How to Troubleshoot FL Studio Cracking Issue?

Fix FL Studio Cracking Issue

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Digital audio workstations(DAWs) have provided exceptional advancement to people across the scale. Over the years, DAWs have impressively improved and allowed you to create high-quality audios that are graded as qualitative as songs. In this article, we shall be looking into FL Studio and its issue of FL Studio crackling. If you hear crackling sounds from your DAW, this article is undoubtedly for you.

We have outlined the causes and the solution of the crackling FL Studio. Go through the provided details to know more about how you can resolve FL Studio crackling sound.

Part 1: What is FL Studio?

FL Studio has been referred to as the most appropriate DAW available in the market. So what are Digital audio workstations? Well, they are more than just audio editors. They present some of the best features in the community that helps create perfect audio. You can embed your creativity into the platform to deliver something worthwhile.

We shall first look into what makes FL Studio special among other DAWs in the market:

fl studio 20 user interface

1. FL Studio Functionality

FL Studio offers a controlled functionality across its interface. You can put something up across your playlist with such operations across the scale. Also, the workflow provided throughout the process is highly intuitive. You can find advanced functions across the software that develops sound properties. You will have a great experience of functioning across it with the playlist window.

2. Use of Plugins

With the different stock of plugins available, FL Studio makes sound creation different. The set of intuitive plugins gives you more control over the workflow. As a result, you will tend to find more qualities and manage more sound properties. With these in mind, always look into the filters, presets, and patches provided with a plugin.

3. Proficiency in Usability

If you'd look and talk about its learning curve, there would be different opinions. Learning at FL Studio is straightforward. With the right set of details and help in the system, you can discover the best about the tool. Even if you're a beginner, using DAW to manage audio is not challenging at all!

Along with proficiency, you will see yourselves being accompanied by different tools. These tools make the process very straightforward.

4. Step Sequencer

This feature is the most frequently used feature across FL Studio. The step sequencer allows you to place any sound across the grid. This can be achieved by an in-built "beat-grid." While you can trigger it as a part of the sequence, you can also create a grid up to lengths of 1 to 512 steps. In conclusion, step sequencers cater to many functions related to sounds. From reversing to stretching them, the step sequencer does it all.

5. Controlled Prices

FL Studio provides accessibility for all users. Depending on your budget, you can select any appropriate price structure. If you want FL Studio for professional use, you can buy the complete package. Customize your package with proficient plugins to make sound management fun for you.

fl studio 20 pricing

6. Remarkable User Interface

Unlike other DAWs, FL Studio is much different in terms of usability. The interface offered to users is intuitive and presents everything on the front. There are no hidden features and functions that are difficult to access. You can surely use FL Studio to your liking with simple and effective functionality. Make the right audible adjustments in real-time to get the perfect sound out.

Part 2: What Will Cause FL Studio Crackling?

Are you confused about what is causing the FL Studio crackling sound? Whenever a sound is created, it should be of the highest quality. Any crackles or distortions across the sound are not acceptable. Being an audio editor, you need to have the proper knowledge of editors with yourselves. So what makes the FL Studio 20 crackling sound? We shall look right into the causes that are giving away such sounds.

1.     Buffer Underruns

Clicks, pops, and voice stuttering across the audio are crackling sounds. You can get such distortions when getting your CPU load higher than usual. This type of situation is known as the buffer underrun issue, which surely can be eliminated from the sound.

To avoid any latency, the buffer length is set to zero to prevent any lag for the audio. This provides the computer with exceptional operability of the audio rendering. If the buffer runs out before the CPU renders the audio, the sound crackling problem will be produced. There can be multiple system issues that can turn out to be the reason for the problem. Therefore, system efficiency is essential for the platform to function properly.

2.     Problems across the Plugins

Faulty plugins can be another significant reason for sound crackling. FL Studio is known for providing users with different plugins that offer operability. This operability makes audio processing much better and simple to execute. However, if there are issues across the plugin, various problems can start occurring in your FL Studio. They can behave badly in multiple ways, which sometimes can get difficult to look into.

You can perform several things to remove issues across the plugin. Try updating or reinstalling the tool if you find it acting all buggy. Such operations can promise resolution for plugins across FL Studio.

Part 3: How to Fix FL Studio Crackling?

Are you looking forward to fixing your device's FL Studio crackling issue? There is one detailed fix that you can practice for effective results. Let's look ahead into the provided steps to know more about how you can fix FL Studio crackling.

Step 1: Access Audio Settings on FL Studio.

After starting your FL Studio, you need to have your sound imported across the platform.

First, locate the audio settings across the platform. You will find the "Options" tab on the top of the interface. As a drop-down menu opens up, click on the "Audio Settings" option to open a new window.

tap on audio settings

Step 2: Set a Proper Driver.

As a new screen opens up, proceed to the "Devices" section, where you can find the selected driver. Then, click its drop-down menu, and you will have different driver options available. Go for "FL Studio ASIO Driver" for perfect results.

choose fl studio asio driver

Step 3: Set the Sampling Rate of Sound.

Once you have selected the perfect driver, adjust your audio's sampling rate. As recognized as a standard value, you can set up the audio sample rate to 44.1kHz. This is the recommended value for obtaining high-end results for your audio.

change the sample rate

Step 4: Process the Buffer Length.

Proceed to the next audio parameters available on the interface. After setting the sample rate, you need to look into the buffer length. This value greatly determines how long the CPU has to process the audio.

As discussed above, FL Studio gives the CPU a pre-rendering time to execute audio beforehand. This is done with the help of the right buffer length. Hence, set up a balanced value for your buffer length as you need to avoid a crackling sound. You also need to put up control across the delay in sounds.

set the suitable buffer length

Step 5: Decide Over the Priority.

Lead into the "Priority" section after setting up the buffer length. This parameter allows you to set up the CPU priority to the mixer, which is essential. The perfect balance created through these parameters reduces all kinds of distortions within the audio.

decide the priority

Step 6: Cover Effective CPU Checklist .

As you lead into the next section, you will find different options across the CPU section. You have to make sure that the "Multithread generator processing," "Multithread mixer processing," and "Smart disable" are checked across the section. These are extremely important for avoiding FL Studio crackling.

enable important cpu options

Step 7: Set the Mixer for Perfection.

Lead into the final option of "Mixer Settings" across the section. Select an average quality rating from the resampling quality options to find the perfect ground for avoiding FL Studio audio crackling.

set the resampling quality

Bonus: What if the Audio Produced by FL Studio Gets Corrupt?

What if it's not FL Studio that produced this crackling sound? To understand this point, it is necessary to realize that issues can also exist across the audio. To manage the corrupt audio, you need to have the right direction.

Wondershare Repairit provides you with the platform to do this. The platform is known for controlling corrupt audio and resolving it properly. With the right set of functions, you can ensure that your audio functions perfectly without distortion.

Wondershare Repairit

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  • Repair damaged audios with all levels of corruption, such as audio not working, clipping audio, humming audio, rumbling audio, sibilant audio, out-of-sync audio, etc.

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  • Compatible with Windows PC, Mac OS, and supports PC to mobile transferring/sharing.

You will get to know how easy it is to repair FL Studio audio across the platform:

Step 1: Lead to Audio Repair.

Open Wondershare Repairit on your computer and proceed to the "More Types Repair" section. On accessing the section, click "Audio Repair" option, then, "+Add" to import the corrupted FL Studio audio.

import your corrupted fl studio audio

Step 2: Add Samples and Repair.

As you add the audio, click on "Repair" to start. Before the process is executed, you need to add sample audio. On adding the sample audio, click "Start Advanced Repair" to begin the process.

start the repair process

Step 3: Save Repaired FL Studio Audio.

After completing the repair process, you can find the fixed audio in the preview section. Next, click on "Save" to export the FL Studio audio onto the computer.

save the repaired audio file


Have you gone through the provided details on resolving FL Studio 20 crackling? With the knowledge of the causes and solutions, you will not feel difficulty anymore. This will help you manage all kinds of crackling sound issues across FL Studio 20. We have even helped you out in working through a corrupt audio file. Use Wondershare Repairit for perfect results. You surely won't be disappointed with the results of the resolved crackled audio.