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How to Fix Adobe Acrobat Reader Has Stopped Working Issue?

"I'm using Adobe, and right before I open my file, Adobe Acrobat Reader suddenly stops working. I'm concerned about accessing this crucial file. Can anyone help me resolve this?"

Have you ever been frustrated that Adobe Acrobat Reader has stopped working just as you open an important file? It's a common issue, but don't panic! In this guide, we'll help and offer you practical solutions to resolve this problem. We want to ensure you can access your crucial documents without any interruptions. Are you excited? Let's dive in and troubleshoot Adobe

Part 1: Why Adobe Acrobat Reader Has Stopped Working?

Before diving into solutions, it's essential to understand why Adobe Acrobat Reader might suddenly stop working. Identifying the underlying causes can better tackle the issue and prevent future disruptions. Let's explore some common reasons behind Adobe Acrobat Reader crashes:

  • Compatibility Problems. Sometimes, Adobe Acrobat Reader doesn't work well with your computer's operating system.
  • Old Version. An outdated Adobe Acrobat Reader can make it unstable and more likely to crash.
  • Broken Installation. If Adobe Acrobat Reader wasn't installed properly or messed up, it might start crashing.
  • Not Enough Resources. Adobe Acrobat Reader might struggle to run smoothly if your computer lacks memory or power.
  • Add-ons Messing Things Up. The extra stuff you added to Adobe Acrobat Reader, like plugins, might cause problems and crashes.

Part 2: 7 Ways to Troubleshoot Adobe Reader Stopped Working Issue

This section will explore seven practical ways to troubleshoot and resolve the issue, from updating your software to checking for compatibility issues. We always have your back, and we've covered you with simple yet effective solutions.

#1 Look for an Update

If your Adobe Reader is not working, Adobe hasn't been updated, causing it to malfunction. To resolve this, follow these steps to update Adobe Reader:

Step 1: Open Adobe Reader. Navigate to the "Help" tab and select "Check for Updates".

adobe check updates

Step 2: If an update is found, proceed with the installation.

adobe checking for updates

Step 3: After installing the update, the issue should be resolved.

#2 Place Adobe to the Antivirus Exclusion List

Occasionally, your Windows antivirus software might flag Adobe.exe as a potential threat. In such cases, it's advisable to add Adobe.exe to the antivirus exclusion list by following these steps:

Step 1: Open "Settings".

windows settings

Step 2: Select "Update & security.

windows update and security

Step 3: Go to the Windows Defender and look for the Exclusion to click “Add an exclusion.”

windows exclusion for adobe

Step 4: After that add Adobe.exe to the exclusion list.

#3 Use Adobe Repair Installation

Installing Adobe Reader may cause issues such as missing or corrupted files that lead to malfunction. Fortunately, Adobe Reader has a built-in feature called "Repair Installation," which addresses this issue.

Here are the steps to perform the repair installation process for Adobe Reader:

Step 1: Open Adobe Reader. Navigate to the "Help" tab and select "Repair Installation."

adobe repair installation

Step 2: Confirm your request by clicking "Yes" to initiate the process.

confirm adobe repair installation

Step 3: After the repair process, resume using Adobe Reader and check if the problem has been resolved.

#4 Uninstall Windows Update

If you just updated your computer and Adobe Acrobat is acting up, we suggest returning to how it was before you did the update. Here are the steps to do so:

Step 1: Navigate to the Settings icon in the Start menu.

windows settings

Step 2: Open Windows Update from there, then select Update History.

windows update history

Step 3: Click on Uninstall Updates to proceed with reverting the update.

windows uninstall updates

#5 Change Compatibility and Administrative Settings

If you're having trouble with Adobe Reader after a Windows update, the update has likely caused compatibility issues. However, you can try fixing this by adjusting the compatibility and administrative settings.

Follow these steps to repair Adobe Reader:

Step 1: Locate the directory where Adobe Acrobat Reader is installed.

Step 2: Right-click on the Adobe file and select "Properties."

adobe properties

Step 3: Go to the "Compatibility" tab. Choose your Windows version and check the box "Run this program in compatibility mode." Also, check the box "Run this program as an administrator."

Step 4: Click Apply, then OK. Try opening Adobe Reader again to see if the problem is resolved.

change adobe compatibility and administrator

#6 Run Compatibility Troubleshooter

If changing the compatibility mode as suggested above doesn't solve the problem, Adobe allows a compatibility troubleshooter to pinpoint and resolve compatibility issues. Follow these steps to repair Adobe Acrobat Reader using the compatibility troubleshooter:

Step 1: Locate your Adobe Acrobat Reader and select "Properties."

adobe file properties

Step 2: Go to the "Compatibility" tab. Click on "Run compatibility troubleshooter” and “Apply.”

run adobe compatibility

#7 Install and Reinstall Adobe Acrobat Reader

If the previously suggested solutions haven't resolved the problem, your next step should be to reinstall Adobe Reader. This will ensure a fresh installation, free from any internal bugs. Follow these steps to uninstall and reinstall Adobe Reader:

Step 1: Click on the "Windows" logo in the taskbar, then select "Settings".

windows settings

Step 2: Navigate to "Apps" and look for the "Installed apps."

installed apps

Step 3: Locate Adobe Acrobat and select "Uninstall".

uninstall adobe

Step 4: Visit Adobe Acrobat's official website to download Adobe Reader.

download adobe

Step 5: Once downloaded, run the setup and follow the installation instructions.

Step 6: After installation, test Adobe Reader's functionality to check if the issue has been resolved.

In addition to potential issues with Adobe Acrobat Reader, problems may arise due to faults within the PDF file. Below, we've included an extra section addressing troubleshooting steps for PDF file problems. This offers comprehensive assistance for resolving such issues.

Part 3: BONUS: Best Way to Repair Damaged PDF File [Windows 10/11]

Sometimes, you might find yourself in a situation where you desperately need to access a crucial PDF file, only to discover it won't open properly. It could be a report for school, a legal document for work, or even just a recipe you've been eager to try out.

Regardless of the reason, when your PDF file refuses to cooperate, it can be incredibly frustrating. Fortunately, Repairit File Repair is a solution to overcome these hurdles and access your important files.

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  • Repair Photoshop image resources, layers, masks, channels, etc.

  • Repair Illustrator image resources, layers, masks, etc.

  • Perfectly repair corrupted files with a 100% success rate, without modifying the original file.

  • Support fixing PSD and PSB files in all versions of Photoshop.

  • Support fixing AI files in Illustrator version 9.0 and later.

Whether the issue stems from accidental damage, file corruption during transfer, or any other unforeseen mishap, Repairit File Repair offers a straightforward remedy. If you have a damaged PDF file, use the batch processing feature. Repairit allows you to fix multiple types of files together.

Moreover, if you added a file by mistake, you can easily remove it. Plus, the app will alert you if you try to upload a format it can't fix. It also shows you the progress of each file as it's being repaired or scanned.

Here’s how to fix damaged PDF file in Repairit File Repair:

Step 1: Download and open Repairit on your Desktop. After that, go to the "File Repair."

look for file repair

Step 2: After that, select "Add" to upload your damaged PDF files.

add damaged pdf file

Step 3: Just select "Repair" to start repairing your PDF file. You can monitor the progress as it effectively works on your PDF files, resolving any issues it has.

repair pdf file

Step 4: You can preview the repaired PDF files before saving them. Click the "Preview" button next to each file's icon to review the results and save it once satisfied.

save the repaired pdf file


Okay, everyone, we're finishing our talk about fixing Adobe Acrobat Reader has stopped working issue. It's been a bit of a rollercoaster, huh? But no worries, with our help, you'll sort out those annoying crashes like a pro! So, follow these easy fixes, and soon, you'll zoom through your PDFs without any trouble. Here's to smooth sailing ahead with your PDF adventures!

  • Why does Adobe Acrobat Reader sometimes crash suddenly?

  • Adobe Acrobat Reader might act up and crash for a few reasons. It could be because it's not getting along with your computer's system, is outdated, or is just having a rough day.

  • How can I make sure Adobe Acrobat Reader behaves itself in the future?

  • Ah, good question! To keep Adobe Acrobat Reader on its best behavior:

  • 1. Give it some love and attention now and then.

  • 2. Keep it updated to the latest version, give it some space by clearing out unnecessary clutter on your computer, and avoid overwhelming it with too many fancy add-ons.

  • 3. Treat it right, and it'll stick by your side through thick and thin!

  • Can I try other PDF readers if Adobe Acrobat Reader keeps misbehaving?

  • Absolutely! If Adobe Acrobat Reader keeps giving you trouble, plenty of other PDF readers are out there. Explore options like Foxit Reader, Sumatra PDF, or even Microsoft Edge.