How to Fix Overexposed Photos

Our world has improved over the decades and introduced various methods that would help them capture a special moment to cherish. People have been designing multiple techniques and strategies to guide people in preserving memories of important occasions and events. This includes the use of lens, cameras, and camcorders.

We have observed that the world has moved towards cameras with compact sizes and consider using smartphones with the advanced camera lens. Several people fail to take a perfect RAW image.

Want to know more about this? This article will provide a comprehensive guide on how to fix overexposed photos. Let's begin.

Part 1: What Does Overexposed or Underexposed Photo Mean?

Do you know that the concept of light is the basis of the process of photography? Back in the 19th Century, Joseph Nicephore Niepce introduced the concept of photography by using light.

Whether it be the film media or the digital media, the concept of light prevailed and is largely consumed in photography. Pretty impressive, right? Light is thus the factor that allows the photograph to have a perfect exposure while being captured.

If you consider defining a perfectly exposed photograph, it is a photograph that is neither too dark nor too light in viewing. The appropriate observation of the highlights and shadows and the degree of contrast in between the photograph would be ideal.

Referring to the concept of underexposed, a photo is termed under this label if it is too dark. The details of the photograph shall be hidden under the shadows or the darkest areas within the image.

However, focusing on overexposed photos, it is observed that these photos are too light to be seen. The details within the photograph are lost within the brightest part of the image. Do you wish to find a remedy to it?

Let's find out the best method for this case. The following article will provide eccentric details to fix overexposed photos appropriately.

Part 2: How to Fix Overexposed Photos

Do you know that fixing an overexposed photo is not generally too easy and straightforward to execute? To understand how to fix overexposed pictures with the appropriate tools, you need to have in-depth knowledge about managing RAW images. Various tools are available for fixing photos.

Finding it challenging to select the best tool? Let's begin discussing tools that provide useful outputs. Among them, we can find Photoshop and Lightroom meddling the top-most positions. The procedure utilizing these tools for executing overexposed picture fix methods is easy. You just need to have considerable experience in managing these tools. Let's discuss!

Method 1: Photoshop

We know that Photoshop has been known as Adobe's most popular and greatest creation of all time. It has been an instant go-to solution for professional photographers to enhance their images. To understand the process of how to fix overexposed photos in Photoshop elements, let us look across the steps explained below.

1. Install the latest version of Photoshop on your computer.

2. Open the image within Photoshop. Proceed towards the "Layers" panel to have a quick view of the layers available in the picture.

open the image in photoshop

3. You will observe only a single "Background" layer in the list.

access layers panel

4. A 'Levels' adjustment layer would be consumed for darkening the image. Take your cursor towards the "New Fill or Adjustment Layer" icon present below the "Layers" panel.

tap on new fill icon

5. Select the 'Levels' adjustment layer from the drop-down menu.

select levels option

6. You will observe a blank "Levels 1" adjustment layer added above the 'Background' layer in the 'Layers' panel.

a new layer is added

7. Hover your cursor across the 'Blend Mode' option within the 'Layers' panel.

8. The option of Blend Mode is set at 'Normal.' Change it to 'Multiply' for darkening the image. The photo instantly gets visible in the highlights and shadows of the picture.

change the blend mode to multiply

9. If the photo gets darker than expected, it can be easily adjusted with the 'Opacity' option. The option is present adjacent to the 'Blend Mode' option.

10. The value is set to 100% by default. Lowering it would display the original image on the Background layer across the Adjustment layer.

overexposed image is fixed

Pretty easy, right? It will quickly fix overexposed photo photoshop with the help of appropriate elements.

Method 2: Lightroom

Want to find easier methods? Lightroom is another tool that would come in handy in managing such conditions. Adobe Lightroom is another impressive invention of Adobe that provides professional photographers with greater room and detail for enhancing their photos. The tool is highly recommended for editing photos to perfection.

Let's continue to understand the process that fixes overexposed pictures with ease.

1. If you are having an image blown out, it is said that the highlights and whites within the image are 'Clipped.'

2. Move the sliders of the 'Highlights' and 'Whites' present in the basic panel.

adjust highlights and whites in basic panel

3. Change to the 'HSL' panel and tap on 'Luminance.'

4. You need to adjust the sliders as per the colors within your image.

adjust color sliders

5. Bring down the slider of the specific color that is prominent in the background of your images.

6. You can head towards the 'Graduated Filter' and set your highlights and whites slider across the panel. This would help you optimally set up your overexposed photo to perfection.

set your highlights and whites

Pretty impressive, right? These methods would guide you in fixing your overexposed photos. What if you want to find a better method? There is always a need to be known for easier methods that would help fix your photos. For this, you need to look below for more details.

Part 3: Tips to Avoid Overexposed Photos

Being a photographer, you should be aware of all the tips and tricks that would save you from unnecessary issues involving overexposure. This issue is quite common and can be easily counted if looked over appropriately.

1. You need to have the 'perfect' exposure for your image. It involves understanding the exposure triangle, which includes ISO, shutter speed, and aperture working together.

2. You need to set up a low ISO with a medium-to-high aperture for your photos.

3. The shutter speed should not be quite slow or fast for taking a perfect image.

4. Follow the light meter.

5. Have exposure compensation for overriding the camera settings.

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Part 4: How to Repair Corrupted or Damaged Photos

Are you still confused over the best tool? There are many tools that you may encounter while seeking a perfect extraction for how to fix an overexposed picture. It usually gets difficult for users to figure out the optimal tool for repairing their photos. Wondershare Repairit is a wonderful example of fixing corrupted or damaged photos to perfection.

This tool offers to repair RAW file formats and providing sharp results through the tool. It is essential to have a keen knowledge of utilizing the elements present within the tool. For this, you need to understand the process of fixing your overexposed photo through Repairit Photo Repair by following the steps defined as follows.

Step 1: Launch and Add Image

Download and install the tool on your system. Launch it and tap on 'Add File' for uploading the images from your desktop.

import overexposed photos

Step 2: Repair Photos

Upload a single image or multiple images across the platform. Tap on the 'Repair' button for initiating fixing the overexposed pictures.

initiate the repairing process

Step 3: Save Photos

Once the process is completed, after waiting, the software previews the repaired photo. Select any photo to have a preview. Tap 'Save Repaired Photo' to save the repaired overexposed photo on your system.

export the repaired images


This article has presented a discussion of how to fix an overexposed picture in Photoshop and Lightroom. It also provided a comprehensive introduction to various techniques that would help you in avoiding such conditions. With the help of these methods, you can even understand the process of how to fix an overexposed photo on an iPhone.