you get the answer to the reasons "why my Excel has stopped working," let's know some solutions for it. As we have seen the reasons that can cause Excel to stop working, now let's know its solutions. Following are the effective fixes that will help you:

FIX 1: Install the Latest Excel Version

The first solution we include in this article is installing the latest version of Microsoft Excel. Follow the below steps to install the program by using Office 365 on your desktop:

Step 1: Buy a subscription to Office 365.

purchase office subscription

You must buy an Office 365 subscription before you may permanently download Microsoft Excel. You can even download a free trial of Office 365 instead if you want to test it out for free for a month.

Step 2: Open the Office page for your account.

open microsoft office page account

Enter the URL address http://www.office.com/myaccount/  in the browser on your computer. If you're logged in, this will launch the subscription page for Office. Otherwise, enter your email address and password when prompted if you aren't already logged in.

Step 3: Click on Install.

click on the install office button

Now, click on Install >. The button is available on the left side of the website.

Step 4: Again Press Install.

press the install button again

Now, the right side of the page has this button. When you click it, the Office 365 setup file starts downloading. Before the setup file starts downloading, choose a place to save or confirm the download, depending on your browser's settings.

Step 5: Install Office 365.

installation of the office 365 software

This step will differ based on the operating system of your computer. Do the following when you double-click the Office setup file:

Windows: Press Yes when prompted. Now, wait for Office to install entirely before selecting. When prompted, click Close to complete the installation.

Mac: Press Continue, next click Continue, click the Agree button, again click Continue, and press the Install button. Now, enter your Mac's password, click the Install Software button, and press the Close button when prompted.

Step 6: Search for Excel.

search the excel in your computer

After the installation is finished, you'll be able to find Microsoft Excel because it comes installed with every version of Office 365.

Fix 2: Disable Faulty Add-Ins

Try opening Excel in safe mode; it will enable you to do so without adding any add-ins. To start Excel in safe mode, carry out any of the following:

Safe Mode 1:

first way to open excel in safe mode

While you are starting the software, hold down the "Ctrl" key. When prompted to launch Excel in safe mode, click OK.

Safe Mode 2:

open excel in safe mode with typing excel and then safe

In the Run dialogue box, enter "Excel /safe," then hit OK.

Furthermore, If the problem has been resolved, try turning off the add-ins by doing the following:

Step 1: Click File > Options in Excel.

Step 2: Select Add-ins in the Excel Options window.

Step 3: Change the Manage dropdown to COM add-ins at the bottom of the "View and manage Microsoft Office Add-ins" dialog box. Choose Go.

change the manage to com add-ins

Step 4: Uncheck every checkbox in the COM Add-ins dialog box, and then click OK.

Lastly, check if Excel is working after restarting it. Re-enable the add-ins one at a time if everything is operating normally. It will enable you to identify the problematic add-in and permanently disable it.

Fix 3: Recompile Macros

You can utilize macros while avoiding the Microsoft Excel stopped operating problem by following these steps:

Step 1: Open Excel, then select Developer>Visual Basic.

choose the visual basic option

Step 2: Move forward to Tools>Options.

select the options from tools

Step 3: The time Options window opens; clear the "Compile on Demand" under the General tab.

next clear compile and demand under general tab

Step 4: Right-click Module in the Project navigation bar, next select the Insert and add a new module.

add new module by selecting the Insert

Step 5: Save your spreadsheet, then close the application.

You won't get the MS Excel file has stopped working error after following these instructions while using macros.

Fix 4: Check the Antivirus Program

Maintaining an updated antivirus application will protect Excel against new viruses. The providers of antivirus software publish the most recent upgrades. Always make sure to download the updates from the vendor's website.

You can experience performance problems if your antivirus software integrates with Microsoft Excel. In such conditions, stop the antivirus from connecting with your Excel software. Alternatively, uninstall the application's add-ins for any antivirus software and later see if that resolves the issue.

To get help deleting Excel integration from the antivirus application, you can get in touch with your antivirus software provider.

Attention: Changing the antivirus settings can let your computer open to intrusion from malicious attacks. There is always a risk while fixing the issue by checking the antivirus.

EXTRA TIP: How to Repair Corrupted Excel Files?

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first add the corrupted files

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Step 2: Initiate the file repair.

begin the repair of the corrupted files

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Step 3: Preview and Save.

preview and save the repaired file

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In this article, we've covered every typical fix for an Excel file that has stopped working. You can try anyone to repair an excel file that is corrupted. But the first thing to examine is the root cause that is responsible for the stopped behavior of Microsoft Excel. It will save time in picking the correct fix for your issue. If no solution works, then do follow our extra tip. It is for repairing all the corrupted files.

Lastly, we hope all the above information helps you resolve your Microsoft Excel not working issue. Besides, the Repairit tool is for repairing your corrupted files that have the essential data.