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  • Fix all photo issues like photo grainy, photo pixelated, photo overexposed, etc.
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  • Advanced Repair mode for severely corrupted photos.
  • Support a wide range of storage media including cameras, SD cards, mobile phones, hard drives, etc.
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Proven Methods to Fix Overexposed Photos (Online Service & Apps)

The global technological advancements have changed our lifestyle greatly. It has helped people to do more in less time. When it comes to capturing and saving your sweet memories, photos play a crucial role. As far as taking photos is concerned, the devices have been upgraded for a while now.

Every era introduces more advanced and time-efficient devices to take pictures. These days, you will find camcorders, cameras, lenses, etc. Moreover, a number of mobile phone companies have introduced great camera features to cell phones. You don’t even need to carry bulky lenses or cameras when going on a trip.

Along with the introduction of the latest devices, the problem with photo-capturing still exists. It is quite possible that you take multiple pictures at a particular spot and you find that a couple of them are overexposed. This is something that photographers often experience.

Are you looking for a guide to fix overexposed photos online? Don’t miss reading through the discussion below. It presents an incredible method to fix overexposed photos online for free.

Part 1: Learn About Photo Overexposure | The Reasons that Lead to Overexposure

The presence of light plays a key role in photography. It was first told by Joseph Nicephore in the nineteenth century. Light is equally important for both digital and film media. It enables a picture to be perfectly exposed when taken.

Now, you might be thinking of what a perfectly exposed picture is. Well, a photo that is neither too light nor too dark when captured is commonly known as an ideal photograph. This photo always has ideal contrast, shadows, and highlights.

If a photo you have just taken is too dark, it will be called an underexposed photo. In such photos, the details are usually hidden under the dark areas or shadows. But if your photos are too light when you see them, they will be called overexposed photos, and this is what this article is about.

Photo overexposure happens when too much light hits the film. If you are using a digital camera, photo overexposure will occur when the lens is exposed to too much light.

Have you got some overexposed photos? Worried about how to recover them perfectly? Let’s try an incredible way to get out of this trouble.

Part 2: 3 Clicks to Fix Overexposed Photos Online for free on iPhone

Well, dealing with overexposed photos is not usually a piece of cake. You should have a firm grip on managing raw photos when fixing an overexposed picture. Though the market has launched a couple of tools to edit such photos, you can’t trust them all. What to do in such a situation?

Are you finding it difficult to choose a trustworthy tool to fix overexposed photos? Worry not. Try Wondershare Repairit Online Photo Repair - an incredible tool to make your photos clearly visible. Let’s take a look at what makes Repairit stand out among the competition.

Wondershare Repairit Online

  • Fix any level of corruption with a very high success rate: photos overexposed, covered with grey areas, cannot be opened, etc.

  • Support repairing 300 photos per month and supports each photo of 300M online.

  • Repair critically damaged or corrupted photos available on SD cards, phones, cameras, USB flash drives, and more.

  • The online version supports various photo formats: JPEG/JPG/CR3/CR2/NEF/NRW/RAF/DNG/TIF/TIFF.

  • The "AI Image Upscaler" feature can enlarge the repaired photos to 2X, 4X, and 8X.

  • Security enough: files are transferred via a 2048-bit encrypted connection and deleted after 3 hours.

  • It fixes photos online without damaging the original quality or integrity.

A Step-By-Step Guide to Fixing Overexposed Photos Online with Repairit

Step 1. Go to the official site of this online tool and upload your corrupted or broken photos by tapping on the “+Add” button. You can also drag your broken photos into the photo repair section of this software.

upload broken photos into repairit

Step 2. As soon as you upload the photos to be fixed, the tool will display their details on the screen, as shown below. Hit the “Repair” button from the bottom-right corner.

initiate the photo repair process

In case the tool is unable to fix your photos because they are severely damaged, you can benefit from the advanced mode. All you need to do is to click “Upload Sample Photo.”

Step 3. Once the quick photo repair or advanced photo repair is completed, you can preview the repaired pictures to ensure they are fixed correctly.

 download the repaired photo on the computer

Part 3: Popular Apps that Edit Overexposed Photos on iPhone

This section presents two known applications to fix and edit overexposed photos, i.e., Lightroom and YouCam Perfect. Let’s look at how they both work.

1. Adobe Lightroom

It is one of the top choices of photographers when making photos visible clearly. Simply put, this tool assists you in enhancing photos greatly. If you want to make some editing perfections, try Adobe Lightroom. Let’s look at how you can fix overexposed pictures with this utility.

Step 1. If your image is broken or blown out, it is usually because of the clipped whites and highlights. To adjust these settings, go to the “Basic” panel and move the “Whites” and “Highlights” sliders.

adjust highlights and whites in basic panel

Step 2. Now, go to the “HSL” panel. Then, click “Luminance,” and move the sliders to achieve the desired outcomes.

adjust color sliders

Step 3. If a particular color in your image is prominent, bring its slider down.

Step 4. You can use the “Graduated Filter” to adjust the sliders of whites and highlights. This way, you can make your broken photos perfectly exposed.

set your highlights and whites

2. YouCam Perfect

This is another great photo-editing application photographers use to edit overexposed photos. It is available for both Apple and Android phones. The availability of efficient and simple editing features makes YouCam Perfect stand out.

When it comes to adjustments, you will find a number of functions incorporated into this app, including but not limited to tint, HSL, highlights, temperature, contrast, sharpening, shadows, saturation, and brightness.

This app uses AI technology to edit overexposed pictures tremendously well. Be it adjusting the contrast or highlights of your photos, it gives you complete freedom to achieve your goal. In addition, you can customize your restored image with pre-built photo templates, aesthetic effects, and other similar powerful AI-assisted tools. If you are looking for faster processing, it can be your great photo editing partner.

Part 4: Comparison Between Online Photo Repair Services and Photo Editing Apps

Well, both online photo repair services and editing applications have their own importance. Be it an online service or an editing app; both can assist you in fixing overexposed photos. Let’s first talk about how online photo repair services can add value to your photo editing experience.

1. Online Photo Repair Services

The best thing about online photo repair services is that you can access them from anywhere and at any time. All you need to have is a computer or laptop and a stable internet connection. Ensuring these two things will enable you to fix any sort of overexposed picture.

Another leading benefit of hiring online photo repair services is that you can benefit from the expertise of highly experienced, dedicated, and trained photo repair professionals at a fair cost. They just charge you a few dollars to fix your overexposed picture. This is what millions of people like the most about these online services.

Moreover, trusted online photo repair services always guarantee premium-quality photo restoration. They mostly provide you with a digital preview of the restored picture before printing. If you approve it, they go ahead and print it.

When selecting an online photo repair service, you should be careful about a few factors, like experience, skills, and customer service support.

First of all, make sure the service providers are highly experienced and skilled enough to be hired. If you are satisfied with their experience and portfolio, don’t forget to look at their charges. They must be affordable. Last but not least, you must focus on how they treat their previous clients to get an idea of their customer support services.

2. Photo Editing Applications

Now that you are familiar with how online photo repair services can lend you a helping hand, it is time to get into the detailed specifics of photo editing applications and their benefits.

You must have some technical knowledge of photo editing tools to use these apps. At the same time, there should be enough space on your system or mobile phone to download and install photo editing apps. These tools are usually great for those who are new to this domain.

Moreover, if you are looking for a better presentation of your restored photos, try using photo editing apps. It makes your work simple yet elegant. One more advantage of using these applications is that they improve your photo editing experience. In addition, they mostly ensure fast processing when restoring your broken photos.

These apps are far better than those pre-installed on your devices, as they come with more advanced features and friendly user interfaces. Though they occupy some space on your device, they are worth using to achieve great results. Photo editing apps have always assisted photographers in making pictures exposed perfectly.

A few drawbacks associated with these apps include in-app purchases, storage issues, time consumption, and limitations to photo editing skills. They often take extra space on your system and consume more time when editing your images. Moreover, in-app purchases are something that photographers do not like every time. You may have to buy some extra features to get those you need to edit your overexposed photo.

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It is quite possible that you take pictures on a special tour, and when you come back home, you find that a few of them are overexposed. If you are experiencing a similar thing, don’t be concerned. It is now possible to fix overexposed photos online. At the same time, you can also use photo editing apps (like YouCam Perfect, Photoshop, and Lightroom) to edit overexposed photos.

Do you prefer using online tools over downloaded ones? Are you searching for a more reliable and efficient online tool to remove overexposure from your photos? Try Wondershare Repairit Online Photo Repair.

Repairit Online Photo Repair is not only an efficient online utility but also enables you to fix overexposure from your pictures in a matter of minutes. This tool supports both quick and advanced photo repair. You can enjoy a free Repairit trial, and if you like its photo enhancement features, go ahead and make an instant purchase. Good luck!