A Complete Guide to Fix “Unfortunately, Camera Has Stopped” on Android

These days, the camera gets top priority in smartphones. People are always looking to capture beautiful moments with friends, family, or simply their environment. However, what do you do when your camera stops working?

Some people have faced an error message popping up when they need to take a picture or shoot a video with their camera. If you're one of those, then you're in luck. The problem is usually hardware-related, so there's always a fix available. In this informative article, you'll learn how to fix unfortunately, camera has stopped on your smartphone. Now lets dive into the answer to the question how to fix unfortunately, camera has stopped.

Why Does Your Android Camera Malfunction?

Sometimes, when you try launching your device camera app, you'll come across a camera error. Most times, the error arises due to software or hardware issues. There is no set reason why your camera app might have been misbehaving. However, it is vital to have an idea of why your Android camera might be malfunctioning. This knowledge could be beneficial when you want to fix unfortunately, camera has stopped on Android. Below are som of the varying common reasons for Android camera malfunction.

Low storage device

low storage

One of the leading causes of Android camera malfunction is low storage. When the storage capacity of your Android device is almost exhausted, the camera might find it hard to run. It would lead to error messages like unfortunately, camera has stopped popping up on your device. Your camera and other applications on your smartphone would begin to malfunction.


low ram

Another reason why your Android camera might be malfunctioning is because of low RAM. When the RAM capacity of your device is almost exhausted, it could lead to the camera malfunctioning. Low RAM could be a result of too many apps on your device. Maybe you have several apps running simultaneously; this would lead to consumption of RAM space. When there's too little RAM space available, your Android camera could start misbehaving.

Software or Technical Glitch

Sometimes, the problem isnt from you. There might be an inbuilt software or technical glitch on your smartphone thats causing the error message. When you have a software issue, it could lead to your device malfunctioning and, by extension, your Android camera.

Third-Party Camera

camera failed

Sometimes, the issue lies with the camera app you might be using. If you're not using the in-built camera of the app but rather a third-party app, it could cause glitches. The app might develop issues of its own which would lead to your Android camera malfunctioning.

How to Fix Unfortunately, Camera Has Stopped on Android

Now that you're aware of the issue, the next step becomes finding solutions to the problem. This section covers different ways to fix unfortunately, camera has stopped on Android. Now that you know what exactly to expect, lets take a look.

Solution 1: Restart the Camera or Device

One of the easiest ways to fix unfortunately, camera has stopped on Android is restarting the camera or device. If you want to restart the camera app, close it, and after a few minutes pass, you can reopen it again. When it opens, check to see if it fixed the error or not. Also, you can restart your device. To restart your device, unlock your phone. Press and hold your device's power button till a menu pops up on the screen. When this screen pops up, either press the power off button or the restart button.

how to fix unfortunately camera has stopped by restarting camera or device

Solution 2: Clear the Camera Cache Files and Data Files

Sometimes, the issue is your cache and data files. These files could be corrupt and the reason why your camera isnt working. To fix unfortunately, camera has stopped on Android, you should clear the camera cache and data files. Most people worry about deleting cache and data files because they feel it will remove their pictures. Thats not the case; your videos and photographs stay intact after deleting cache and data files. The steps below are how to clear your cameras cache and data files on your Android device.

  • First, launch the Settings software on your Android device.

  • Tap on apps or apps and notifications on the list of settings on your device.

  • On the next page, click app info or application manager to explore the apps on your device.

  • From the list of apps that pop up, locate the camera app and tap on it.

  • Android phones differ in this part; some Android devices tag the cache section as storage and cache. When you click on this storage and cache option, click on clear data and clear data to clear these files.

how to fix unfortunately camera has stopped by clearing camera cache
  • Alternatively, other Android devices present you with the clear cache and clear data options.

Solution 3: Update Your App or Device Software

If your device software does not update, it might be the reason why your Android camera is malfunctioning. Thats why fixing this issue requires checking for updates on your Android device and then updating the device software.

  • To also update your device or app software, go to your settings software.

  • From the options displayed, click about device/phone to continue.

  • In the next section, tap on system update/software update.

 how to fix unfortunately camera has stopped by updating system
  • Your Android device will search for new updates, and if there are any, you will see the update option available.

how to fix unfortunately camera has stopped by updating system
  • You can then click on the update to download and install on your device. If there's none, then thats not the issue.

how to fix unfortunately camera has stopped by updating system

Solution 4: Delete the Cache Files and Data Files for Gallery App

We all know the gallery app has links with the camera app. Therefore, when there's a problem with the gallery app, it could affect the camera app. Thats why you should also delete the cache and data files of the gallery app. Doing this might help to fix unfortunately, camera has stopped on Android. The process is similar to that of clearing the cameras cache and data files. However, instead of choosing the camera app, you select the gallery app.

how to fix unfortunately camera has stopped by clearing gallery cache and data

Solution 5: Use a Third-Party Camera App

If your phones camera app shows error messages, you can switch to a third-party camera app. These apps are many on the Google Play Store, and you can easily install them. The majority of them are free, and you can use them the usual way. However, third-party apps serve as an alternative and dont fix the camera issue. You will still have to find other solutions to your camera malfunction issue.

 how to fix unfortunately camera has stopped by rebooting on safe mode

Solution 6: Use Safe Mode

Safe mode is also a great way to fix unfortunately, camera has stopped on Android. It will help you locate the corrupt app thats causing the error message. When your device opens in safe mode, it disables all the third-party apps on your device. If your camera app works perfectly in safe mode, it means that the apps are the issues. If you dont understand how to switch your device to safe mode, follow the steps below.

  • To get started, you will have to power off your device. Press and hold the power button, then choose power off from the options displayed.

  • Once your Android device is off, press and hold the power button again.

  • Once the device logo appears, release the power button and press the volume down button instead.

how to fix unfortunately camera has stopped by rebooting on safe mode
  • A popup will appear on your Android asking if you want to boot your device in a safe mode, accept this, and your device will boot in safe mode.

how to fix unfortunately camera has stopped with factory reset

Once your device boots up and is in safe mode, check the camera app to confirm if the issue is the other apps. If there's no problem, you will have to uninstall the apps you recently installed before getting the error message. However, if the app still doesnt work, then you have to try another solution.

Solution 7: Factory Reset

If your camera is still malfunctioning, then the next option you have to fix unfortunately, camera has stopped is the factory reset. When you reset your phone, it will delete all your contact, files, videos, apps, photos, and other data on your device. Thats why you should ensure to back up your files before you factory reset your phone.

  • To begin, you should visit settings on your smartphone.

  • Next, choose backup and reset.

how to fix unfortunately camera has stopped with factory reset
  • Mark the box next to backup to back up your data to your Google account.

  • After backing up your files, click factory reset to reset the device to its factory settings.

  • You will have to confirm your option, so click reset phone to verify your choice.

how to fix unfortunately camera has stopped with factory reset

Troubleshooting Tips

Now that you know how to fix unfortunately, camera has stopped on Android, you're not safe. You can still take crucial steps to ensure that the error message doesnt pop up on your device again. Some troubleshooting tips to take note of are:

Install an antivirus

Sometimes third-party apps are corrupt and, therefore, cause your camera to malfunction. Thats why you should install an active antivirus. It will raise the alarm whenever you're about to install a corrupt app on your device.

Clear storage space

It might be the ideal period to start deleting those unnecessary pictures on your device. It will help you avoid your camera refusing to perform appropriately. If your device storage is full, clean it up to provide more space for your camera app to save pictures.

Clear RAM space

Another method you can ensure you never have to come across the issue of your camera app giving error messages is by clearing RAM space. First, close down the apps operating in the background. Close apps that are open while you're trying to use the camera app. You can also install some of the apps on your device. When you have several applications open on your device, that might be why your Android camera misbehaves.

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What if Your Camera Photos or Videos Get Corrupted?

Now that you know how to avoid and fix unfortunately, camera has stopped on your Android, you should also learn what to do if your files get corrupt. If your camera photos and the device gets corrupted, you will need an advanced repair tool to make them accessible once more. A top photo repair tool you can explore is the Wondershare Repairit. This tool is simple and efficient; using this software is broken down into three simple steps. It can recover different files and video types, and it will also allow you to preview files before saving them. Below are the steps to repairing your camera photos and videos.

Step 1: Add files

Visit the official Wondershare website and click on "+Add" after choosing "Photo Repair" in the "More Types Repair" section. Browse through the image files on your Android device and pick the corrupt pictures and videos you want to repair. Wondershare Repairit allows you to repair your files in batches to save you time.

add photo

Step 2: Repair Files

Once you pick the photos and videos that need repair, hit the repair files button. This repair tool then goes to work repairing the corrupt files on your device. You also have the option of advanced repair to solve files with extensive damage.

repair photos

Step 3: Save Files

After repair, you can preview the files to see whether the repair is complete. Afterward, choose save all and choose the location you want to save your repaired photos and videos. Once you pick the location, click save. Thats it! Your files are no longer corrupt.

save photos

Summing Up

The camera is quite crucial in any smartphone; thats why it's annoying when it stops working. There are a couple of varying reasons why this could be happening, and we shared the above. Also, we shared some practical solutions to help you fix unfortunately, camera has stopped on Android.

Avoid these issues by following the troubleshooting tips above or use Wondershare Repairit to repair corrupt videos and images on your Android device. This repair tool ensures that you never have to lose another video or photo again. We hope this article helped you to fix unfortunately, camera has stopped on Android.