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How to Open And Repair Word 2016?

This article is aimed at highlighting the way one can open and repair a corrupt word document in the 2016 version of the word office 2016. It shows how to open a word document, and how to repair office 2016 in general. It is also known as the MS Word 2016 / Microsoft word 2016.

The Microsoft word 2016 is a computer-based program that is codenamed the office 16 that was developed by windows to suit their operating system and also made one suit the Mac OS, known as the office for Mac.

The Microsoft word 2016 was made to replace the 2013 version, as an improved version of the old software. The article is focused on showing how one can easily use text repair converter word 2016 to identify and retrieve the corrupt word document, before uploading it to to start the process of repairing the damaged word document.

All of this will be discussed below in this article. In other words, this is how to repair the office 2016 word document.

Part 1 How to identify a corrupt file in word 2016

There is more than a single way in which one can identify a corrupt file in Microsoft word 2016. Also, this may depend on the number of files that are on the system and how well they are arranged.

Also, not all files that are corrupt are in a condition that they can't be opened, because in some cases a file may be readable in its original form, but once the user tries to copy the file and paste it on an empty word page, the file will either entirely appear in codes or not open at all.

Most corrupt files on Microsoft word office 2016, are easily identifiable because whenever a word document has a problem, it presents options such as, open and repair the file, or open with text repair converter as shown in the picture below:

To complete the process using Microsoft Word automatic repair, you can click on any of the above options, but if the problem persists, or one finds it more comfortable to use an external application for the problem, one should follow the instructions that will be given further in this write-up.

A document that has been corrupted not lost can in a majority of cases be retrieved as long as one can identify the particular word documents with the problem through any of the ways mentioned above.

Also, part of the problem to be wary of is the issue of corrupted documents from word office 16 that may not be readily identifiable because of the issue of them appearing normal in their original places, but appear later as corrupt documents or files either when copied and pasted or sent to another party and opened up on another computer.

Part 2 How to Open Word Document with

refers to a computer program that goes by the name. Its primary use is to repair corrupt word documents and files. is an easy way to repaircorrupt or find lost files that are either in word format or excel sheet without losing anything from the original, including any attachments, images, formats, and even fonts.

Even though Microsoft Word starts an auto repair when a corrupted document is detected or found, You can still repair a word document manually, such as in the case of when one wants to use this app.

Key features and functions of a Repairit.

1. Safely repairs Microsoft word files: It corrects and repairs various errors of word files having Docx extensions. Moreover, this does all of this without affecting any formats, fonts, images, and so on from the original file/files. The app repairs Docx files that are inaccessible or start repagination automatically or show unreadable characters.

2. Searches for word files: If the user does not remember the exact name of his file, or its exact location on the system. The tool has a search option that can work with clue words from the article or date of your work. Making it so easy to use by finding the file within the app.

3. Shows File Preview: When the search function starts to look for the file with the problem within the system, it will show Previews of the files concerning the search phrase and present on the screen. This message will be just a click away from the search bar.

4. Simple repair option: This Repair option can repair corrupt '.DOCX' files. This means, if your word file has minor corruption, then you can opt for this option. This option is for it to repair Word files with original formatting.

5. Generation of Log Report: With your completion of Word repair processes the provides you with an option to save its log file. The log file contains all the details of the repair process, such as the name of the repaired Word file, the beginning of the process, and the end of the process among others. This will serve as a track record or a readily identifiable trace that will lead you back to your files.

6. It's compatible with a wide range of versions of Microsoft Word and Excel file applications such as 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003, 2002, and 2000. This tool also supports Windows 10, 8, 7, Windows Vista, 2003, macOS 10.10~macOS 10.15.

Part 3 How to repair office 2016 word document:

The following steps are on how one can use the to repairhis file.

1. Download the Repairit Software: software is straightforward to understand, and it allows the user to repair their corrupted Word documents while preserving the original fonts and layouts. Irrespective of what version of the word you are using.

2. Open it and add a Corrupted Word file with the Software utility: While launching in the dashboard area, next to the original dialog box is shown, so you select a drive target location from the dropdown menu and then click on the "Add" key.

add file

3. The next step to take is to select a file from the results box, and click the "Repair" button: this will start to repair the corrupt word file in Word 2016.

start repair

4. Preview the file you just repaired.


5. And then ensure that you save the file in your final stage by choosing where.

save photo

Part 4 How to Open and Repair Windows Word 2016 Document

1. Text repair Converter Word 2016

This is part of the previously installed solutions to help you solve this problem, and it is similar to the auto-fix option pron videos by the computer program or MS Word. First, you need to press Ctrl + O then the Open screen appears.

Next click the Browse button for the open dialog box to shows, in the now Open dialog box, choose All Files (*.*) as the file type, which includes formats that Word may not recognize.

Step 1: Open/Launch the Word

check recent file

Step 2: Browse/ scan the files you want to repair


Step 3: Once you've identified the file/document, you need to select or choose 'repairText from Any File (*.*)'

open file

Step 4: Tab the 'Open' to launch the repair process. The files/document will be repaired successfully.

2. Insert Damaged File in a New Word:

This step is seen as an outstanding and vital part of the solution to the problem because it is when one will be sure if the file will still be healthy on the arrival of its destination or when moved from one computer to another.

To do this, you have to create a new Word document, then on the Insert tab, click Insert Object, and then click Text from File.

Next, locate and then click the damaged document in the Insert File dialog box then, click Insert.

You may also have to do some formatting for the last section of the new document.

inset object

Step 1: Select 'Insert' then 'Object' and then 'Object' on the taskbar

click ok

Step 2: On the dialog box displayed, select 'Create from File'

add file

Step 3: You can scan the files checking the corrupt ones – and select them. Tab on the 'Insert' option


Step 4: You should now put the file on a new file by choosing 'OK'

Features of Microsoft Word 2016

Word 2016 is quite similar to Word 2013 and Word 2010. So, if you are familiar with either version, then Word 2016 should be a walk in the park. However, if you are new to Word or have more experience with the older versions, you will need to know more about the Word 2016 interface. When you open the Word for the first time, the Start Screen appears. Next, from the Start Screen, locate and select the Blank document to access the Word interface.

Some of the unique features of Microsoft word are:

1. It allows for "co-authoring: this allows more than one user can work on a document simultaneously.

2. It has a "Smart Lookup" feature that allows you to find vital information on almost anything on the web by just highlighting a word or phrase, right-clicking and then selecting Smart Lookup. A sidebar will then open with search results that fit your criteria.

3. It also has a "Planner" which allows managers to create a dashboard for group tasks where they can assign projects, track progress, and rearrange responsibilities directly from the dashboard. So anytime someone makes a change, group members will receive a notification.

Causes of MS word 2016 corrupted text.

Corrupted text issues of the Word document are mainly due to the following:

1. Virus and spyware intrusion: viruses, Trojan horses and spyware, are malicious programs that damaged files and folders that you store in your computer disk.

1. Corrupt hard disk: this may be due to physical damage and prevents files from being opened.

2. Computer hardware failure: any part of the computer such as the CPU, LAN card, RAM, can lead to a loss of essential data such as MS word documents.

3. Faulty Windows networking cable: a faulty or disconnected windows LAN cable can block or restrict access if MS Word documents thus becoming a problem.

4. Saving of word documents: it is crucial to saving MS Word documents before shutting down as word documents that are not saved may either be lost or corrupted.


Loss of documents can be an alarming situation, but the good news is that this is not only preventable but it is also be recovered using .

It is a must-have software for every computer user. Individual, Private entity, Commercial, you name it. It saves lives in the form of MS word documents.