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What is CR3 File?

The use of cameras has exponentially increased over the last two or three decades. With digital cameras taking over the market, the innovators came up with different techniques for enhancing the quality of the image that was captured. Soon, it was discovered that RAW image files featured the best quality images. With that, different RAW file formats came into development, which included CR3 and other such formats.

This article comes into an in-depth discussion of what is CR3 file along with some significant functions that can be performed across it.

Part 1: Introducing the CR3 File Format

Canon has been an exceptional competitor of camera and image capturing features in the market. While being an influencer of many innovations in the current digital camera trends, it also came up with its personal RAW image file formats to distinguish itself from other formats. CR3, being a Canon RAW format, provides the highest quality reproduction of the scene that is being captured through the lens of a camera.

The file format is known for some of the best-selling digital Canon cameras. Introduced in 2018, this file format stored uncompressed RAW image data without hindering the quality of the image to a single extract. Depending on the camera settings selected for capturing the image, CR3 makes sure that the user gets a lossless image as a result.

However, there can be a significant change in the file size of the CR3 image if certain compression settings are originally applied. CR3 file format surely offers a unique experience for image capturing, which makes it supported for many different platforms.

Part 2: Benefits and Drawbacks of Using CR3 File Format

As you figure out what is CR3 file, you should also focus on the benefits and drawbacks of considering this RAW image file format for your work:


Get Full Previews: The RAW image file format contains a complete preview of the image under the defined camera settings. There are no compressions performed on them whatsoever.

Get Highest Levels of Qualities: The detail in the file format is something exceptional. With a focus on the smallest of elements in the image, users can get a perfect image under a CR3 image format.

Access Metadata to Correct: Since CR3 is not compressed, you can easily access its metadata for correcting the image.

More Color: CR3 files represent a better color and impressive view for the users. The control across the colors under the file format is perfect.


Extreme Sizes: The sizes of the CR3 files are too much that cannot be handled at multiple points. They take a lot of time to be transferred.

Compatibility Problems: Since the CR3 file belongs to Canon, it cannot be operated across software that is managed by Sony directly.

Part 3: Offline Techniques to Open a CR3 File Format

While you seek the answer to what is CR3 file and what it represents, you should also look into different platforms that support the CR3 file format and can open it for the users. With knowledge of these platforms, you would know where to go the next time you face any issue managing the image file format:

1. Adobe Lightroom

To open a RAW image file format across Adobe Lightroom, there is no need to have a plug-in for the purpose. Talking about the CR3 file format, you just need to access your CR3 file, and Lightroom will open it automatically for you.

As it holds the power of providing a unique experience of professional image management, it makes advanced functions simpler for users who are new to this experience. While creating presets for enhancing the style of the image and its consistency, you should be sure of the fact that no file is ever damaged across the platform. This is what makes Lightroom a great option for opening a CR3 file.

adobe lightroom interface

2. Adobe Photoshop

While digging deep into the answers to what is CR3 file, you should have some good names under the belt for opening a CR3 file. Adobe Photoshop provides a similar experience as its former, the Lightroom, for opening and managing the file format. As the user is advised to install the “Camera Raw” plug-in across the platform for opening CR3 files, they can get this done and managed across a commendable interface with evident buttons to execute features.

There are some exceptional retouching elements and features offered across Adobe Photoshop. From the management of layers to the use of a pen tool for drawing free-hand across the image, Photoshop enhances the quality of the CR3 image that is being imported across the platform. Rather than subjectively damaging the RAW image file, it potentially enhances it for the viewers' eyes.

photoshop for cr3 file

3. Canon Digital Photo Professional

What would sound good than having a dedicated platform for your file format? Canon Digital Photo Professional is a tool designed by Canon themselves to manage and enhance the images captured from their camera. Since this is a creation of Canon, CR3 files are automatically supported across the platform and can be easily opened within it.

Digital Photo Professional is known to be a high-performance RAW image processing, viewing, and editing software that was essentially designed for a digital camera series of Canon. With such a supporting role in managing image files, the platform was the perfect source to enhance the quality of the image that is added across it, with a significant control across the adjustment layers and colors of the image.

canon digital photo professional tool

Part 4: Online Converters For Converting CR3 File Format

Do you wish to convert CR3 to JPG or any other significant file format? The use of online converters is considered optimal for quick operations and executions. Rather than going for hefty procedures of changing the file format of this RAW image, it would be perfect to come across online converters for converting the CR3 file format. Take a look at some of the best options that you have in the market:


A great option when it comes to the online converter, CloudConvert provides a wide option in characteristics and tools for their users to convert CR3 to JPG. While focusing on the options of controlling image resolution, quality, and the size of the file, users can make a clear change of their RAW image into something that can be handled in a better way.

CloudConvert can even be used to strip the metadata from the image if required. With clear options on the front, CloudConvert executes a quality assured conversion of the CR3 file to JPG.

cloudconvert convert cr3 to jpg


The second tool that may come into your mind for converting CR3 files online is FreeConvert. While being known for its simple and intuitive interface, it covers files up to free 1 GB in size, which covers a lot of RAW images at the same time. It offers different advanced options for the management of the compression quality, which includes the output size and compression characteristics.

With the help of the gravity sensor data, the images are oriented to perfection automatically. Users can also strip out the metadata across this simple and subjective interface.

freeconvert cr3 to jpg converter

Part 5: Alternative Technique of Converting CR3 File Format Using Offline Platform – Photoshop

Although there are online techniques for converting a CR3 file format into JPG, you should always have an alternative at your hand that can support offline conversion. Adobe Photoshop seems the perfect option that can be used to convert CR3 to JPG. However, to understand how you are going to execute this function, go through the following steps in detail:

Step 1: Access "Files" from the top-most menu on the screen and navigate to the "Scripts" section. From the protruding menu, click on "Image Processor" to open a new panel on the screen.

select image processor option

Step 2: From the first options on the screen, click on “Select Folder” and import the folder that contains the RAW image files on the computer. On the next panel, you need to specify where you are going to save the converted folder on your device.

choose your source folder

Step 3: Once this is done, make sure that the box of "Save as JPEG" is checked on the window. Set the quality as required and check the option of "Resize to Fit" to control the image's dimensions. You should also have the options of "Convert Profile to sRGB" and "Include ICC Profile" checked on the window.

Step 4: Tap on “Run” to successfully execute the conversion procedure and convert CR3 to JPG.

start the conversion

Bonus Tip: Repair Your Damaged CR3 File with Wondershare Repairit

Have you accidentally damaged your CR3 file on the computer? Do you desperately want that to be resolved and reverted back? Wondershare Repairit provides you with the opportunity to repair the damaged CR3 file on your device without compromising the quality. Its exceptional Photo Repair tool makes it extremely simple for users to repair files in three simple steps.

While focusing on all levels of corruption that can occur across an image, Repairit targets them all and exempts all threatful things that can damage an image file. For its simple and professional usability, Repairit is by far the preferable software available on the market.

wondershare repairit photo repair


The article has provided you with an exceptional overview of how you can manage a CR3 file on your computer. While capturing the files with CR3 from your camera, the users will also figure out what is CR3 file and other significant functions involving the RAW image file format.