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  • Fix all Excel file issues like Excel not responding, unreadable Excel, Excel running slow, etc.
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  • Support Microsoft Excel 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007 and Office 365.
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One-stop Solution to Fix Microsoft Excel not Responding Error

Just like every other program on your computer, it's normal to experience problems with Microsoft Excel while you're either working on a document or opening it up. Sometimes, it doesn't start at all, and at other times, it displays an error message that Microsoft Excel is not responding.

Sometimes, you wait for the program to respond, but this solution doesn't work all the time. In this guide, we'll help you fix Microsoft Excel not responding error by outlining some practical solutions you can try out. These solutions will assist you in fixing Excel issues while you're working on a spreadsheet; let's begin.

Common Issus that Related to Excel not Responding 

Microsoft excel not responding error message

Excel might stop responding or freeze for several reasons. Different Microsoft Excel error messages pop up. The two common messages are:

different error message from Microsoft excel

Many issues are related to Excel not responding; these issues are also associated with the excel 2013 error log. If the user hasn't installed the latest version of the Microsoft Excel application, it could lead to error messages. That's why this error message can pop up while you're opening an Excel document or you're saving a spreadsheet. Another issue related to Excel not responding issue that could help you fix Microsoft Excel not responding error is outdated antivirus. Antivirus software conflicting with Microsoft Excel could cause the app to stop responding.

Knowing the common problems associated with Microsoft Excel not responding could help you figure out the solution. Faulty add-ins are another problem that could cause the Microsoft Excel application not to respond. Additionally, a problematic MS Office package is another issue related to Excel not responding and could be the primary reason for the error message. That's why the next section offers you various solutions you could explore to fix Microsoft Excel not responding error on your PC.

How to Fix Microsoft Excel not Responding Error? 

Now that you're aware of the common issues related to excel not responding, below are some ways to fix Microsoft Excel not responding error. You can try these solutions one at a time till you find a fix to your issue.

Method 1: Repair Microsoft Excel with Wondershare Repairit 

In most situations, a corrupt or damaged Microsoft Excel file is the cause of the issue. It sometimes also causes the fixed object will move error in Excel 2016. To fix Microsoft Excel not responding error, you should use the advanced repair tool called Wondershare Repairit.

By repairing the Excel file using this repair tool, you can resolve the Excel freezing issue without much effort. Luckily, Repairit allows you to add multiple files to repair at once, and there's no limit to file size. Below are the features of Wondershare Repairit.

  • Fix all Excel corruption errors, such as unrecognizable format, unreadable content, etc.

  • Quickly and safely repair multiple .xlsx files in a single process.

  • Perfectly repair corrupted Excel files with a very high success rate, without modifying the original file.

  • Support Microsoft Excel 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007 and Office 365.

Step 1: Add Corrupt Excel Files

add files to start repair

You'll need to download Wondershare Repairit from the official website on your PC. After download, navigate to the 'file repair' section and click on it. A brand new window will appear, click on 'add files' in the middle of the page. It will open a browser window allowing you to navigate to the file's location. Select the damaged Excel document you want to repair; you can select multiple file types if you wish.

Step 2: Click Repair

start the repair process

After selecting the corrupt files, click on 'repair' at the end of the screen to start the repair process. Wondershare Repairit will scan each file and then fix the damage. The user interface will alert you once all the files are back to their original state.

Step 3: Save Repaired Files

save the repaired files

After repair, you can preview files to confirm that they're in excellent condition and free of corruption. If they're not, you can perform an advanced repair on the files. However, if they are, click on 'save files.' This action will open a browser window allowing you to choose the location to save the repaired files. Select your preferred location and click 'save' to confirm your choice.

In addition to the Repairit desktop file repair solution, if your Excel file is no more than 300MB, you can use the online file repair tool to fix "Microsoft Excel not Responding Error" quickly and safely.

Method 2: Open Excel in Safe Mode 

If you find that excel is not working normally or stops responding frequently, a solution you can try out is starting Excel in safe mode. This is a standard method to fix Excel not responding error. When you start Excel in safe mode, it only offers you vital services and bypasses some functions and add-ins. The functions left behind might be the reason for the MS Excel error. To launch Microsoft Excel in safe mode, follow the steps below.

  • First, press the Windows + R keys simultaneously. Alternatively, you could right-click on the start menu and choose 'run' from available options.

click run from the options
  • On the window that pops up, type 'excel.exe/safe' in the dialog box and then press 'enter.'

open excel in safe mode
  • Open the Excel document and see if it crashes. 

The add-ins, formatting, or chosen style were the problem if it didn't. However, if it doesn't, then you need to explore the next solution on this list to fix Microsoft Excel not responding error.

Method 3: Install the Latest Updates

Another reason why you might need to fix Microsoft Excel not responding error is if the Microsoft Office program isn't updated. It could also be because Windows is not updated with the latest version. Therefore, installing the latest update for Microsoft Office and Windows should fix the issue. You can set your installation and update option to 'Automatic' on Windows. Doing this will ensure updates for Microsoft Office are downloaded immediately. Follow the steps below.

  • Navigate to settings and then click on Update & security

  • On the next page, click on 'windows update' to continue.

click windows update
  • Now, select 'advanced option' and then toggle all the switches to install updates for windows and other Microsoft products automatically.

 toggle switches to install latest updates
  • Once the updates are installed, restart Microsoft Excel to see if that fixes the issues.

From this point, Microsoft Office will be automatically updated without manual intervention.

Method 4: Check and Remove Unwanted Add-ins

There are two types of add-ins on Microsoft Excel: Excel add-ins and COM add-ins. Both of them can cause Microsoft Excel to stop responding. Removing them will help you fix Microsoft Excel not responding error. You can follow the steps below to disable unwanted add-ins.

  • Firstly, click on the File tab at the top of the screen and choose 'Excel options' from the list.

select excel options
  • On the new window, click on 'add-ins' on the side menu, and new options will pop up on the right side of the window.

click excel add ins and select go
  • Next, select 'Excel add-ins' and click on 'go' to move to the selection windows.

  • On this page, you can disable all the add-ins you want. Uncheck the box next to them, and the add-ins are disabled.

uncheck all the add-ins
  • Save the new changes and then reboot Microsoft Excel.

If Excel doesn't freeze afterward, then the add-ins were the issue. You can then find the faulty add-in by enabling the add-ins one after the other until you get to the add-in, causing the problem.

Method 5: Check and Disable Antivirus

disable antivirus

Antivirus helps to keep our PC safe. However, there are times when your antivirus might be conflicting with Microsoft Excel. When this happens, it will lead to Excel freezing and not responding to commands.

To confirm if this is the reason for the issue, you have to disable the antivirus and reboot Excel. If this action resolves the problem, then you might have to contact your antivirus software provider for help. Alternatively, you could try another antivirus software that won't conflict with your Microsoft Office app.

Method 6: Change the Default Printer

Although it might not appear as much of a solution, changing the default printer is one way to fix Microsoft Excel not responding error. Excel communicates with your default printer to find the appropriate margins when you open an Excel worksheet. If it doesn't find the right margin, it could cause Excel to crash. This solution could also help you fix the excel 2013 error log. To change the default printer, follow the steps below.

  • First, launch the cont*rol panel and select 'printer and devices.'

select devices and printers
  • Next, right-click on Microsoft XPS Document Writer from the list of printers and set it to the default printer.

set Microsoft xp document writer as default

You can try rebooting Microsoft Excel to see if this solution fixes the freezing problem.

Method 7: Repair or Reinstall Microsoft Office

Sometimes, the Microsoft Office program is corrupt, causing the 'Microsoft Excel not responding issue. You can solve this by repairing Microsoft Office, and below are the steps to do that.

  • Firstly, you'll need to close all the Microsoft Office programs still running.

  • Next, navigate to the control panel on the windows system and then choose 'programs.'

select control panel
  • Choose 'programs and features' next and then right-click 'Microsoft Office.'

select programs and features
  • In the small menu beside the program, click 'change' and then select the repair option.

repair Microsoft office
select quick repair

This will start the repair process, and you can check to confirm if this solves the issue by restarting the Excel program. If it doesn't, you should try reinstalling it by following the steps below.

  • You'll need to close all the running Microsoft Office programs

  • Next, go to the control panel and click on programs.

  • Afterward, choose programs and features from the options displayed.

  • On the list of programs, right-click on Microsoft Office and choose to uninstall from the options.

update Microsoft office

After uninstalling, rerun the MS Office installation setup to reinstall the Microsoft Office files on your system.

Additional Excel Tips

Excel is quite useful when creating a worksheet for your business. Most times, all you have to do is enter a formula, and everything becomes automatic and faster for you. Excel helps you merge two worksheets and also work with simple math. However, what if there was a method to take your Excel skills to the next level? Luckily, you don't need advanced Excel knowledge to utilize these skills. This section will explore the best tips to upgrade your Excel.

  • Open Multiple Excel Files: You can do this simultaneously instead of opening your excel files one by one. Select the files you want to open and press the 'enter' key. All the files will open at once.

  • Shift from an Excel File to Another: Shifting from one Excel file can be another because it sometimes leads to working on the wrong sheet. Use Ctrl + tab to shift freely from one Excel file to another.

  • Create Shortcut Menus: If you want to add more shortcut menus to the top menu, go to options in the 'file' tab and select 'quick access toolbar.' Choose the shortcut you want to add, like cut and copy, and save your option.

  • Transpose Data from Row to Column: Copy the data you want to transpose and move to a blank location instead of retyping. Click on home and then choose 'paste.' From the options, select 'transpose', which will do the magic.

To Sum up

Now that you have all the solutions to fix Microsoft Excel not responding error, try all of the solutions to find out which one works for you. If the cause of the issue is a damaged Excel file, then only repairing the file can fix the problem. In such cases, Wondershare Repairit is your best bet to fixing your Excel freezing issues.

This software will help you repair every object in your Excel worksheet while preserving the properties, cell formatting, and layout. You can even repair multiple Excel files on Wondershare Repairit and simultaneously fix all your file corruption issues.