How to Repair a Corrupt MS PowerPoint File

Microsoft PowerPoint is a very useful and highly stable product offered by Microsoft. It is very safe to use and the generated PPT files are usually good enough to stay in working condition. But sometimes, due to certain reasons, PowerPoint files may get corrupted. The common reasons behind such corruption include the improper shutdown of the system, virus infection, emergence of bad sectors on your computer's storage media, issues with your Microsoft PowerPoint application, or larger size of the generated PPT file. Probably the most common reason behind the corruption of PowerPoint files is the improper shutdown of your system. Therefore to make sure that your files stay safe all the time, you have to make sure that every time you shut down your system, you do it the proper way.

In case some of your important PowerPoint files are corrupted somehow, there is nothing to worry about as you can easily repair corrupt PowerPoint files by making use of an office file repair tool. An overview of how to carry out PowerPoint file repair is discussed below in the following paragraphs.

Part 1: Methods to Repair PowerPoint if you can open a presentation

In case, PowerPoint files are somehow corrupted but you can still open them up, there is a much better chance that you would be able to restore your data. Different methods may be opted for in this regard. A few of them are discussed below.

Method 1: Reuse the slides from the corrupted file

The first method that you may opt for to carry out PowerPoint file repair is to extract and reuse the slides present in the corrupted file. You can do that by following a series of the simple steps listed below:

Step 1: Open PowerPoint and create a blank PPT

Step 2: Take your pointer onto the 'Home' tab and make a click on 'Reuse Slides'.

Step 3: A dialogue box would now appear. You have to make a click on 'Browse' and select the corrupted PPT file you want to restore. Now click on 'Insert All'.

Step 4: All your corrupted slides except for slide master would appear in your new presentation. You can save the file by pressing 'Ctrl + S'.

Method 2: Apply the corrupted presentation file as a new template

If you have followed the first method and have reasons to believe that your presentation is not looking the way it was supposed to look, you can make use of this method to get better results. Follow the steps mentioned below to do that.

Step 1: Open a new blank Presentation and save it using 'Ctrl + S'.

Step 2: Type in a new name and press enter.

Step 3: Now go to the 'Design' tab and make a click on 'More'. You can find it in the 'Theme' group.

Step 4: Click on 'Browse for themes'.

Step 5: Look for the corrupted PPT file and select it. Now click on 'Apply'.

Step 6: This will open up the corrupted presentation. You can save it by pressing 'Ctrl + S'.

Part 2: Methods to try in case the presentation can't be opened

In case you are unable to even open up the presentation file on your computer, there still are a few things that might help you repair corrupt PowerPoint files. A few of them are discussed below for your convenience.

Method 1: Try inserting the slides in a blank ppt

To do that, you have to follow the steps listed below:

Step 1: Open PowerPoint and create a new blank presentation by pressing 'Ctrl + N'.

Step 2: Now you have to go to the Home tab and make a click on 'New Slides', followed by 'Reuse Slides'.

Step 3: Select the corrupted file and click on 'Insert All'.

Step 4: Press 'Ctrl + S' to save the presentation.

Step 5: Now go to the 'Design' tab, make a click on 'More' and select 'Browse for themes'.

Step 6: Select the corrupted PPT file and hit 'Apply'.

Step 7: Save the presentation by clicking 'Ctrl + S'.

Method 2: Try opening the presentation's temporary file version

PowerPoint has a built-in feature of creating a temporary file for each of the files being edited. To make use of this file to repair corrupted PowerPoint files. To do that, you have to go through the following steps:

Step 1: Open up the corrupted file. Now go through the folder where it was saved. There will be a temporary file with a name like ****.tmp.

Step 2: When you have spotted that file, you have to make a right-click and select 'Rename'.

Step 3: Put in the name of your choice and change the extension of the file to .pptx. For example, Name. pptx.

Step 4: Close PowerPoint and double click on the new file to open it.

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Part 3: How to Repair Corrupt PowerPoint files with Program

In case you are unable to repair a corrupt PowerPoint file using the above methods, you can make use of some third-party office file repair tool to do that job for you. Stellar Phoenix PowerPoint Repair is such a tool that might help you out while you are trying to carry out PowerPoint file repair. Its major features include repairing and restoring ppt, pptx, and pptm files, facilitating multiple PPT repairs simultaneously, raw recovery of different corrupted files, and many others. It is a software that runs on presentations made in different variants of MS PowerPoint including 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013, and 2016.

Microsoft PowerPoint Repair Tool

  • Repairs almost all cases of PPT file corruption by following a reliable and risk-free approach to PowerPoint recovery
  • Repairs PowerPoint macro-enabled (.pptm) file and restore all PowerPoint objects with macros attachments
  • Repair and restores any number of PPT/PPTX/PPTM files at the same time
  • Perform a signature-based recovery of PPT files to recover your crucial data
  • Repairs your corrupt PPT file and shows a preview of all slides in the presentation before saving it at a user-specified location

To repair a corrupted file using this tool, you have to follow some simple steps listed below:

Step 1 Download and launch PowerPoint Repair Tool on your computer, select the corrupted PowerPoint files, and search files in the folder and find files in the logical drive.

repair PowerPoint file step 1

Step 2 All the corrupt Excel file lists on the search result section, and choose one or all to start the repairing process.

repair PowerPoint file step 2

Step 3 You can preview the repaired file;

repair PowerPoint file step 3

Step 4 Saves the repaired file at the location of the original file with the new name or selects the preferred location to save the file.

repair PowerPoint file step 4

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