How to Repair Excel file Unexpected Error

Excel file is a data file that is generated by Excel, the most popular part of Microsoft worldwide used product MS Office. Excel deals with spreadsheets which are digital replacements of paper ledgers. Excel files can store data in an extremely organized manner where a user can perform mathematical calculations with the embedded scientific formulas and arithmetic operations like addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. Excel spreadsheets can be used for Financial analysis where complex calculations based on intricate parameters are involved.

MS Excel has become a mandatory part of serious businesses and engineering/scientific applications wherever complicated and versatile numerical data computation is involved. Quick and accurate results based on user's furnished formulas and parameters indicating overall effects in the whole workbook is the most important feature of MS Excel.

Overview of error "Excel file Unexpected Error"

"An unexpected error has occurred. Auto repairy has been disabled for this session of Excel." The error message may display for various reasons.

Working with computer systems a power disruption, a virus attack, a hard drive crash, or any sort of Excel malfunctioning, may affect Excel sheets to the extent that data may partially or completely become inaccessible. That is what we pronounce as Excel file corruption or file damage. Running Excel on corrupt files stops excel to proceed and the user is warned through error messages.

excel file unexpected error

Part 1: How to Repair Excel File Unexpected Error

1. The Best File Repair Tool

MS Excel has some ways packed within it to automatically start repair and repairy of Excel files subject to inaccessibility for one or the other reason but it can handle file corruption only to a certain limit. Beyond that users will need some very sophisticated comprehensive solution in the form of a third party Excel repair tool.

Wondershare Repairit - File Repair is sophisticated and very reliable software that can repair all sorts of XLSX corrupted files. It handles internal attributes or properties of workbooks and worksheets while handling repair Excel file unexpected error. It is an excellent Excel repair tool as it repairs data seeing all needs.

Features of Wondershare Repairit

  • Repairs all kinds of files stored in damaged excel files such as videos, tables, charts, formulas, comments, images, etc.

  • Repair all of your corrupted files to their original standing.

  • Preview the repaired excel files in real-time, see how much of the file has been repaired.

  • Kinds of MS office corruption errors can be handled with this tool.

  • This excel file repair tool can be used on both Windows and Mac platforms to repair corrupt excel files.

The utility is based on sophisticated algorithms to search and safe repaor from repair Excel file unexpected error.

2. Repair Excel file error with Wondershare Repairit - File Repair

Wondershare Repairit is a widely used Excel repair utility which is menu driven powerful Excel repair tool. Follow the next simple steps to repair corrupt Excel file:

Step 1: Free download Wondershare Repairit and launch it on your computer, to add your corrupt Excel files from the local drive;

add file in wondershare repairit

Step 2:  All the corrupt Excel files display in the result section, select multiple corrupt Excel files to start the repair process;

start repair in wondershare repairit

Step 3: After all selected Excel files repaired successfully, preview and save the repaired Excel files to your preferred location.

save file in wondershare repairit


1. While using this utility all excel files should be closed first.

2. Never use two versions of Excel on one computer.

3. Always keep a backup. This is the all times precaution.

4. All pre-requisites for installing the repair tool must be taken care of.

MS Excel provides repair options for damaged excel files but it cannot fail to repair all characteristics of the workbook and fail to repair excel file error. Regaining all properties of the damaged workbook is beyond the scope of provided capabilities. Wondershare Repairit - file repair utility can remarkably fix all kinds of repairs.

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