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Red Eyes in Photos? Let's Fix It

It happens so often. You have a great camera that you use to take amazing photos. Most times, you can’t wait to show off those fantastic photos to your family and friends.

However, when you explore the pictures, you find that all the images feature red-eye. You’re not alone in this; the red eye is a common problem that you can solve with the right tool. This article explains how to fix red-eye in photos and offers tips on preventing them. Now that you know what to expect, let’s take a look.

Part 1: Why Red Eye Occur in Photos

There are many reasons why red-eye occur in photos. It is usually caused when you take a picture in a dark environment. As a result, you have to utilize the flash, and that’s how red eyes in photos occur. It happens when the camera flash reflects off the red retina at the back of our eyes. This reflection into the camera lens causes it to capture a person with red eyes. Red-eye takes place mostly at night because that’s when our eyes are fully open to adjust to the low light. Since red-eye only occurs when you try to take a picture at night with the camera flash, you can predict that it will take place when:

  • Your subject looks directly at the camera and, therefore, the flash.

  • When there’s little to no light around to shoot pictures.

  • When you’re using your flash.

Since it’s clear why red eyes occur in photos, the next question becomes how to fix it. Keep reading to discover the answer to that.

Part 2: How to Fix Red Eyes in Photos

Thanks to technological advancements, getting rid of red eyes in photos is simple. Below is a list of valuable solutions to remove red-eye from your photos. If you’re using a digital camera, this article still covers some of the best solutions for you. We also cover solutions you can explore when you’re using a smartphone.

Solution 1: Use an iPhone’s Built-In Editing Tool

iPhones are continually being upgraded to provide users with more features to make the smartphone even more enjoyable. One of the features it comes with is the elimination of red-eye in photos. When you use an iPhone to capture an image in low light conditions, it rarely causes the red-eye effect. However, there are unique times it happens, and this article explores how to fix it. iPhone has an in-built red-eye correction tool, and below are the steps on how you can use it.

  • Firstly, open the photos app and choose the picture with the red eyes you would want to fix.

  • Once you choose this photo from the list of images, tap on ‘edit’ at the top corner of the screen.

how to fix red eye using iphone editing tool
  • On the edit page, there’s an eye icon at the top left corner. This eye icon usually comes with a slash through it; tap on it to continue.

click the red eye tool at the corner
  • Now, tap on each of the red eyes in the photo you want to fix. Ensure you tap the appropriate spot so your iPhone doesn’t mistake a red button for red-eye and try to fix it.

click done after correcting red eye
  • Once you’re done fixing the red eyes and it seems satisfactory to you, click done at the bottom corner of the screen. Save your photo, and you can repeat the process for as many pictures as need fixing.

Solution 2: Use the Online tool GIMP

Another option available on how to fix red eyes in photos is using the online tool GIMP. Using this tool is relatively straightforward, with simple steps that even a beginner can get through. If you’re ready to learn how to fix red eyes in photos with GIMP, let’s jump right in.

  • First, you will need to install the software GIMP on your device successfully. It is available for Windows, Linux, and Mac. Therefore, you can use it on any PC you have.

  • Once the download is complete, launch the software to get started.

  • On the main page, click on 'file' and choose open. Go to the photo location and select it to start fixing.

how to fix red eye using gimp
  • Next, on the GIMP software, choose the rectangle tool.

choose the rectangular tool on gimp
  • Utilize this tool to draw a rectangle around the red eyes in the photos.

draw a rectangle over the red eye
  • Next, select ‘filters .’ From the options displayed, choose ‘enhance’ and then ‘red-eye removal.’

choose the red eye removal tool
  • This option will cause the red-eye removal tool to pop up.

  • Next, you’ll use the threshold scroll bar to change the eye color till you’re satisfied. When you’re done, click okay to continue.

use the threshold scroll bar
  • Automatically the changes will be applied to the photos.

eyes change to black using gimp tool
  • You can also use the zoom feature to remove red eyes from someone with red hair. Alternatively, you can choose one eye at a time.

you can zoom in and edit one eye at a time

Solution 3: Fix Using Photoshop

One of the most straightforward solutions, when it concerns how to fix red-eye in photos, is using photoshop. It is a photo editing tool with many features that allow you to fix numerous issues with your photos. One of the tools Photoshop offers you is the red-eye, too, and the instructions are pretty straightforward. Keep reading to figure out how you can successfully utilize Photoshop to fix red-eye in photos.

  • First, launch Photoshop and then open the image that needs red-eye correction to continue.

how to fix red eye in photos using photoshop
  • On the Tools panel, choose the red-eye tool. You can find the red-eye tool on the same pop-up list as the patch and healing brush tool.

choose the red eye tool in photoshop
  • After selecting the red-eye tool, zoom in on one of the red eyes in the photo. Click the red-eye tool crosshair on the red-eye. This action will cause Photoshop to load for a second or two, turning the pupil black.

eye changes to black using the red eye tool
  • If the eye is too small for you to click, drag the tool around it to create a box. When you release the mouse, Photoshop will locate the pupil and automatically correct the color.

Solution 4: Fix Using MS Office Picture Manager

That’s right; you can also fix red-eye with the MS Office picture manager that comes with your PC. This tool makes fixing red-eye in photos relatively easy. To understand the process through which you can achieve this, keep reading.

  • Firstly, you have to launch the MS Office picture manager on the PC and select the photo you want to work with.

  • Next, navigate to the ‘edit pictures’ panel and choose ‘red-eye removal’ from the list of options.

how to fix red eye in photos using picture manager
  • Afterward, follow the prompt in the edit picture panel to get it done. You can always choose ‘reset selected eyes’ to clear your adjustment if you make a mistake.

reset selected eyes when you make a mistake
  • Once you successfully choose the red-eye in the photo, click ok. This action should automatically remove the red-eye from your photos.

save the new photos without red eye

Solution 5: Use PicSay on Android

Another option you can explore to fix red eyes in photos is to use Android apps to solve the problem. PicSay is a top option for most people as it comes with many solutions to your photo problems. It gives you a guaranteed solution to the problem and takes very little time to use. However, in this article, we’ll only be focusing on the red-eye removal feature. Keep reading to discover how it works.

  • First, you need to download the PicSay app on your Android. After download, install the app to start using it.

  • Once the app is successfully installed, run the app on your device and choose the photo you want to edit.

  • Next, pick the red-eye removal tool from the menu and click on the red eyes to remove them.

fix red eye using picsay on android
  • Once you’re done editing the red eyes on your photo, save the edited images, and you can now share them with friends if you want.

Part 3: Camera Tips to Prevent Red Eyes

If you don’t want to have to deal with red eyes or wonder how to fix them, there’s a solution for you. You can learn the tips below.

Don’t Look at the Camera Directly.

When taking pictures at night or in low-light conditions, try to look slightly away from the lens. Doing this prevents your eyes from catching the flash at a direct angle. Looking away from the digital or smartphone camera decreases the likelihood of red eyes in your pictures.

Brighten the Environment

When the environment is dark, there’s a higher likelihood of red-eye occurring. The darkness also causes the pupils to become dilated and increases the chances of a red-eye effect. Therefore, brightening up the environment by providing more light to the dim room would prevent red eyes in your photos.

Turn on the Anti-Red Eye Function

Another feature you can explore is the use of the anti-red-eye function. Most modern smartphones have this function today and help emit short flashes of light because the picture is taken. This action causes your eyes to constrict, and then the camera takes the image before your eyes have time to re-dilate.

Fix Using Wondershare Repairit

If your photos are also corrupt, you can always fix them using Wondershare Repairit. This online tool makes it relatively easy to get rid of any problems your pictures might have. This online tool is relatively easy to use and comes in three easy steps that you can complete within a couple of minutes. If you want to discover how to fix damaged photos using Wondershare Repairit, let’s take a look.

Step 1: Open the Photos

Download and open Wondershare Repairit, choose "Photo Repair" in the "More Types Repair", then choose the photos you want to fix by clicking on "+Add". This option is usually at the center of the screen.

add photo

Step 2: Fix Photos

Once you successfully add the photos, you can proceed to fix them. A top feature of Wondershare Repairit is that you can repair multiple images at once. Click repair at the left corner of the screen to begin the repair process.

repair photos

Step 3: Save Repaired Photos

After repair, Wondershare Repairit allows you to view the photos to confirm that the problem is gone. If not, you can always choose advanced repair to ensure the problem goes away. However, if your photos are back to original, click on ‘save’ and select the location to save.

save photos

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Closing Thoughts

Most cameras today automatically adjust to fit the environment and prevent red eye. However, there are times when it still occurs, and you have to deal with it. Instead of deleting the pictures or shelving them, this article explains how to fix red-eye photos using different tools.

You also learn how you can prevent red-eye in pictures with the tips provided above. Additionally, if your photos are damaged or corrupt, probably from trying to fix the red-eye, use Wondershare Repairit to get your pictures back to original again.