Boxing has avid supporters in every corner of the globe and is one of the most sought-after sports. Unfortunately, fans may find it challenging to access the top boxing matches online without paying, as they are often pay-per-view or exclusive to certain countries.

The global popularity of boxing live streams has presented broadcasters and streamers with a unique challenge in that numerous significant and minor sanctioning bodies make securing viewing rights for all matches tough. Therefore, there is no easy-to-access platform for watching every boxing match.

However, there are numerous ways to watch fights live, though it is not always free unless you are accessing a betting site. This article will discuss some of the best boxing live-streaming platforms.

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    2. Greater Audience Potential:
    3. Wide Variety OfContent Uses:
    4. Ease And Convenience
    5. Privacy And Security:
    6. Streamlined Broadcasting Experience
    1. Box.Live
    2. SportRAR.TV
    3. Watch Wrestling
    4. Bufferstreams
    5. SportSurge
    6. LiveTV
    7. StreamEast
    8. CrackStreams
    9. DAZN
    10. 1VIPRow Sports

Benefits Of Boxing Live Streaming

Live streaming of boxing events is growing in popularity as it enables viewers to access the event in real-time, regardless of their physical location or distance. As a result, more and more people are turning to live streaming to get their boxing fix. Here are some of the benefits of boxing live stream free:

High-Quality Streams:

A live streaming service with a reliable CDN can provide a higher-quality streaming experience. A CDN distributes your content to viewers from its servers, ensuring that your viewers' streams are not hampered by server congestion. Employing a robust video streaming CDN is essential to deliver an optimal streaming experience to your viewers.

Greater Audience Potential:

Boxing live streams streaming allows you to reach more people than a physical event can due to the lack of geographical and size limitations. Your streaming accessibility could expand the reach of your event to audiences across the world, which you may not have been otherwise able to reach.

Wide Variety OfContent Uses:

Free boxing streams is not limited to just streaming live video and audio. You can incorporate a variety of multimedia, such as images, text, and live chat. It means that many platforms are available to access a range of presentation formats.

Ease And Convenience

Live streaming allows for much more than just video and audio; you can also include a range of multimedia, such as images, texts, and interactive conversations. It offers numerous options for presenting your message and allows you to use the content afterwards by repurposing it into on-demand content.

Privacy And Security:

The prevalence of piracy has made the need for privacy and security paramount. You should opt for a paid service that offers protection features such as password protection, tokenized security, IP/geographic restrictions, and domain/referrer restrictions.

Streamlined Broadcasting Experience

Taking advantage of a professional service for live streaming makes broadcasting simpler and more efficient. Combining every necessary component as one comprehensive package, accessing this platform requires no effort nor time-consuming leaps between programs.

Where Is the Best Place to Stream Boxing Matches?

If you're a fan of intense and exciting action, then boxing is the ideal sport for you. With numerous sites that stream the sport for free, you can easily find a platform that offers a full range of amateur and professional boxing matches. So,here are some platforms which offer live streaming of boxing matches:

1. Box.Live

box live main page

This boxing live stream freeplatform is renowned for its impressive array of live tournaments, past matches, and matchup selections. Moreover, the website provides up-to-date boxing news, upcoming event schedules, and highlights of past matches. Furthermore, viewers can find a dedicated champion and ranking section where users can classify and check out the live boxer rankings worldwide, depending on the fighter’s weight categories. To generate revenue, the site airs ads; however, users can protect their identity and improve their experience when watching boxing matches by utilizing a VPN which comprises of ad blocker.


  • It has a great selection of live fights with highlights.
  • It offers up-to-date information on the boxing world.
  • This website keeps track of championships and rankings.
  • You can look up details about upcoming boxing matches and find out the outcomes of past fights.
  • Complete HD Streaming
  • Real-time match covering
  • Detailed match streaming
  • Highly interfering advertisements
  • Not available in all regions

2. SportRAR.TV

sports rar tv user interface

SportsRAR.TV is one of the best online boxing live streams resource for catching all the most significant boxing events worldwide, including Pay-Per-View and World title fights. Additionally, it has a host of archived matches and workouts. Its interface is simple, and navigating different events and matches is a breeze. Each game has multiple links to stream from, though it should be noted that the video quality isn't always HD. You can still expect frequent updates, and the streaming quality is acceptable.


  • Streams all significant events, including PPV and the world title championship.
  • Highly active links connected to the main sports channels.
  • Audiences can watch workout sessions and behind-the-match scenes.
  • Frequent updates and notifications about all the matches.
  • User-friendly website
  • Categorical display to sort your favourite matches.
  • Active interlinking 30 min before the match
  • Some dead links also appear.
  • Basic streaming quality

3. Watch Wrestling

watch wrestling dashboard

This is one of the bestboxing streaming sitesform is intended to facilitate the viewing of sport-related content. It hosts live boxing bouts, in addition to older ones, and also offers a fight schedule so you can be aware of forthcoming matches, setup times, and potential matchups. The video streams are of good quality in 720p, but frequently appearing ads can be very intrusive. Despite this, it is still an excellent streaming service, and you can use a VPN to reduce popup ads.


  • It has a fight calendar feature, which enables details about timings and schedules for upcoming matches.
  • It features all the live games with decent commentary
  • Featuring active links in minimal duration
  • It streams all types of global combat matches
  • Good quality HD Streaming
  • Simple and interactive website
  • Updates the match calendar very well according to region
  • Advertisements occur very frequently
  • Unavailable in many places

4. Bufferstreams

bufferstreams page

This free boxing streamsplatform is excellent for sports fans. It offers a whole website dedicated to sports like rugby, boxing, MMA, NFL, soccer and basketball, with other streams available on a case-by-case basis. Schedules are available for the most anticipated events so that you can plan your viewing. Unlike other streaming platforms, it has some ads, so you may have a wait time after clicking play before you can start streaming, but the quality is worth it.


  • This website provides to have quick access to live links for viewing them.
  • It gives details about players' statistics and internal match details.
  • A list of all the live matches displays on the home screen for quick access.
  • Quick summaries of past games are readily available.
  • Real-time streaming of all the boxing matches worldwide.
  • Active links available in 15-20 minutes
  • Summarized match details with quick access
  • Poor streaming quality
  • Redirection to malicious advertisements

5. SportSurge

sprotssurge main window

This website is geared explicitly towards streaming sporting events, such as boxing. The layout is user-friendly and easy to navigate, making it easy to find the stream of your choice. However, one issue with SportSurge is that it can be unreliable, with occasional downtime preventing users from watching. Despite this, the website provides access to free, reliable HD and standard resolution streams. The website setup is neat and easy to navigate, so finding a desired stream is hassle-free.


  • On this platform, the matches are available in multiple viewing streams.
  • It displays active links very quickly.
  • The streaming speed adjusts itself according to the internet speed
  • It easily connects with a secured VPN.
  • It has highly flexible with VPNs.
  • Connects easily to the aggregator links.
  • Real-time access to live matches.
  • Interfering advertisements
  • The platform is blocked in multiple regions

6. LiveTV

live tv main interface

LiveTV is a comprehensive Russian website devoted to watch boxing online freeshows to its viewers. With almost 14 years of operation, its reliability is proven. Despite being a great website, we had to place it at number six since it mainly covers soccer events and does not have a pervasive boxing section. However, whenever there is a big boxing match, the website might add it to its lineup, and it is worth visiting the site to check for updates.


  • It displays brief data on upcoming broadcasts, previews, and a forum.
  • Categorical display for various games and tournaments.
  • The written description of players and matches.
  • Real-time scores are available through notifications and alerts.
  • Players' track record is available in detail.
  • High-end community support and fan clubs
  • Highly reliable and secure connectivity
  • It is an unregistered website
  • Cluttered category details

7. StreamEast

streameast front window

StreamEast is a website known for its uncluttered and respectable look. With no ads or banners, it makes for a pleasant user experience. Even though it may seem legitimate, it is still considered unofficial in many areas due to its content. UFC, F1, NFL, NHL, MLB, and NBA are some of the many sports events held on the website, besides boxing. Taking the step to register for an account grants the user a faster way to access its content. However, it is not recommended due to legal constraints in many jurisdictions which identify such sites as illegal.


  • It covers all the major fights with PPV bouts.
  • It connects all the live viewers trying to watch the boxing matches.
  • The website plays games with no popups and banners.
  • They broadcast the biggest clash matches in the squared circles.
  • Elegant user interface with impressive design.
  • Very minimal advertisement interference
  • Detailed boxing coverage with minute details
  • Unreliable streaming in some matches.
  • The website is unofficial.

8. CrackStreams

crackstream main page

Crackstreams' boxing stream channel is one of the leading sources for streaming free boxing matches. This boxing live streamswebsite is less user-friendly than the one before it. The selection of categories is more in-depth, and the design may be confusing. In addition, you must sign up to view any of the content, which is not something that most people prefer. Although some boxing matches are available on the website, it is not the main focus. You can find a good selection of soccer, NCAAF, MLB, NBA, NHL, NFL, and MMA matchups.


  • The platform offers active links for all the matches one day before.
  • The website is accessible on both computers and mobile devices with web browsers.
  • Broadcasting includes news, music, and even regular entertainment channels.
  • The website displays special broadcasting for big tournaments and matches.
  • Easy-to-use interface with intuitive navigation.
  • Detailed schedule for upcoming matches.
  • Massive content of matches
  • The high intrusion of popups and advertisements.
  • Downtime is very high.


dazn window

It is one of the best boxing streaming sitesfocuses mainly on UFC, MMA, and boxing events. Even though it is only available to Canadian users now, millions of boxing fans worldwide regularly use DAZN to watch their favourite fights. DAZN is a new international streaming platform focusing primarily on boxing, available in over 200 countries and regions across the globe. DAZN allows viewers to watch daily boxing matches, live fight nights, classic bouts, and documentaries. Additionally, it offers coverage of other sports in certain areas.


  • The platform offers real-time and on-demand sports broadcasts.
  • It displays classic and recent matches.
  • It can be easily installed through an app and watched on TV.
  • The website display can be customized according to the preference.
  • It streams worldwide boxing matches.
  • Fans can support their favourite teams through the website.
  • Easy setup and installation
  • Outdated web design
  • Poor navigation

10. VIPRow Sports

viprow user interface

VIPRow Sports provides access to an extensive range to watch boxing online free. This platform offers an impressive range of sports, allowing users to access sports streams on demand. It has been attracting a lot of attention quickly, likely due to its sizable library of content, with categories such as Boxing, Wrestling, Football, Basketball, Racing, Golf, Tennis, and Rugby. With plenty of live streams for free boxing streaming, this website is on the verge of becoming incredibly popular.


  • It provides multiple streaming options for several kinds of sports.
  • All the matches played are well-recognized and high profile
  • The website displays all the details of past and upcoming games.
  • Provides active links to partners with proper information on players.
  • Multiple options of sports.
  • Top quality boxing streams.
  • Highly functional website navigation
  • Multiple ad interference
  • The website is not official


If you're a boxing enthusiast, there's lots to get excited about. The most prominent athletes meet in the ring regularly, and there's nothing quite like the thrills of a knockout. If you're the type who likes the action, you need to hook yourself up with a virtual private network and find a boxing live streamsservice. Top boxers compete twice a year, so you mustn't miss them. The trick is to ensure you don't miss out on the big fight - grab some snacks, tune in to your go-to boxing streaming site, and get a VPN. It's as quick and easy as that, and it'll improve your digital experiences.


  • 1. Is it legal to live stream boxing for free?
    It may be challenging for boxing fans to access certain fights depending on their geographical area. Big-name matchups or those with a pay-per-view fee may be limited to specific locations or accessible only through an expensive subscription. However, there is hope for enjoying boxing without cost, as there are ways to watch from anywhere in the world free of charge.
  • 2. Are there any risks to streaming boxing for free?
    Boxing matches are often inaccessible without paying a fee. In certain areas, however, you can view these battles for free on unofficial streaming sites. Depending on your location, streaming boxing matches on these unauthorized sites could be illegal.
  • 3. Do these sites offer other sports in addition to boxing?
    The streaming website offers live sports streaming for channels boxing with must-haves for sports fans, as you can watch MLB, NFL, MMA, NBA, PGA, NHL, and college sports games on these channels.
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