Ways to Fix Instagram Videos Not Playing

Do you want to solve Instagram videos not playing problems on the phone? In this article, we will guide you on how to get rid of such types of issues with all possible solutions. As we already know that Instagram is a very engaging social media platform owned by Facebook. It can be annoying if "Instagram Videos Not Playing" occurs on your Phone.


According to "Statista Research Developm" a survey was conducted in October 2020. The report estimated that there would be nearly 1.2 billion Instagram users worldwide in 2023. At present there are 120 million active Instagram users, the US being the leading market of photo-sharing apps based on audience size.

Factors That Cause “Instagram Videos Not Playing” on PC

Have you ever wondered why my Instagram videos are not playing? Instagram videos not playing on pc may result from many factors. The causes for Instagram videos not playing properly could lie in your device, the browser you use, or the Instagram website or app. The most common factor of Instagram won't load the video includes:

1. Cellular Data

Before playing any video on the app, it is recommended to check the network connectivity. Instagram videos are sometimes stuck due to the connectivity feature. It is mandatory to have a proper wi-fi connection and a proper cellular data pack in the device that is to be connected to the Pc for network connection purposes. Cellular data is the key to the smooth and proper running of the videos on the Instagram app.

2. Corrupt Data

Corrupted files or corrupted data will not let the content of the video be displayed due to the presence of the virus. As the PC is usually installed with Antivirus securities that scan the possible viruses. Antivirus scanners stop the videos to be played and save the devices from damage. Corrupted data will not let the video play unless it is not repaired.

3. Outdated Instagram App

Another possible reason can be the outdated version of the Instagram app. It is recommended to use the latest and recent version of the application. The changes can be made to the application when it is updated. Moreover, new features can lead to smooth running and error-free running of videos by using its recent version.

4. Video Deleted by Publisher

The video that the end-user wanted to watch on-screen displayed the error. This error can occur as the publisher of the video would have deleted the source link of that video. The absence of links can lead to the cause of Instagram video not playing.

5. Power Saving Mode

If the power-saving mode is on, this can also lead to the crashed video. Power saving mode should be turned off to run the video smoothly.

6. Memory Cache

Another obstacle to crashed videos is the cache and cookies. Cache serves as the storage of digital data. If the cache or cookies are not deleted regularly, it can result in unviewed photos and unplayed videos. Moreover, this can lead to the stoppage of catering data. If cookies are not cleared, you will only be watching limited videos related to your recently watched content.

7. Incompatible and Unsupported Format

Sometimes due to certain features or due to the older version of the app, the file is not supported. So to overcome this, it is always a plus point to use the latest and most recent version of the application.

8. Notification Settings

Settings should be properly maintained. The autoplay button should be disabled to watch more videos and to avoid crashing videos. Lastly, settings should be maintained in such a way that the video content should not be smooth.

Hence, crashing of videos or videos not playing should be resolved by keeping in mind the above-given factors. If one of these factors is positive, it can lead to a negative impact on the video run time.

Expert tool to fix "Instagram Videos Not Playing" on PC

The most common encounter that occurs after downloading the Instagram video is the corruption of the file. If the file is corrupted it will cease, but luckily, we have a Wondershare Repairit Online video repair tool. The purpose of this tool is to repair the damaged videos and make them run. The main features of Wondershare Repairit Online are as follows:

  • Three video formats are offered by this tool.

  • Ten videos can be repaired at a single click.

  • No need to sign-up every time a video has to be repaired.

  • The software is 100% protected and secure.

  • The software is very efficient in comparison to others.

  • The efficiency of this software has no comparisonwith others.

If you are nervous to use the Wondershare Repairit Online tool, then do not worry. Let’s discuss how the tool works and repairs the damaged videos.

Step 1: Upload the damaged video

As soon as you open the tool, the screen will appear. By clicking on the + option, add the corrupted video that you want to repair.

select and upload your corrupted video

Step 2: Repairing and Saving

As the video is uploaded, it will be automatically repaired leading to saving time and increased efficiency. After the video is repaired, you can save it to your PC.

repair your video and save

If you have more than one corrupted video, you can repair it collectively. Wondershare Repairit Online supports more than ten video formats and lengths greater than 200MB. This product fixes corrupted videos from online, storage devices, hard drives, crashed systems, etc. Read and write errors, freezing, transfer errors, flickering videos and file header corruption are also fixed through this tool. Wondershare Repairit Online supports formats like FLV, AVI, WMV, MOV, MP4, M2TS, and MP3.                         

Collectively Repairing the Videos

Step 1: Install the Software and Upload Videos

As soon as you open the tool, the screen will appear. By clicking on the + option, add the corrupted videos that you want to repair.

video repair

Step 2: Repair

As soon as the videos are uploaded, click on the repair button present in the bottom right corner.


Step 3: Preview

The repaired videos will be reviewed. Play the video to ensure the videos are repaired.

If the videos are highly damaged, click on “Advanced repair” mode to save them.


Step 4: Save

Lastly, save the videos on the computer for further usage.


Hence, the work is saved and the files are ready to use. This tool is cost-free and helps the content to be properly restored as one can use it in the future.

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Other solutions to fix “Instagram Videos Not Playing” on PC

Instagram has become an important part of the social network which is ever-growing. As the number of Instagram users are increasing, it causes traffic on the application that leads to video stuck. These issues can lead to a nervous breakdown or application crash. To overcome this let's try and resolve the issues and get those videos up and running. The solutions are as follows:

 Reinstall the app

If you face the error "Instagram videos not playing" on PC then reinstall the app on the computer and try to login again using the proper credentials. Sometimes the app needs to be installed with the latest and recent version to enjoy the smooth running of the videos. Reinstallation can also lead to zero cookies and cache presence which will display different types of content. Reinstallation will bring new features and a fresh look to the entire application.

Turn off power-saving

Power saving mode should be off and the data should be on. This will help the user to watch the videos without buffering.

Clear cache

Clearing cookies and cache can increase the speed of loading any website or page with a single click. Moreover, By clearing cookies, you won't see the videos that have already surfed.

Troubleshoot router/Modem

The router and modem should be properly placed. Wiring should be done properly. Overheating of the wires and set-top box should be avoided. At some points, it is advised to give rest to the modem or router for at least 30 minutes.

Reset Network

Connectivity plays an important role in running the videos online. It is advised to keep the connectivity on point to resolve the issues of the video not playing.

Restart PC

Restarting the PC can also be an option as sometimes the PC gets heated up resulting in the crashing of the videos. Moreover, it is suggested to refresh the PC before starting any task to avoid the entrance of some virus.

 Hence, the Solutions can provide help to the users, if carried out properly.


Fixing a corrupted file is no longer a horrifying task. There are many ways to repair the files as discussed above. Wondershare Repairit is also a helpful tool in repairing the files as it never disappoints the users. It is suggested to use the latest version of the application to avoid crashing videos.

Moreover, Instagram always tries to introduce the latest features which are helpful for the users. So it is also the responsibility of users to keep the application up to date so that errors cannot be encountered.

Rectifications and other modifications can be properly made to bring out the proper and required content only. Unnecessary content should be avoided to abolish the lagging and crashing of files. I hope you are convinced with the above discussion.