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Top 10 Photo Editor Tools for Colour Correction

Amy Dennis
Amy Dennis Originally published May 06, 23, updated Mar 21, 24

If you are a professional photographer who needs to do photo color correction online, you may need to use color correction tools. Color correction typically involves fixing various image components to make a photo more enticing. You generally receive what you pay for when using color correction, which can cost just a few US dollars. However, if it costs more, you should utilize color correction applications to conserve money on time and photographs.

Color correction can fix and eliminate any color issue with a photo. Playing with tones and emotions gives the picture a greater dimension. Photos improve based on colors. Hence, let us support you on this path of visual narratives. Find some of the most excellent tools to fix the primary color of your images.

Benefits of Using Photo Color Correction Tool

A photo color correction online gives many benefits in many different ways. The following are the main advantages:

  1. To improve the photograph's color and make it stand out, Photoshop is used for color correction.
  2. The most excellent choice for improving a photo's color is to use color adjustment software, which has a significant advantage in improving a photo's clarity or saturation.
  3. Color adjustment is the best choice for changing the Photo's equilibrium, lighting, and darkness.
  4. Since all the old family photos have been destroyed, you do not have to worry about giving them new life. Therefore, photo color correction is a cutting-edge technique to bring back the vibrant hues of your priceless pictures.
  5. Online photo color grading is essential for every e-business. Many business owners need to make their items more enticing to buyers.

They also entail employing various photo colors while altering the same Photo's size. Therefore, color correction methods will be a superb choice for their photo goods' radiant effect.

Top-rated 10 Photo Color Correction Tools That You Should Try

Color-correct photo online is required for a model to seem professional in the international fashion business. Due to a camera fault, images of women with the most sparkle and glamour require photo manipulation. These pictures will thus need some of the applications for color correction listed below.

1. Repairit AI Photo Colorizer

wondershare filmora dashboard

Repairit AI Photo Colorizer is a free, smart tool for colorizing black and white photos. It uses advanced algorithms to analyze the image and add color to it, making it look more realistic and vibrant. AI Photo Colorizer supports various file formats and allows users to adjust the colorization intensity and other settings to achieve the desired results.


  • Automatic photo color correction using AI techniques.
  • Deep learning generates natural and realistic colorized photos.
  • Support 5 photo formats: JPG/JPEG/PNG/BMP/WEBP.
  • User-friendly interface makes it easy for anyone to colorize photos.
  • Colorizes photos in seconds, available online with no need to download software.
  • Beginners' features that are simple to use.
  • Fantastic photo tools for color correction.
  • Minimal learning curve.
  • Colorize photos with matured AI technology.
  • You can't edit the color as you want, since thei tool will procied several coloring results for you to choose.
  • It has a limit to the photo size, format, and number.

Compatibility: Windows and Mac

Pricing: Free

Note: The Repairit - Online AI Photo Colorizer supports 6 photo formats, it can repair up to 300 photos each month, and each photo is no more than 300MB. If you have more photo repair needs, you can also try the deskop version of Wondershare Repairit  to restore and colorize old photos, the desktop version has no limit to the photo size, format, and number.

2. Adobe Photography Lightroom

adobe photography lightroom dashboard

Adobe Photography Lightroom is the best tool for photographers experimenting with online photo colour correction in their images in Lightroom. Lightroom provides ready-made photo editing tools for immediate use. Use just Adobe Lightroom to get faultless photos.

It is the most incredible color grading tool, including tools like a modification brush and a linear mask, including a radial gradient, to ensure you get the picture you want.


  • Excellent organizing and handling of the photos
  • For local modifications, use auto masking
  • Recognition of faces and a map with geo-tags
  • Mobile application with connectivity
  • Unique graphical user interfaces for touchscreens
  • Simple to use is easy thanks to buttons.
  • It has offline usage.
  • Internet access can only synchronize cloud data.
  • Freezes while managing many RAW files
  • Run on a computer system running Windows.

Compatibility: Run on a PC system with Windows


For different plans

  • US$9.99 per month
  • US$19.99 per month
  • US$79.99 per month
  • US$34.99 per month

3. Befunky

befunky dashboard

The all-in-one digital creative platform from BeFunky provides all the tools to edit images quickly, produce layouts, and assemble photo collages. It produces graphics and edits photographs well. Create a creative picture collage as well. There are several possibilities for editing it. The free edition of the picture editing program offers many tools and capabilities.


  • Transform a photograph into art
  • Remover of backgrounds
  • Photoshop portraits
  • Simple collage creator, etc.
  • Save images quickly to a computer so they can be opened from a mobile,
  • The Play Store of Google, etc.
  • User-friendly and superior free basic editing are available.
  • When you highlight text, it automatically de-highlights.
  • The cost of sophisticated editing is high.

Compatibility: Windows


  • This is a free digital collage and picture editing tool.
  • Befunky charges $3.49 monthly and $34.68 annually.

4. PhotoFunny

photofunny dashboard

It is a web-based platform as well. The photomontage is used to edit photos in Photo Funny. There are collages, love cards, and cards for birthdays accessible on them. It provides every kind of photomontage to enhance the creativity and originality of the photograph. It offers thousands of effects. Subscribers of the internet platform Photofunny can alter their images and postcards.


  • A wide range of picture editing and manipulation capabilities
  • A stylish user interface with plenty of instructions
  • Web and mobile design tools
  • A wealth of typographical and drawing tools
  • It is straightforward to process
  • All you need to do is select your desired result and add on to the picture.
  • It has 284 visual effects.
  • Editing photographs is not a thing that professionals do
  • This program has to be online.

Compatibility: Run on a PC system with Windows

Price: Free online app

5. Lunapic

lunapic dashboard

Lunapic is a free online photo editor that lets users edit, crop, rotate, and resize photos. It also covers the inclusion of picture effects. It produces collages, slide displays, and animation. Video is converted to gifs by Lunapic. To use the mobile application, click the link to the website. Use the vibrant community that offers forums, plug-ins, and tutorials to assist you in getting the best out of the program.


  • Several potent tools for manipulating images
  • Geo-tagging and face-tagging skills that are strong
  • Excellent alternatives for picture output
  • Helpful advice for sophisticated approaches
  • Simple to use photo editing software
  • No registration is necessary to add an image to a dollar note.
  • Several practical tools for picture manipulation
  • Restrictive restrictions on picture size.
  • The UI is not as sleek as Photoshop Express' or Pinick's.

Compatibility: Run on a PC system with Windows

Price: Completely free to use

6. PhotoWorks

photoworks dashboard

Without Photoshop, we can correct the color of a photograph. AI aware of the information in photos may identify different photo genres and improve them accordingly. Another online program for quick image color correcting is called Photoworks. In addition, it allows you to easily edit portraits, change any backdrop, revive old photographs, eliminate extraneous features, play with exciting layers, and use fashionable effects.


  • Remover of backgrounds
  • RAW file assistance
  • Templates for frames and collages
  • Red-eye eliminator
  • Simple to understand and apply
  • An image's quality may be improved with only one click.
  • Tools for sophisticated editing that are simple for beginners
  • The watermarks cannot be removed and cannot be erased easily.
  • Other applications are used to erase watermarks.

Compatibility: Run on a PC system with Windows

Price: It costs 34% higher than the typical photo-editing item.

7. CutOut Pro

cutout. pro dashboard

The next tool of image color correction online is this. Cutout. Pro AI makes it possible to get fantastic color adjustment results in seconds. It offers a lot of functions, including face Cutout, photo enhancer, retouching, object removal, and video and picture backdrop removal. Cutout. Pro also functions as a color-correcting tool to even out the color of photographs.


  • Background removal for images.
  • Photo Upscaler & Enhancer.
  • Animated Selfie.
  • Diffusion in the background.
  • 98% uptime guarantee;
  • Safe, dependable, and effective
  • Uncomplicated batch processing
  • Limits on file size.

Compatibility: Run on a PC system with Windows


  • Start at $0.099
  • Lifetime: start at $4.99

8. Fix the Photo

fix the photo dashboard

Fix the Photo is undoubtedly one-color grading application that is simple to use and produces excellent films. It has simple-to-understand visual impacts for us. Adjust the image from every aspect while paying close attention to the level of detail.

Filling in the hues and keeping them in their ideal proportion may be done successfully. Fix the Photo even has the assurance of adjusting titles to establish precise pixels for orientations, personalizing shadows, and taking care of several other factors.


  • You can quickly rotate and crop your photographs to get the ideal arrangement.
  • Utilize AI restoration technologies to restore outdated or broken photographs.
  • Add various effects to your images to make them better.
  • Additional tools include sharpness adjustment.
  • Advances in photographic characteristics
  • Ability to carry out expert color grading, additional layers
  • Complete drawing table
  • Arduous learning curve
  • Unsuitable for photograph-related tasks

Compatibility: Run on a PC system with Windows

Price: $12 per image

9. Paper Boat Creative

paperboatcreative dashboard

It is a photo-retouching application with a focus on professional picture retouching. For e-commerce, it provides creative, composite, and mass editions. It focuses on lifestyle-appropriate clothes, sports, portraiture, and jewelry retouching. It is for people who do not mind making recurrent monthly payments and enjoy storing all their images in cloud storage for accessibility from any location.


  • Background replacement using AI
  • Utilize denoise techniques to lower noise and enhance image quality.
  • Utilize tools for photo montage creation to combine many photographs into a single picture.
  • Making little adjustments to produce faultless photographs
  • Both large and tiny photos
  • Pictures that are tall or short
  • For a select few photographs or all images of any sort
  • To begin the free demo, you must first register.
  • Lack of capability with erase and stamp

Compatibility: Run on a PC system with Windows

Price: Demo is free

10. Shiny Prints

shiny prints dashboard

A photo color correction image online is Shiny Prints. It offers bespoke shape and size options for prints. They provide the most excellent products on the market, including the brightest colors, various display options, and aluminum-made frames and backings, all at the best price with quality assured. The dye transfer business may get the finest and broadest gamut prints from Shiny Prints.


  • Focus solely on metal printing
  • It accepts unique forms.
  • A user-friendly website
  • There is quick processing and delivery availability.
  • Consistently flawless product image production
  • Enhanced photos to eliminate imperfections
  • Taking out unwanted objects
  • There are not any unique wood frame choices.
  • Shiny Prints' rivals offer less expensive delivery rates.

Compatibility: Run on a PC system with Windows

Price: Ranges from &$0.35 to $5


These applications do not require any prior knowledge of picture editing. Applying a fast and straightforward technique from the tools outlined before, you wait for other individuals to perform editing while paying them for subpar work. You should expect excellent results from your no-cost photo editing software, regardless of if you like taking pictures with your phone or are making a living as an expert photographer.

Owning the most costly, sophisticated picture editing software available is unnecessary to produce astonishing Photoshop-like results.


  • Can a creator who distributes art use these techniques to set professional prices?
    These applications provide the most affordable prices in the market. They outbid a lot of advertised competitors' pricing.
  • Is Photoshop superior to Lightroom?
    Overall, Lightroom is the most excellent application for organizing and editing the countless photographs stored on your devices. Photoshop gives you more flexibility over adjustments to make a few pictures appear immaculate.
Amy Dennis
Amy Dennis Mar 21, 24
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Amy Dennis
Written by Amy Dennis
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