6 Methods to Manually Fix Error Code 0x80070057

There is no scenario as frustrating as using your PC and receiving an error notification for something you have not the faintest idea about.

Thankfully, most error code notification encountered while using Windows often provides a hint as to what the actual problem is. As such, a user is not completely in the dark as to what is happening and what he needs to do to restore activities on Windows.

Error Code 0x800700057 is one of the many error codes you may receive while using Windows. What are the possible causes of the error Code 0x800700057 and how do you fix it should you come across it?

We will find answers to those questions through the course of this article. To begin let us consider what the Error Code 0x800700057 is.

Part 1. What is the Error Code 0x800700057

As are many error codes, the Windows error Code 0x800700057 is majorly associated with issues related to storage. It is mostly encountered when a Windows user tries to run a Windows update or install a new application on his PC.

The Error Code 0x800700057 may also occur as a result of the Windows user attempting to update Windows to a newer version perhaps Windows 10.

While attempting to perform the above actions, the error message will be received thus; An error occurred while performing this action

Error Code: 0x800700057

Error Message: The parameter is incorrect

The Error Code 0x800700057 may be gotten on a white pop-out window or a blue screen of death depending on how fatal the error is though in comparison to other windows error the error Code 0x800700057 is not so destructive.

However, when the error code is received, it should not be treated as trivial. It is imperative to find out why the error code popped up and how to fix it. Let us now consider the common causes of the Error Code 0x80070005.

Part 2. Reasons for the Error Code 0x800700057

A windows user may receive the error Code 0x800700057 as a result of some major reasons as outlined below:

1. Problems with Storage Device

Usually, if there has been a problem with a Windows user's storage device whether an SSD or HDD, the Error Code 0x800700057 may be received.

The reason for the error, in this case, is not far fetched as what the user is trying to install may be too large for the storage device and there is no free space available to accommodate the installation.

2. Windows Installations Problems

The Error Code 0x800700057 may also be received while a Windows user attempts to install Windows especially if the PC is not using the appropriate system file for the Windows version to be installed.

Also, if a Windows update installation is attempted while the PC has or is having a storage issue, the Error Code 0x800700057 will appear.

3. Damaged or Corrupted Storage

If the hard disk partition reserved for the system is corrupted or damaged, it becomes hard for the disk to write information on it thus the error Code 0x800700057 appears.

The damage or corruption of the disk may be a result of frequent formatting ultimately resulting in the Error code 0x80070057.

4. Creating an MS Outlook profile

The Error Code 0x800700057 may also be received while trying to create a new Outlook profile.

Let us now consider how to fix the Windows Error Code 0x80070057

Part 3. Methods to Manually fix Error Code 0x80070057

There are a handful of methods to fix the Windows error code 0x800700057. In this article, we will be considering 6 methods to help fix the error Code 0x800700057.

Re-install Outlook application

Often, when MS Outlook is incorrectly installed the error Code 0x80070057 appears. To correctly install the application, firstly navigate to the Control Panel on your PC and search for Programs and Features.

Next, proceed to MS Outlook and Click Uninstall. After the program has been uninstalled, proceed to download the program and re-install to confirm If it worked.

Run System File Checker

System File Checker often called SFC is an inbuilt utility tool developed by Microsoft with the sole purpose of scanning, detecting, and repairing damaged and corrupted files hindering the Windows installation thereby causing the Error code 0x80070057.

To use this tool, follow the steps as mentioned below:

6 Methods to Manually Fix Error Code 0x80070057

  1. Navigate to the Search tab and type cmd.
  2. Be sure that the command prompt is run in Administrator mode.
  3. Input sfc / scannow and press the Enter key respectively
  4. After the scan has started, wait until the process is completed.
  5. Attempt to install updates again

Repair Outlook Data Files using Scanpst.exe

Another way to resolve the outlook error 0x80070057 is the inbuilt repair tool called the Scanpst.exe which helps to repair the PCs OST or PST files respectively.

If you use MS Outlook 2019 or 2016, you can find Scanpst.exe at C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\root\office16. After repairing the damaged files, proceed to confirm if it worked.

Run MS Outlook in Safe Mode

To fix the Outlook error 0x80070057 you can run your MS Outlook in Safe mode. To do this follow the steps as outlined below:

  1. Simultaneously press the shortcut Windows and R on your keyboard to open the dialog box
  2. In the dialog box, input outlook.exe/safe and choose Ok next
  3. The profile window appears, select the default Outlook option next and click Ok to open the profile.
  4. MS Outlook will automatically start in safe mode.
  5. Check the title bar to confirm its working

Update PCs Drivers

The outlook error 0x80070057 could also be encountered as a result of your computer drivers that are not updated.

To update your PCs drivers, search for tools to update the corrupted or missing drivers, and scan. Next, update the old drivers and restart your PC.

Open MS Outlook to confirm if the error has been resolved.

Repairit Outlook Repair

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This article has carefully discussed the causes of the Outlook error 0x80070057 and 6 different ways to fix the error.

Carefully follow the steps as outlined herein to resolve the error 0x80070057 and should all prove abortive, use the recommended tool Wondershare Repairit for Email to fix the error, and continue using your MS Outlook.