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Top HEX to RAL Converters You Can Use

Eleanor Reed
Eleanor Reed Originally published Dec 05, 23, updated Apr 09, 24
ral color sign

Finding the best HEX to RAL converter is crucial because you can’t waste time on the conversion process and try to do this manually. Manual color code conversions are outdated, take a long time, and don’t give accurate results. Furthermore, it’s easy to make mistakes that could lead to severe results.

When this happens, you would have to convert from the beginning. You must streamline your work and deliver the best color variations that impress your customers.

That’s why we’ve decided to pick out some of the best HEX to RAL converters and make it easier for you. Instead of converting colors manually, you can use these handy tools to get quick results.

In this article
    1. Color Conversion Accuracy
    2. User Interface & Ease of Use
    3. Device Compatibility
    4. Additional Information
    5. Recommendations & Reviews
    6. Regular Updates
    1. qConv HEX to RAL
    2. PhotoRetrica HEX to RAL
    3. Colorbase Color Converter
    4. RAL Colors HEX to RAL

Explaining HEX and RAL Colors

ral conversion palettes

The HEXadecimal coding system is a 16-number system that represents the Red, Green, and Blue values alphanumerically. HEX color codes usually have six digits with a symbol. Every character represents a single RGB component.

HEX format example: #RRGGBB

The RAL color-matching system was first created in Germany and is commonly used in Europe. All RAL colors in this system have assigned codes and standardization, ensuring consistency when representing colors.

RAL color codes have four digits, and this system has many different colors, including metallic and solids.

RAL format example: RAL 9010

How We Picked the Best HEX to RAL Converters

hex to ral conversion

Color Conversion Accuracy

The accuracy of the color results is absolutely vital. We’ve checked if the converters give the exact RAL color matches for the HEX color codes we’ve entered.

User Interface & Ease of Use

Ease of use and interface are essential when using any tool and contribute to the overall experience. We’ve picked out tools that are easy to use and don’t require complex actions to get the desired results.

Device Compatibility

Different devices can be used for converting colors. Selecting a tool you can use on your work device is important. Colors are displayed differently on different devices. You must use a converter that gives compatible colors with your device and provides consistency for proper presentation.

Additional Information

Many of the converters on our list provide additional information about different color codes, RGB values, color schemes, color recommendations, complementary colors, etc. Some even come with different color conversion features and other color features you can use to improve your work.

Recommendations & Reviews

We did our best to find as many user reviews and recommendations about the converters we reviewed as possible. Getting other people’s perspectives is crucial, especially if they’ve been using a particular tool for a long time.

Regular Updates

We checked if the converters are still “alive” and maintained by the developers. Color technologies and standards change over time, and it’s important to use a tool that keeps up with the latest changes to get the most accurate results.

Top HEX to RAL Converters

Describe each and add key features and pros & cons sections.

1. qConv HEX to RAL

qconv hex to ral converter

qConv offers various conversion options, including HEX to RAL, HEX to Pantone, etc. Apart from that, it can also allow you to extract color palettes from images. That’s a completely free online color conversion tool that works on all major web browsers.

After making color conversions, qConv will display detailed color codes for other systems, and you can make additional conversions instantly if you want. It has a clean and modern design and is simple to use.

Key Features

  • Quality color conversion;
  • Detailed information about other color codes;
  • Multiple conversions;
  • Convert images to palettes.
  • Simple and intuitive;
  • Versatile;
  • Quick results;
  • Free;
  • Sleek design.
  • You have to sign up to use all the features.

2. PhotoRetrica HEX to RAL

photoretrica hex to ral converter

PhotoRetrica HEX to RAL is a free online converter with some neat features. First of all, it has three different editor apps you can use. Most of them do the same thing but have a different interface. Users can also enter fullscreen mode to get a better look.

You can compare colors side by side up to four colors or do manual color matching with different color codes. You can also compare and convert RAL to any other color core or the other way around.

Key Features

  • Multiple editor apps;
  • Fullscreen mode;
  • Color conversion;
  • Matching tables;
  • Image color picker.
  • Versatile;
  • Free to use;
  • Offers detailed information and suggestions.
  • Clunky design.

3. Colorbase Color Converter

colorbase hex to ral converter

Colorbase color converter is a well-rounded free online converter that can convert HEX to RAL, do CMYK conversions, HEX to RGB, etc. You can convert the colors by entering the color code or selecting a HEX color from a color palette to get the corresponding RAL variation.

It offers unique color conversions and lets you download conversion data if needed. After converting the color, you can explore additional related color schemes, which is useful when creating a whole palette of colors.

Key Features

  • Free tool;
  • Many different color conversion capabilities;
  • Color scheme suggestions;
  • Download conversion data;
  • Color charts.
  • Simple to use;
  • Versatile tool;
  • Quality results.
  • Not the quickest option.

4. RAL Colors HEX to RAL

ral colors hex to ral converter

This is the official RAL colors converter that guarantees accurate results. It’s a simple but effective converter that doesn’t have many additional functionalities. However, it gives quality results in no time, and you don’t have to wait more than a few seconds to get an accurate color.

You have extensive RAL color charts that you can use to find the desired RAL color. It’s completely free and can only be used online.

Key Features

  • Extensive color charts;
  • Quick conversion;
  • Accurate results;
  • Other color conversion tools.
  • Completely free;
  • Online tool.
  • Basic features.

Additional Color Improvement Tools

repairit online photo colorizer tool

No matter which of these tools you select to convert HEX to RAL, we guarantee you’ll find it simple and easy. Manual color conversion is a thing of the past, and you don’t need to learn mathematical formulas when you can get accurate results with a single click. These converters will help you quickly get different results and create palettes for your designs.

However, color converters aren’t the only online coloring tools that can make your life easier. Various new tools can quickly help you change colors, add colors, or experiment with your palettes. For example, you can use Wondershare Repairit Online Photo Colorizer to quickly color black and white images using AI and get ideas for your images.

On the other hand, various AI-powered editing tools can improve the colors of your images. You can even use AI tools to brainstorm image or illustration ideas quickly. Don’t be scared of trying different technologies, as they can help you improve your process.


qConv HEX to RAL, PhotoRetrica HEX to RAL, Colorbase Color Converter, and RAL Colors HEX to RAL are the best online HEX to RAL conversion tools we’ve discovered. They’re all straightforward to use and give accurate results.

Choosing the one that’s best for you is about personal preference, so feel free to check them out. After all, they’re all free, and you can test their performance as much as you like. Do you feel like we missed a better conversion tool? Feel free to share.


  • Is there a standardized database for converting HEX to RAL?
    Even though some algorithms and databases try to create a standardized conversion between these two color systems, they don’t give the best match. However, these tools can be used for base conversions, and you can further adjust to get the desired results.
  • What can I do if I can’t find the matching color from HEX to RAL?
    When you can’t find the exact match of HEX and RAL colors, simply choose the closest RAL variation. Remember that people have different color perceptions, so you should consider the specific application for your color.
  • Can I convert HEX to RAL using Photoshop?
    Most graphic design tools, including Photoshop, let you choose colors from different color systems. You can easily find the HEX color and find the most matching RAL variation.
Eleanor Reed
Eleanor Reed Apr 09, 24
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Eleanor Reed
Written by Eleanor Reed
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